John Hall Wheelock (1886–1978). A Bibliography of Theodore Roosevelt. 1920.


The following is a reasonably complete bibliography of everything between covers by or about Theodore Roosevelt published previous to May 1, 1920, including collected works, selections from his works, translations of his works into the principal foreign languages and, to some extent, books in English containing articles by or about him. Literature privately printed, or in pamphlet form, has, for the most part, not been included.

The limitations of such a bibliography are obvious. No effort has been made to list Mr. Roosevelt’s various State papers, Presidential messages, documents, addresses, etc., or the almost innumerable political writings bearing directly or indirectly upon him, or the movements associated with his name. Space also forbids the inclusion of many books about him, or containing articles by or about him, written in or translated into languages other than English. Finally, it has, of course, been impossible to touch the vast field of periodical literature, to which he contributed so largely throughout his life in the form of editorials, serials, and special or scientific articles. The periodical literature about Roosevelt would alone easily compose a bibliography of several hundred pages.

It is hoped, however, that the following, which is to date the most comprehensive Roosevelt bibliography in print, may prove useful as far as it goes—and form the basis, perhaps, of future more ambitious compilations.