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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Alexander Smith

Barren as a rainy day.

As brilliant as a spangled dancing giri.

Carelessly as the blossoming trees.

Drowsy voice, like murmur of a leafy sycamore.

In her hazel eyes her thoughts lay clear
As pebbles in a brook.

Gladdens like a beam in spring … making blithe each daisie one by one.

Gleam like the white effigies on tombs in dim cathedrals.

Has a cold cheerless glitter, like the new furniture in a warehouse.

As happy as a serf who leaves the king ennobled.

Laughed, like a happy fountain in a cave brightening the gloomy rocks.

Loose as the flame that flutters on the grate.

Mourn like a sick child.

Moved one like the finest eloquence.

Oppresses like a crown of gold.

A poem round and perfect as a star.

Round and perfect as a star.

His [Bacon’s] sentences bend beneath the weight of his thought like a branch beneath the weight of its fruit.

Silent as a noonday sky when larks with heat are mute.

A half smile hovering round her happy lips like a bright butterfly around a flower.

Smooth as a billow.

I feel as new and strange as a free spirit which had shaken off the wrappings of this life.

My heart like a touched harp-string thrilled.

Time is like the peacefulness of grass, which clothes, as if with silence and deep sleep, deserted plains that once were loud with strife.

Vanished, like a star into a cloud.

Wander like a desert wind, without a place of rest.

Warm and cosy as a bird nest.

Weak as a flower that sways with every wind.