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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


Absurd as an excuse.

Absurd as to ask a man if he’ll have salt on his ice cream.

Absurd as to ask if the flowers love the dew.

Absurd as to expect a beauty to search for her likeness in the back of a looking-glass.

Abundant as air and water.

A troupe of acrobats is like a combination to a safe: both have tumblers.

Active as a boy climbing a crab-apple tree for a cargo of cramp-generators.

Active as a fire department during a conflagration.

Active as a pea in a bladder.

Active as a pea on a griddle.

Active as quicksilver.

An actor is like a cigar; the more you puff him the smaller he gets.

Adhere like burrs.

Adhesive as a postage stamp.

Adhesive as fly-paper.

Where like a fire to heather set, Bauld Thomas did advance.

Advancing, as the chorus to the footlights.

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.

Advice after mischief is like medicine after death.

Affairs, like a salt fish, ought to be a good while a-soaking.

Aghast, like beaten hounds that dare not whine.

Agile as a cat.

Agree like finger and thumb.

Agree like the hare and the hound.

Alert as a chamois.

Alike as two peas.

Alone, like a leper.

Amorous as a pair of love-birds.

Amorous as a parrakeet.

Like fragile ice, anger passes away in time.

Answer like a book.

Answer like a parrot.

Answered like a sail taking a breeze.

Far apart as the earth and the arch above.

Far apart as the poles.

Aphorism, like vinegar, should be used with discretion.

Arching, like a fish-hook.

Arched, like a horn.

Arched like a mule’s back in a hail storm.

Ardent as a boy.

Artificial as clockwork.

Austere as a tree full of owls.

Awful as the negligence of woe.

Awkward as a blind dog in a meat shop.

Awkward as a bull in a China shop.

Awkward as a cow on ice.

Awkward as a pig in a parlor.

Bad as the itch.

Bald as a billiard ball.

Bald as an egg.

Barbarous as a man who uses his finger for a paper knife.

Bare as a Scotchman’s knee.

Bare as a stone.

Barren as a New Hampshire granite hill.

Barren as a South African veldt.

Baseless as the fabric of a vision.

Bashful as a school-girl.

Bawl like an auctioneer.

Bawling like sailors in a tavern.

Beamed like the splendor of an eastern sky.

Like the walnut tree,
The more he is beaten, the better he’ll be.

Beautiful as a chemical blonde.

Beautiful as Adonis.

Beautiful as a sunset.

Beautiful as the dawn.

Beautiful as the face of a young Greek god.

Beautiful as the seraph’s dream.

Beautiful as Zenobia.

Beauty without modesty is like a flower broken from its stem.

Beg like a dog at a fair.

Bellows like the vagrant winds.

Bends like a willow in the wind.

Benefits, like flowers, please most when they are fresh.

Bent like a drooping rose.

Bent like a whip.

Big as an elephant.

Big as a house.

Big as a whale.

Big as life and twice as natural.

Binding as a wedding ring.

Bitter as the suffering of life.

Bitter as gall.

Black as Alaskan sealskin.

Black as a stack of black cats.

Black as a thundercloud.

Black as a tinker.

Black as blindness.

Black as Egypt’s night.

Black as a sloe.

Black as snow in London.

Black as the Duke of Hell’s black riding boots.

Black as the inside of a man who drank a bottle of ink.

Black as the mantle that shrouds the blind.

Black as Uncle Tom.

Blank as an empty bottle.

Blaze like the eyes of a maniac.

Blazed up like a beacon.

Bleak as the ocean vast.

Bleat like a lamb.

Blind as a bank director.

Blind as a bat.

Blind as a white cat with a blue eye.

Blind as Cupid.

Blinking like a toad in a sand heap.

Blithe as a bird on a cherry bough.

Blithe as a grig.

Danced as blithely and briskly as a lost red maple leaf fluttering madly in a keen October breeze.

Bloated like a squeezed cat.

Bloomed like a bridal-chamber.

Blooming as a peach.

Blooming with promise like an apple in the month of May.

Blue as a whale.

Blue as blue-bell bed.

Blue as cobalt.

Blue as forget-me-nots.

Blue as indigo.

Blue as melancholy.

Blue as October skies.

Blue as the soft azure surface of the southern sea.

Blue as your nose on a cold day.

Blunt as a hammer.

Blunt as a meat-ax.

Blush like an opal.

Bobbing up and down like a duck in a mud puddle.

Bold as a blind man.

Bold as Beauchamp.

Bold as Joan of Arc.

Boldly … like giants conquering in a noble cause.

Bony as an ossified shad.

Bow like a field of wheat before the rising wind.

Bows like a reed in a tempest.

Brave as a Barbary lion.

Brave as Achilles.

Brave as a mad bull.

Brave as Launcelot.

Brazen as an image.

Breathing like the Spring.

Breathe like toads under ground.

Briefer than the twinkling of an eye.

Bright as a blister.

Bright as a dollar.

Bright as a new penny.

Bright as a pewter pot.

Bright as at Creation’s day.

Bright as fairies that in a sunbeam dance.

Bright as Japanese bronze.

Bright as new silver.

Bright as saucepans.

Bright as Sharon’s rose.

Bright as sunshine on the sea.

Bright as the captain’s cabin of a man-of-war.

Bright was her soul as Dian’s crest.

Brilliant as a dream.

Brilliant as Indian summer.

Brilliant as the colors of the rainbow.

Brisk as a flea.

Bristles all over like a porcupine.

Brooding like a dove for its mate.

Her brow … is like the young moon.

Bubbled like a tea-kettle beginning to boil.

Burn into your soul like a curse.

Bushy as the fleece of the ram.

Busy as a beaver.

Busy as a beehive attacked by a bear.

Busy as a boy killing snakes.

Busy as a good wife at an oven.

Busy as a hen with one chick.

Busy as a humming bird with two tails.

Busy as a one-armed paperhanger with the hives.

Busy as a pigeon at a shooting match.

Busy as squirrels in a wheel.

Busy as a ticking clock.

Buzzing like a fly.

Callous as Comus to moral babble.

Calm as a convent.

Calm as a cradled child in Dreamland slumber.

Calm as a June day.

Calm as a midnight sea.

Calm as a saint in Paradise.

Calm as a soft summer eve.

Calm as a virgin in her shroud.

Calm as clam shells.

Calm as the society column of a newspaper.

He came down the road like hell beating tanbark.

Careful as the chief eunuch is of the Grand Seignior’s favorite Sultana.

Caressed him like a lapdog.

Carries it as badly as a callow youth in wine.

Casting, like a sower afield.

Cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain.

Caught, like a bit of paper between the blades of a pair of shears.

Cautious as a fox.

As cautious as a Scot.

As certain as that a brook must have banks.

As certain as that a squirrel will climb a tree.

As certain as that your shadow will follow you.

As certain as that the leaves will fall in autumn.

Certain as gold.

Certain as that a crooked tree will have a crooked shadow.

Certain as that a person not guilty of his own death, shortens not his own life.

Certain as that light and heat come and go with the sun.

Certain as that no mill no meal.

Certain as that plants and animals grow and die.

Certain as that sticks burn away in the fire.

Certain as the movements of heavenly bodies.

Certain as the multiplication table.

Certain as that the ocean is the meeting-place of all waters; the skies, the meeting-place of all torches; the tongue, of all tastes; the nose, of all smells; the mind, of all precepts.

Certain as the rising of the morning sun.

Certain as that the Tweed runs from east to west.

No more chance than a hen has of hatching a codfish from a fried egg.

Change as woman, wind and fortune.

Change, like Proteus.

Change, like women’s thoughts and winter weather.

Changeable as the moons.

Changeful as the ocean bar.

Characterless as a china shepherdess.

Chaste as marble.

Chaste as Minerva.

Chaste as the moon.

Chattering like a flock of daws.

Cheap as dirt.

Cheap as dog’s meat.

Cheeks as brown as oak leaves.

Cheerful as the birds.

Cheerful as a mute at a funeral.

Cheery as a June day in Georgia.

Cheery as a sunbeam.

Chill as death.

Chimerical as the existence of the Brobdingnags or the Yahoos.

Chirping like a cricket.

Chubby as a cherub.

Clairvoyant as the X-Ray.

Clean as a die.

Clean as a Dutch oven.

Clean as a new pin.

Clean as a pebble.

Clean as crystal.

Clean as light.

Cleaner than our sister the water.

Clear as a cube of solid sunshine.

Clear as a die.

About as clear as a misty morning on the Thames.

Clear as daylight.

Traced as clearly as currents upon a marble chart.

A voice as clear as forest bird.

Clear as mountain stream.

Clear as paint.

Clear as the notes of a cavalry bugle.

Clear as the skin of a child.

Clever as paint.

Clicked like a spring lock.

Cling around the soul, as the sky clings round the mute earth forever beautiful.

Clinging … as ivy clings about an oak; as tuft-hunters with buzz and purr about a fellow-commoner.

Cling like a forlorn hope.

Clinging like a wet towel to a nail.

Cling like moss to a damp wall.

Clung … like a damp dish-cloth around a stove pipe.

Clung like a drowning man.

Close as clapboards on a house.

Close as one second is to another.

Close as heat to fire.

Close as lovers sitting upon the sofa.

Close as Noah in the ark.

Close-mouthed as a clam.

Closed as a shrine.

A simple fellow in gay clothes is like a cinnamon-tree, the bark is of more value than the body.

Cloudless as eternity.

Clove as Ruth unto Naomi.

Cloyed like a quenched and satisfied lust.

Clumsy as a bear.

Clumsy as a June-bug.

Clumsy as the antics of a leviathan.

Coarse as fustian.

Coarse as hemp.

Cold as a dog’s nose.

Cold as a frog.

Cold as a hot-water bag in the morning.

Cold as an enthusiastic New England audience.

Cold as a ramrod.

Cold as a tomb.

Cold as Greenland’s icy mountains.

Cold as charity.

Cold as iron.

Cold as the heart of a courtesan.

Collapsed like a house of cards.

Colossal as the face of Big Ben.

Comely as a bride.

Comfortable as coin.

Comfortable as an annuity.

Comfortable as matrimony,—to an old woman.

Common as a convenient saving.

Common as backfence cats.

Common as boiled cabbage.

Common as coals from Newcastle.

Common as daisies.

Common as lying.

Common as pig tracks in wet weather.

Common as pins.

Common as pug noses in Pittsburgh.

Common as sawdust around a sawmill.

Common as the town sewer.

Commonplace as mud.

Compares with—as the glow-worm compares with the eagle.

Strong conceit is a kind of mental rudder which reason should hold for the purpose of steering the mind into its right courses.

As confident as a bird committing itself to the air or a great fish to the deep.

Confused as in a dream.

Confused, like the roaring of waves.

Simple and consistent as a plant.

Conspicuous as pyramids.

Constant as a shadow in the sun.

Constant in motion as the spheres.

Constantly in my thoughts, like the lost voice of his victim in those of the murderer.

More constant than the evening star,
Which mildly beams above.

Consume as snow against the sun.

Contagious as activity.

Contagious as a yawn.

Content as the males of Adrianus.

A contented man is like a good tennis-player, who never fatigues and confounds himself running eternally after the ball, but stays till it comes to him.

Continuous, like the brook.

As contrary as Dick’s hatband.

Contrary, like wind and tide meeting.

Convincing as the multiplication table.

Cool as a November twilight.

Head as cool as an usurer’s.

The heart of a coquette is like a rose, of which the lovers pluck the leaves, leaving only the thorns for the husband.

A coquette is to a man what a toy is to a child: as long as it pleases him, he keeps on; when it ceases to please him he discards it.

Her countenance looked like the gentle buds
Unfolding their beauty in early Spring.

Countless, as the drops that glide
In the ocean’s billowy tide.

Countless as locusts.

In couples, like the clean and unclean beasts in Noah’s ark.

Fall into couples, like the birds on Valentine’s day.

Courageous as the cocks of Tanagra.

Covers the country as the dew.

Covetousness, like a candle ill made, smothers the splendor of a happy fortune in its own grease.

Cowardly as a mob.

Coy as a Croker’s mare.

Crabbed as a cuckoo.

Crafty as a fox.

Crawl like a snail.

Crazy as a loon.

Crazy as a woman’s watch.

Credit lost is like a Venice glass broken.

Creeping into her innocent heart like a maggot into a rose.

Cringes like a toad under a harrow.

Crinkly as a coon’s hair.

Crisp as a head of young lettuce.

Crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

Crooked as a gimlet.

Crooked as a ram’s horn.

Crooked as Crawley brook.

Crooked as Robin Hood’s bow.

So crooked he could hide behind a corkscrew.

So crooked he could sleep in a roundhouse.

Cross as a child denied a sugar plum.

Cross as an old bear with a sore head.

As cross as nine highways.

Cross as the tongs.

Cruel as a rich coxcomb in a ballroom.

Cruel as winter.

Crumpled like a leaf.

My heart is crying like a tired child for one fond look, one gentle, loving word.

Cunning as a fox.

Cunning as the counterfeit of wisdom.

Cunning as the serpent of old Nile.

Old customs are as the blossoms on the tree of a nation’s life; and, when they wither and fall off, death and carnage are at the roots.

Cuts like hail.

Cuts like ingratitude.

Cuts like unkindness.

Cynical as Mephisto.

Cynical as Sylla.

Dainty and fair as a folded rose.

Dainty as a blushing violet.

Dainty as Dresden china.

Dainty as thistle-down.

Damp as a church.

Damp like a tomb.

Dancing like a solar mote around the atmosphere of her lips.

Dance … like atoms in the sunshine.

Dance like corks upon the waves.

Dancing like popcorn over a hot fire.

Dangerous as men milliners.

Dapper as a cock-wren.

Dark as a cellar.

Dark as a dungeon.

Dark as a funeral scarf.

Dark as a thief’s pocket.

Dark as futurity.

Dark as midnight.

Dark as the shades of night.

Dark like a dead person in a coffin.

Dashed like a Mameluke cavalry upon a charge.

Dauntless as deities exempt from fate.

Dead as Chelsea.

Dead as a man after two doctors have visited him.

Dead as leaves on a painted canvas.

Dead as mackerel.

Dead as the nail in a coffin.

Dead as the Roman Empire.

Dead as the wholesale district on Sunday.

Deaf as a post.

As deaf as a beetle.

As deaf as a white cat.

Debt is like a millstone about a man’s neck.

Decay like the rainbow’s hue.

Deceptive as the mirage of the desert.

Deep as the fountains of sleep.

Deep as the void above.

Deep as evening red.

Deep as despair.

Deep as ever plummet sounded.

Deep as grief.

Deep as the North Star.

Defiant as a rosebud slipped from its parent stalk.

Deformed as guilt.

Delicate as a lily.

Delicate as flowers.

Delicate as the sunset on the snow-covered summits of Mount Sfiorito.

Delicious as forbidden fruit.

Delightful as the song of Philomel.

Democratic as a saint.

Demure as a cat.

Demure as a nun.

Demure as a Quaker.

Departed, like Ichabod’s glory.

Descended like a wolf on the fold.

Desolate as a mausoleum.

Despicable … as the old age of a passionate man.

Destructive as the bite of the rattlesnake.

About as destructive as a blank cartridge.

Destructive as a centre-rush in a football team.

Destructive as hail in summer.

Detraction, like a crab, runneth backwards.

Devoid of feeling as a eunuch is of manly joys.

Die like a dog in a ditch.

Differ as a clipped hedge and forest.

Differ as an Indian and a Greek.

Differ as a Roman stylus and Mr. Waterman’s fountain pen.

Differ as a satyr to Hyperion; as a rushlight to the sun.

Differ as a Vatican fresco and a political transparency.

Differ as a whale and a tadpole.

Differ as a Whistler nocturne and the design on a chocolate box.

Differ as a zephyr and a cyclone.

Differ as flint and chalk.

Differ as grass and hay.

Differ as Hamlet and Hercules.

Differ as harp and harrow.

Differ as locks.

Differ as a mangled monkey and a well made man.

Differ as noses.

Differ as pigments and a picture.

Differ as shine and substance.

Differ as simpleton and sage.

Differ as smoke and flame.

Differs as stage money from government bonds.

Differ as sword and tooth-pick.

Differ as the Central Park Menagerie and the depths of the jungle.

Differ as the glow-worm and the eagle.

Differs as the jimson weed from the violet.

Differ as the mid-day sun and a convalescent white bean.

Differ as the Parthenon of Athens and an American court house.

Differ as the song of the lark to the voice of the crow.

Differs as the tail of a comet and the tail of a pig.

Differ as winter and summer.

Difference between a bent copper farthing and a nugget of gold.

Difference between a Greek temple and a bird-cage, the solemn sea and a street puddle.

The difference between having a woman at your side and on your side.

Difference between tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

As different as an equinoctial is from an evangel.

Different as dog-days and those at Christmas.

Different as gold and platina.

Different as swan is from goose.

Difficult as a Greek puzzle.

Difficult as to forgive the virtues of our enemies.

Difficult as to grasp a shadow.

Difficult as to hiss and yawn at the same time.

Difficult as to pin a medal on a shadow.

Difficult as to sail the sea in an egg shell.

Difficult as to remember a rhyme made in a dream.

Difficult as to walk a mile on stilts upon a line of feather-beds.

Dim as the land of shadows.

Dimpling like a brook.

Disappear like phantoms.

Disappointing as wet gun-powder.

Dishonest as a gas meter.

Dispelled, as the sun did the fog.

Dissipated like fleecy clouds across summer skies.

Dissolved like a mimic castle of morning frost when the sun exerts himself.

Distant as America from Atlantis.

Distinct as a new map.

Disturbing … like a tasteless ornament.

Dizzy as a goose.

Dizzy like one in an ill dream.

Dodge like the Artful Dodger.

Doleful as a bull-frog crossed in love.

Dote more on it than a fool on his bauble.

Double like Janus’ face.

Double up like a jack knife.

Double up like a foot rule.

Gone down like grass before the scythe.

His foot came down like the foot of Pantagruel.

Went down like Mercury in a chilled thermometer.

Drag along like a stage procession.

Draws as the moon draws the sea.

Draws tears like an onion.

Dread as doom.

Drifting like flakes of snow.

Drink like a funnel.

Drinks like a sieve.

Droll as Eliezer who wrote three hundred volumes on sowing cucumbers.

Droops like a broken lily.

Drop him like a hot potato.

Drops like a wounded lily.

Drops like mercury on a cold day.

Dropped off like a repleted leech.

Drowsy as the hum of a bag-pipe.

As drunk as a beggar.

Drunk as a boiled owl.

Drunk as a bunghole.

Drunk as a piper.

Drunk as a tinker.

Drunk as a top.

Drunk as David’s saw.

Drunk as blazes.

As drunk as three in a bed.

Dry as a bone.

Dry as a prohibition fight in Vermont.

Dry as a sponge.

Dry as nuts.

Dry as peanut shells.

Dry as pith.

Dry as tinder.

Dry as soon as tears.

Dull as a beetle.

Dull as a convent.

Dull as a Dutchman.

As dull as a hoe.

Dull as a post.

Dull as a Quaker meeting.

Dull as cloudy skies.

Dull as mutes at a funeral.

Dull as ditch water.

As dull as the debates of Dutch burgomasters on cheese parings and candle ends.

Dull as Lethe.

Dumb as an oyster.

More durable than steel.

Eager as a bridegroom.

Earnest … as sober Lanesbro’ dancing with the gout.

Easy as for a blackbird to whistle.

Easy as a conjurer swallowing a poker.

Easy as breathing.

Easy as counting the blossoms on a century plant.

As easy as finding reasons why other people should be patient.

Easy as for a dog to lick a dish.

Easy as getting money in a letter.

Easy as peeling a hard boiled egg.

Easy as pie.

Easy as robbing a child’s bank.

Easy as to say “Jack Robinson.”

Easy as winking.

Flows as easily as California wine out of French bottles.

Eat like a hog.

Eat like a horse.

Eats like rust.

Eat like wolves.

As effective as Gibraltar under a fusillade of grapeshot.

Effervescent as a sulphur springs geyser.

There’s nothing like egotism. It preserves a man as ice preserves meat.

Elastic as a caterpillar.

Capable of elasticity as a washed glove.

Elegant as a Chesterfield.

Elegant as a Tuscan.

Unprofitable eloquence is like the cypress; great and tall but bears no fruit.

Fierce bursts of eloquence like the wail of a clarion thrilling beneath the blasts of a storm.

Eloquent as a rattlesnake’s tail.

Eloquent as Cicero.

Elude us like the echo of falling waters in a dream.

As elusive as the pestilence that walketh in darkness.

Elusive as quicksilver.

Empty as a bird’s nest in December.

Empty as a politician’s address to the people.

Empty as a quill.

Empty of expression as a squeezed sponge of water.

Empty as Vanity Fair.

Encircled him as a belt.

Enduring as marble.

Enduring as the stars.

Entangled like vines.

Entrancing as the gardens in a fairy romance.

Entrances like a siren.

Erect as an Indian.

Eternal as life.

Evident as Euclid’s axioms.

Expanded like a flower under the sun.

Expired like the sound of a melancholy echo.

Expired like hardy plants which lose their color and perfume when transplanted to a hot-house.

Expressionless as a cheese.

Expressionless as a gravestone.

Expressionless as a Sphinx’s face.

Expressive as the ridge of a cat’s back.

Exquisite, like the heart of a wild rose.

Extended, like home-bound cranes.

Extinct as the dodo.

Extinguished as stars by the rising sun.

Extortion is like a whirlpool, that swalloweth whatever it catches.

Dovelike eyes, depths as of heaven when charged with gloom.

Eyes like burnt holes in a blanket.

Eyes like saucers.

Eyes transparent as a cloudless sky.

His face is like a street before they lay the pavement.

Faded as the iris after rain in April’s tearful weather.

Fades as the splendor fades from the sky, when the sun sinks to sleep.

He faded away like a pound of soap in a hard day’s wash.

Fade away like some fabled city of mythology.

Fade like autumn leaves, and fade and die
With no kind hand to raise the head and gently close the dying eye.

Fade … like ghosts prohibited the day.

Faded like snow.

Faint as the hum of distant bees.

Fair as Esther.

Fair as a friar that is invited to dinner.

Fair as a saint.

Fairer than fancy ever feigned.

Fair as Lady Dove.

Fair as stars that shine in summer skies.

Fair as the garden of Shiraz.

Fair as the glorified isles of the blest.

Mary is fair as the morning dew.

Fair as the virgin’s vows.

Fair as the wild rose.

Fair as winter lilies.

Fair as youths by brides caress’d.

Faithful as a good book.

Faithful as the planets.

Faithless as fair weather.

Sweet-falling as the evening dew.

Fall like a thousand of brick.

Falling like Sierra’s April flood that pours in ponderous cadence from the cliff.

Falls like the leaves in October.

Falling like the tower Siloam.

False as a man with a black head and a red beard.

False as Dick’s hatband.

Falsehood, like a nettle, stings those who meddle with it.

Familiar as a popular song.

Familiar as the sights on our streets.

His family is like potatoes; all that is good of them are underground.

The family is like a book—the children are the leaves,
The parents are the covers that protective beauty gives
At first the pages of the book are blank and purely fair,
But time soon writeth memories and painteth pictures there.
Love is the little golden clasp that bindeth up the trust,
Oh, break it not, lest all the leaves shall scatter and be lost.

Fanciful as furnitures.

Fantastical, like a sick man’s dreams.

Far as good is above evil.

As far from the heart as from the eyes.

Fascinating as a loose tooth.

Fast as a jack rabbit in front of a prairie fire.

Fast as a dog will lick a dish.

As fast as the foam-flakes drift on the river.

Fat as a bacon-pig at Martlemas.

Fat as brawn.

Fat as a sheep’s tail.

Fatal as Herod’s worms.

Fatal as the eye of the basilisk.

Fatal as the tongue of the serpent.

Feast like Dives.

Feast like Lucullus.

Feeble as a lamb’s bleat.

Ferocious as a catamount searching for its dinner.

Fervent as fire.

Atmosphere as fetid as the stymphalian lake, over which no bird could fly.

Fickle as friends.

Fickle as the lightning.

Fickle as the weather.

Fierce as a Japanese mask.

Fierce as Jove.

Fierce as lecherous desire.

Fierce as a lion of Cotswold.

Fierce as a mother bird.

Fight as fiercely in defence of his mistress as Blandimar and Paridel, of romantic fame, are said to have fought for the lovely Florimel.

Fight like a bulldog.

Fight like Kilkenny cats.

Fight like sin.

Fight like thunder.

She had a figure like a pillow.

Filthy as the mouth of a fired gun.

Fine as a Maypole on May-day.

Fine as a mist of lace.

Fine as five-pence.

Fine as gossamer.

Fine as point lace.

Firm as adamant.

Firm as a mountain.

Firm as the granite base of Mount Washington.

Firm as the iron hills.

Fit as a rope for a thief.

Fit as a shoulder of mutton for a sick horse.

Fit as a banana skin on a banana.

Fit in like dog’s teeth.

Fits like the bark on a tree.

Fits like feathers on a duck.

Fit like the paper on the wall.

Fixed as fate.

Fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians.

Fixed as the laws of the planetary system.

Fixed as your name on a note.

Fizzle out like a damp squib.

Flabby as a Norfolk dumpling.

Flashes like cut glass.

Flash like stars.

Fell flat as a damp squib.

Flat as a pricked bladder.

Flat as your hand.

Flatterers are cats that lick before and scratch behind.

Flattery is like false money: it impoverishes those that receive it.

Flecked as a turkey egg.

Fled like leaves on the gale.

Fled, like rats from a sinking ship.

Sorrow fled on fleeting pinions, like the icy breath of winter that spring zephyrs waft away.

Fleet as a falling star.

Fleet as a greyhound.

Fleet as Diana.

Fleet as kindled fire.

Fleeting as a shade.

Flexible as a riding whip.

Flickering like a flame in the wind.

Flimsy as gauze.

Flimsy as gossamer.

Flitted away like a bird on a wintry night.

Flit like a summer cloud.

Float away like the deluding mist of a mirage.

Floating like the Hesperian garden of old.

Floats like the lotus in the lake, unmoved.

Florid as a milk-maid.

Flourishes like a green bay tree.

Flow like a free and flowing river.

Flew along like a bird in a tempest.

Flies like antic shapes in dreams.

His arms flew like a windmill.

Flying, like blown flame.

Flies like chaff wide scattered by the wind.

Flew like feathered Mercury.

Flew like granado.

Words flew out of his mouth as shot out of a gatling gun.

The soft palms fold like kissing shells.

Follow like a flock of sheep.

Follow … like geese on a common.

Follow one like Anthony’s pig.

Followed fate as an Irishman a wheelbarrow.

Follows like a shadow.

Fond as cat is of milk.

Fond as the miser is of his gold.

Foolish as a calf.

Foolish as an endeavor to make a lobster climb a tree and give a report of the atmospheric conditions.

Foolish as a peacock.

Foolish as to scratch one’s head with a firebrand.

Foolish as the tailor who sews sleeves to the pocket holes.

Foolish as to flash a roll of bills before a lawyer.

Foolish as to talk of color to a blind man.

Foolish as to try to pull hair from a bald man’s head.

Forgotten like waves on the sea.

Fortune is like women, loves youth and is fickle.

Fragile as a lily.

Fragile as rainbows.

As fragrant as clover’s sod.

Fragrant as musk.

Frail as a lily.

Frantic as a war dance.

Free as a fly.

Free as a gift.

Free as a wood sawer.

Free as egg-nog on Christmas Eve.

Free as the diamond is free from alloy.

Free as the sybil’s leaves of yore.

Free as thought.

Free as a hurricane.

Free as a mountain goat.

Frequent as the “begats” in the Bible.

Fresh as a buttercup.

Fresh as a cherub.

Fresh as a flower just blown.

Fresh as an egg from the farm.

Fresh as a November chrysanthemum.

Fresh as a sea breeze.

Fresh and charming as Hebe.

Fresh as if she had been born with the morning.

Fresh as a young head of lettuce.

Fresh as summer’s grass.

Fresh as the dawn.

Fresh as the dewy field.

Fresh as the firstlings o’ the year.

Frets like gumm’d taffety.

A false friend is like a shadow on a dial; it appears in clear weather, but vanishes as soon as a cloud approaches.

A true friend is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.

Friendless as an alarm clock.

The friendship of a great man is like the shadow of a bush, soon gone.

The friendship of the ever-genial man is too often like a grate-fire, exceedingly bright to look at, but not reliable in so far as the dispensation of warmth on a really cold day is concerned.

False friendship, like the ivy, decays and ruins the walls it embraces; but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports.

Frigid as an iceberg.

Frilled like a French chop.

Frolicsome as a boy.

Always in front, like a cow-catcher on a locomotive.

Fruitful as Ceres.

Full as a goat.

As full as a toad is of poison.

Full of airs as a music box.

Full of angles as the book of Euclid.

As full of blunders as a successful career.

Full of events as a dime novel.

Full of poetry as a lily is of dew.

Full of royalty as a pack of cards.

Full of terror as a tragedy of Sophocles.

Funny as a barrel of monkeys.

Funny as a clown.

Funny as a crutch.

As funny as a funeral in a snow storm.

Funny as to throw an egg into an electric fan.

As much fuss as a bushel of salt thrown into a furnace.

Futile as to turn back the hands of a clock.

Galloping like a fury.

Gambol like a fawn.

Gambol like a lambkin.

Gambol like a young cat and her first kitten.

Game as a badger.

Game as a fighting cock.

Game as a lion.

Game as a pebble.

Gaping mouth wide open like a dying codfish.

Garrulous as an old maid.

Gathered like ants.

Gay as a blackbird.

Gay as a bullfinch.

Gay as a negro funeral.

Generosity is like the sea, and yet the sea hath its bounds.

Generous as a dream.

Genial as sunshine.

Ghastly as broad-eyed slumber.

Glad as one would give me a crown

Glances that shoot and illuminate like the sudden gleams that glow through autumn clouds.

Glances like one who expects a blow.

Glares like the maniac’s moon, whose light is madness.

Gleams like a naked sword.

Gleamed like fireflies.

Gleamed like gold from the evening rays.

Gleam like sunny heavens.

Glide like a gentle stream.

Glints like polished jet.

Glints like sunshine.

Glistens like the forehead of morning.

Glittering like an Eastern Caliph.

Glittered like spun glass.

Robes glitter like young sedge grass.

Glossy as a mole.

Gloomy as a graveyard on a wet Sunday.

Glorious as a victory for the victor.

Glorious as when Pericles ruled over Athens.

Glow like a blacksmith’s forge.

Glowing like molten iron.

Glow like the gates of the New Jerusalem.

Glow like the golden fleece.

Glow like the vernal grass.

Glum as an oyster.

Glum as mud.

Go along like sixty.

Go like a house afire.

Golden as the fruits of autumn.

Gone as a gone goose.

Good as a feast.

Good as an addled egg.

Good as an idle bird.

Good as ever went upon the ground.

Good as new.

Beauty is as good as ready money.

Good as truth.

Good as dew to flowers.

Good-nature, like a bee, collects honey from every herb. Ill-nature, like a spider, sucks poison from the sweetest flower.

Gore like the tusks of a boar.

Gorgeous as a sultana.

A gossip in a village is like a viper in a bed.

Graceful as an Alpine sapling.

Graceful as a bird on the wing.

Graceful as a fawn.

Graceful as the arch of a rainbow.

Grand like Barbarossa’s beard.

Grand as a victory.

Grave as an old gate-post.

Grave as Pascal.

Gray as grannun’s cat.

Gray as the inside of a pewter dish.

Gray hairs are like the light of a soft moon, silvering over the evening of life.

Greedy as a hog.

Green as a gooseberry.

Green as a gourd.

Green as a lizard.

Green as bottled glass.

Green as emeralds.

Green as grass.

Green as the deep waters.

Green as the sea.

Grim as a judge.

Grim as Cerberus.

Grim as death.

Grin like a Cheshire cat, from ear to ear.

Grips like a vise.

Grips like hoops of steel.

Grovel like swine.

Grow like a cow’s tail, downwards.

Grows like Jimson weed in a pile of compost.

Habit may be likened to a cable; every day we weave a thread, and soon we cannot break it.

Handsome as houris.

Handsome as paint.

Handy as a hen.

Handy as a poker in Hell.

Handy as a robin after a rain.

Hang as high as Haman.

Hanging like Mahomet’s coffin, between earth and heaven.

Hang together like bees.

Hang together like birds.

Hang together like burrs.

Hangs together like a rope of sand.

Happiness is like sunshine; it is made up of very little beams.

Happy as a big sunflower.

Happy as a boy at a baseball game.

Happy as a June bug.

Happy as a prince.

Happy as a pussy that sees cream.

Happy as a queen.

Happy as a turtle dove.

Happy as a wave that dances on the sea.

Hard as a brick.

Hard as a cobble-stone.

Hard as a cricket-ball.

Hard as granite.

Hard as hail stones.

As hard as horn.

Hard as marble.

As hard as the rocks of Dundee.

Hard as being good.

As hard as to shave an egg.

As hard to answer as why cats love fish.

Hard to climb as Parnassus.

As hard to hold as an eel by the tail.

Hardy as a mountain pine.

Harmless as a strawberry festival.

Harmless as Sancho’s ass.

Hate like poison.

Hazy of thought, as a calf looks at a butcher.

Making headway like birds aflying.

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to look after his tools.

Healthy as a May morning.

Healthy as pity for all the conquered.

Heaped like Pelion on Ossa.

A heart is like a fan, and why?—
’Twill flutter when a beau is nigh:
Oft times with gentle words he’ll take it;
Play with it for a while, then break it.

The heart of a man is like a delicate weed,
That requires to be trampled on boldly indeed.

Hearty as a buck.

Hearty as an O.K.

Heaved and sighed like the dying gasp of a syphon bottle.

Heavy as a boarding-house dumpling.

Held back like a hearse horse.

Held on like grim death.

Helpless as a babe.

Helpless, as a cat in a trap.

Helpless as a corpse.

Helpless as Balaam.

Hideous as midnight.

High as a kite.

High as summer-surge swells.

Higher than Gilroy’s kite.

Hilarious as a sailor ashore.

Hiss like a steam kettle.

Hold on like grim death.

Holler like a loon.

Hollow as a gun.

Hollow as the soul of an echo.

Hollow as the murmur of the midnight sea after the tempest nursed itself to rest.

Homely as a hedge-fence.

Homely as the queen of spades.

Honest a man as ever brake bread.

Honest a man as ever trod on shoe leather.

Honest as a cat when the meat is out of reach.

Honest as a mirror.

Honest as the day is long.

Honest as the sun.

Our hopes, like towering falcons, aim at objects in an airy height:
The little pleasure of the game is afar off to view the flight.

Hostility between two people is like fire, and the evil-fated backbiter supplies fuel. Afterwards, when they are reconciled together, the backbiter is hated and despised by both parties.

Hot as a black pudding.

Hot as a coal.

Hot as a pone cake.

As hot as hot might be.

Hot as Jove.

Hot as love’s flaming climate.

Hot as pepper.

Hot as ten thousand suns in one.

Hot as the hinges of hell.

Hot as Tophet.

Hot as a volcano.

Hover as a hawk.

Hover like a moth around a flame.

Howl like a dervish.

Howl like a vagabond for bread.

Hug me as a devil hugs a witch.

Hug like a bear.

Hug like a boa-constrictor.

To be hugged by a bony man is about as luxurious as sitting on a picket fence.

Hum like a cobbler.

Humble as a grateful almsman.

Humble as a worm.

Humble as Uriah Heep.

Humorous as April.

Hungry as a bear.

Hungry as a church mouse.

Hungry as a diamond without a karat.

Hunted like a stag.

Husbands are like apples, they shouldn’t be picked till they are ripe.

Idle as digging in the bottom of the river for the stars we see reflected on the surface.

Idle as railing at a deaf man.

Idle as to aim at inscrutable things beyond the moon.

Ignorant as a pig is of the side pocket of a pool table.

Illimitable as the boundless sea.

Immaculate as an angel.

Immobile as a Sphinx’s face.

Immovable as the figure of Mercury.

Immutable as the laws of the Medes and Persians.

Impartial as bullets in a battle.

Impassable as marble.

Impassive as a figure of carved ivory.

Impassive as an Indian idol.

Impatient as a lover.

Impenetrable as a hedgehog.

Impenitent as a stone.

Impossible as an echo without a voice to start it.

Impossible as for a blind man to describe color.

Impossible as for a lawyer to feel compassion gratis.

Impossible as for one buried alive to lift his gravestone.

Impossible as for the full-grown bird to live imprisoned in the eggshell.

Impossible as for the man in the moon to come down.

Impossible as for the poles to come together till the earth is crushed.

Impossible as for widows to feed on dreams and wishes;
Like hags on visionary dishes.

Impossible as to count the waves.

Impossible as to hiss and yawn at the same time.

Impossible as to hold the wind with a net.

Impossible as to join in a procession and look out the window.

Impossible as to jump away from your shadow.

Impossible as to mend a bell.

Impossible as to paint a sound.

Impossible as to recall the days that are past.

Impossible as to reconcile cats and rats, or hounds and hares.

Impossible as to replace a hatched chicken in its shell.

Impossible as to stem the eternal flood of time.

Impossible as to wash a black man white.

Impossible as to wet the sea.

Impractical as to attempt to satisfy a tiger’s hunger with pâté de foie gras.

Impudent as a young barrister after getting a verdict by mistake.

Inanimate as a statue.

Inanimate as mutton.

Inanimate as the picture on a postal card.

As incongruous as a blacksmith with a white silk apron.

Incongruous as a joke on a gravestone or a ledger.

Incongruous as Matthew Arnold jumping rope.

Inconstant as the wind.

Increase like wind and oil on a fatal fire.

Independent as a bird.

Indifferent as my right hand and my left.

Indifferently as the herring’s backbone doth lie in the midst of the fish.

Indispensable as your skin.

Ineffectual as plaint from a tomb.

Ineffectual, like geese babbling at a vulture.

Inefficient as Nester Roqueplan’s diatribe against the sun.

Inert as stone.

Inevitable as death.

Inevitable as the unfolding of the lily bud to the sun.

A premonition embraces inexorably, like the closing of a folding umbrella.

Infatuating as a houri.

More infectious than the poison of the spider.

Infinite as the dividing of the foam and the sifting of the sea-sand.

Inflexible as a granite block.

Of as little influence as the letter “p” in pneumonia.

Innocent as a cloistered nun.

Innocent as a dove.

Innocent as a lamb.

Innocent as flowers.

Innumerable as the gay motes that people the sunbeams.

Inscrutable as a sphinx.

Insidious as the odor of poppy leaves.

Insinuating as a corkscrew boring into a tender cork.

Insinuating as ink.

Instantly, like a bullet from the barrel.

Interminable as a Lapland day.

Intricate as the hardest proposition in Euclid.

Invades like the ocean.

Invariable as the laws of gravitation.

Inventive as an excuse.

Invisible like the gods.

As irrecoverable as a lump of butter in a greyhound’s mouth.

Irresistible as the force of gravity.

Irresistible, like a man with eight trumps in his hand at a whist table.

Issuing, as from a fountain.

Jabbering like rooks.

A jaw like a nutcracker.

A jaw like a vise.

Jerky as a ride on a buckboard.

Good jests bite like lambs, not like dogs.

Jests, like sweetmeats, have often a sour sauce.

Like a fishing rod, all joints.

Jolted like a solitary penny in an iron bank.

Jostled like a crowd of people rushing to catch a train.

Joyful as flowers when they are filled to the brim with dew.

Joyful as a nest.

Joyous as a child.

Joyous as the trill of a skylark.

Jumping about like a toad in a thunderstorm.

Jumped at it like a trout at a May-fly.

Jumped like a bird for a berry.

Keen as a bride.

Keen as the sight of an eagle.

Keen as the sun.

Kill like lightning flashes.

Kind as a kite.

Kind as a turtle.

Little acts of kindness are stowed away in the heart, like bags of lavender in a drawer, to sweeten every object around them.

Her kisses were like tire explosions.

I know him as well as if I had gone through him with a lantern.

I know him like a book.

He picked up knowledge to wear it on his head like the plumes of horses in a parade.

Laboring like galley slaves.

Ladies, like barristers, must wait to be chosen.

Laugh like a loon.

Laughing like a stentor.

Lawless as a town bull.

Lazy as a toad at the bottom of a well.

Lazy as Joe the Marine, who laid down his musket to sneeze.

Leaks like a sieve.

Lean as a dog in Lent.

Lean as Sancho’s ass.

Leap like a cock at a blackberry.

Lecherous as a he-goat.

Legendary as the Flying Dutchman.

At leisure, as a laird dies.

Level as a pond.

Lie as fast as dog can lick a plate.

Lies like an auctioneer.

Lies like a tooth-drawer.

Lies like print.

Lifeless as the grave.

Lifts the head like conscious innocence.

Light and clean as the foaming surf that the wind severs from the broken wave.

Light and speedy as a steam-roller.

Light as a fly.

Light as a sack of feathers.

Light as down.

Passed as light as October leaves blown over the forest floor.

Light as the leaf of the aspen.

Light as the bow with its gay blossoms springing.

Light as the spider’s silken lair.

Light as thistledown.

Light as vain praise.

Light as whipped cream.

Oaths as light as wind.

Light enough to float in the sweat of an ice pitcher.

Light-hearted as a robin.

Lightly as the skimming of swallows.

About as like as an apple to an oyster.

As like as the two halves of an apple.

As like as two pins.

Likely as to see a pig fly.

Limber as a watch chain.

Limp as a rag.

Limp as a glove.

Limpid as a cold blue lake on a mountain.

Linger in the memory like the silvery embellishments of a great singer.

Lingers like an old faith.

Linked, like rose-buds in a wreath.

Lips just tinted like pink shells.

Lips that flamed like scarlet wine.

Lithe as a snake.

Lithe as a tiger.

Live like a king.

Live like a lord.

Live like a prince.

Live like fighting cocks.

Lively and changeable, like a flame in the wind.

Lively as a cricket.

Locked in, like a fly in amber.

Lonely as a deserted ship.

Lonely as a ghost.

Lonesome as a bell-buoy at sea.

Long as a day without bread.

Long as a Devonshire lane,—which has no turning.

Long as an obituary.

Long as the moral law.

Looks as if butter would not melt in his mouth.

Looked as if he would jump down your throat.

Looked as if he had eaten his bed-straw.

Lording it like a Bashaw.

Lost as Eden.

Lost, like a river running into an unknown sea.

Lost like a predestined soul.

Loud as a horn.

Loud as the blows of a hammer.

Loud as the voice of an auctioneer.

Loud as Tom of Lincoln.

Love is like the rose: so sweet, that one always tries to gather it in spite of the thorns.

Love is like the sunbeam that gleams through the shower
And kisses off gently the dews from the flower;
That cheers up the blossoms and bids them be gay,
And lends the fragrance that perfumes the day.

Love, like a cough, can’t be hidden.

Love, like fire, cannot subsist without continual movement; as soon as it ceases to hope and fear, it ceases to exist.

Love as a cat loves mustard.

Loved as a guardian angel.

Lovely as the first green in the wood.

Lovely as Venus.

Low as the grave.

Loyal as a dove.

Lustrous as satin.

Luxuriant as the vine.

Mad as a hatter.

Mad as an adder.

Mad as a rat in a trap.

Mad as a wet cat.

Mad as blazes.

Mad as tigers.

Majestic as a statue.

Majestic as Cæsar.

Majestic as Juno.

Malicious as a satyr.

Malicious as Saul to David.

Man is a social creature, and we are made to be helpful to each other; we are like the wheels of a watch, that none of them can do their work alone, without the concurrence of the rest.

Some men are like a brook, noisy but shallow.

Man is like a razor, the sharper for being stropped.

Some men, like wagons, rattle most when there’s nothing in them.

As evenly matched as two cubes of the same side.

Matured like flowers by the light of the sun.

Mean as a miser.

Meaningless as an imprint on a wornout coin.

Meek as a Madonna.

Meek as a mouse.

Meek as mustard.

Meek as a violet.

Meek as Moses.

Melancholy as a graveyard on a rainy day.

Melancholy as a hearse-plume.

Melancholy as a mourning-coach in a snowstorm.

Melancholy as a squeezed lemon.

Melancholy as a tailor.

Mellow as the far-off lute.

Mellow, like a plum which has hung in the sun.

Melted away like an image of snow.

Merciless as a male tiger.

Merciless as Cæsar.

Merciless as the grave.

Merry as a haystack sleeper.

Merry as a two-year-old.

Merry as cap and can.

Merry as crickets in an oven.

Merry as flowers in May.

Merry as mice in malt.

Merry as spring.

Standing exactly in the middle of his face like the white in the centre of a target.

Mild and peaceful as Socrates.

Little minds, like weak liquors, are soonest soured.

Mischievous as a kitten.

Miserable as a frost-bitten apple.

Miserable as the fifth act of a tragedy.

Moaned like a chafed spirit warring with its lot.

Modest as a squash.

Moist as a cold toad’s skin.

Public money is like holy water: every one helps himself to it.

Monotonous as the dress of charity children.

Moral as peppermint.

Motionless as a corpse.

Motionless as a figure cut in stone.

Motionless as a monument.

Mottled and dappled like an April trout.

Mourned like a turtle.

Mournful as the grave.

Mournful as the rhythm of the seas.

He had a mouth like a whirlpool.

Her mouth turned up voluptuously like the antique masks of Erigone.

Moving constantly, like the spheres.

Mum as an oyster.

Murderous as a cannon ball.

A vague and monotonous murmur, like that of the waves on a shore where the wind dies away with approaching night.

Murmurs passed along the valleys, like the banshee’s lonely croon.

Murmurs like a dreaming sea.

Murmuring like bees at honey-time.

Music at meals is like a carbuncle set in gold, or a signet of an emerald highly burnished.

Musical as rain drops on a roof.

Musical as a stream in Bunyan’s delectable Mountains.

Mute as a funeral procession.

Mute as a poker.

Mute as death.

Mute as fate.

Mute as Mumchance, who was hanged for saying nothing.

Mute as the Tiber.

Mysterious as a rose leaf.

Mysterious as a sphinx.

Mysterious as a star.

Mysterious as the sea.

As great a mystery as the serpent-crest of the king’s crown on the pillars of Egypt.

As much of a myth as Lohengrin.

Naked as an Indian’s back.

Naked as night.

Naked as the graces.

Nasty as the opaque whiteness of boiled veal.

Natural as for ivy to climb a tree.

Natural as life.

Natural as milk to a calf.

Natural as nature.

As natural as that a genius should wear queer clothes.

Natural as the Marseillaise to a French riot.

Natural as whooping to owls.

’Tis as natural for women to pride themselves in fine clothes as ’tis for a peacock to spread his tail.

Naturally as a bird warbles in May.

As naturally as a chestnut bursts its pod, and a chicken its shell.

Naturally as fungus grows out of a dying tree.

Naughty as Gautick, where the devil struck for shorter hours.

Near as two ha’pennies for a penny.

Near as one second is to another.

Near-sighted as a mole.

Neat as a nail.

Neat as a new pin.

Neat as ninepence.

Neat as wax.

As necessary as breathing is to live.

Necessary as for the butterfly to escape from the worm to become a butterfly.

As necessary as skin to the apple.

Need … as pansies need the dew.

Wanton negligence is like a net,
Which for unwary feet the powers have set.

Nervous as a cat that hears a mouse in the wall.

Nervous as a witch.

Nice as Marie Antoinette playing milkmaid.

As nice as ninepence.

Nimble as a bee on a tar-barrel.

Nimble as a cow in a cage.

Nimble as a lizard.

Nimble as an eel.

As nimble as a wireless spark, that hurdles the ether, pole-vaults the oceans and circles the ends of the earth in a flash.

Nimble as ninepence.

To catch a squirrel make a noise like a nut.

As much fuss and noise as a one-legged man falling down stairs.

Noiseless as a shadow.

Noiseless as a lapwing.

Noiseless as the circulation of the blood.

Noiseless as the gathering storm before the tempest.

Noisy as a boiler-shop.

Noisy as a menagerie.

Noisy as a creditors’ meeting.

Noisy as a flock of crow-blackbirds in the migration season.

Noisy as a cookstove falling down stairs.

Noisy as burial-howlers at full cry.

Noisy as a living skeleton having a fit on a hardwood floor.

Numerous as grains of silver in the bowels of the Rockies.

Numerous as hailstones.

Numerous as insects on the banks of the Nile.

Numerous as maggots in a Cheshire cheese.

Numerous as the breaths a patriarch has breathed.

Numerous as the heads of Briareus.

Numerous as the holes in the mantle of Diogenes.

Numerous as the leaves of the forest.

Numerous as the mouths of the Ganges.

Numerous as the mouths of the Nile.

Numerous as the pearls of morning-dew, which hang on herbs and flowers.

Obedient as the needle to the pole.

Obedient as the yew to the tender’s will.

Obscured as with a veil.

Obsolete as a Congress shoe.

Obsolete as the coalscuttle bonnet and the hoopskirt.

Obstinate as a discharged school-director.

Obstinate as a mule.

Obtrusive as violent colors in a sober woof.

Obvious as circus parade.

Off like a snip.

Off, like chimera, glinting, flitting, gay and light and free.

Off like the lid of a pumpkin pie.

Offensive as the sun to weak eyes.

Old as a serpent.

Old as Charing-Cross.

Old as circus jokes.

Old as creation.

Old as Eve.

Old as grey eternity.

Old as Hercules.

Old as Jericho.

Old as man.

Old as Methuselah.

Old as Nestor.

Old as poverty.

Old as Solomon.

Old as the age of stone.

Old as the hills.

Old as the Prophet Ezekiel.

Old as the rebuilding of Samaria.

Old as Trilobites.

Old as Zoroaster.

Opaque as the sky.

Lost opportunities are like precious jewels locked in the casket of regret, whose key is held in the unchanging past.

Opposite as black and white.

Opposite as fire and water.

Opposite as oil and vinegar.

Opposite as the poles.

Oriental as a rug.

Original as original sin.

Ornamental as a band-wagon.

Ornamental as the signs of old London.

In and out like a needle through cloth.

Outspoken as a north-wester.

Packed like Norfolk biffins.

Pagan as the Muses.

Pale as an Angel of the Grave.

Pale as Banquo’s ghost.

Pale as linen.

Pale as parchment.

Pale as the gleam of a glow-worm.

Pale as the haggard features of despair.

Pale as the rose-leaves withered in the northern gale.

Pale as turnips were his cheeks.

Pale as with the sickness that promised death.

Passes like a mode.

Passed like an uncurbed cavalry.

Time passes like the wind.

Passions are like fire and water, good servants, but bad masters.

Passionate as young love.

Passionate men, like fleet hounds, are apt to overrun the scent.

Passive as a monument.

Passive as a tabby-cat.

Patience under misfortunes is like opiates in a fever; tossing and tumbling only irritate the distemper.

Patient as rocks.

Peaked as a pen.

Penetrating as fear.

Penetrating as the east wind.

Perfect as an astronomical chart.

Perforated like a civil war battle flag.

Perish … like a microbe in hot water.

Perplexing as the question: “Do angels ever come back and pay their debts?”

Persistent as a mosquito.

Perverse as a camel, which can neither be stopped when he is going nor moved when he is resting.

One prompt physician, like a sculler plies,
And all his art, and all his skill applies;
But two physicians, like a pair of oars,
Convey you soonest to the Stygian shores.

Picturesque as the “frolic architecture of the snow.”

Piercing as light.

Pink as the lip of the sea-shell.

Pitiless as a Maxim gun.

Placid as a duck pond.

Placid as a mill-pond.

Placid as a scarecrow in a field of scoundrels.

Placid as a soft-shell crab in a plate of parsley.

Placid as Socrates.

Plain as A. B. C.

Plain as a hat on a rack.

Plain as a steeple.

Plain as a pack-saddle.

Plain as the shepherd nymph in russet weeds.

Plain as two and two make four.

Plainly as shoulder-straps mark a soldier.

Plastic as potter’s clay.

A bad play is like a cabbage,—all leaves.

A play is like a cigar, it requires judicious puffing.

Most plays are like pills; if you swallow them whole they are sweet; but, if they are chewed, like a pill, you will, like the critic, find them bitter.

Playful as a frolic boy.

Pleased as Punch.

Plentiful as bacteria in bad butter.

Plentiful as sage brush in the desert.

Plentiful as shingles on the shore.

Plentiful as wells in the Old Testament.

Plenty as the grass.

Plumed like a hearse.

Plump as an orange.

Plump as plenty.

Plunged like a mad horse.

Pointed as a wasp’s sting.

Politicians, like the earth, are flattened at the polls.

Polluted as a harlot.

Poor as a cab-driver in Venice.

Poor as a rat.

Poor as skunk’s misery.

As poor as winter.

Popping about like a parched pea.

Populous as a hive.

Positive as a Scotchman.

Potent as Irish whiskey.

Pounced like a kite on a chick.

Pounce like a vulture.

Powerless as an infant.

Powerless as grubs.

Prance like uncurbed cavalry.

Prate like a parrot.

Precious as the Sibyl’s leaves.

Pretty as a Pingree potato patch.

Pretty as a red wagon.

Pretty as a September peach.

Pretty as a picture.

’Tis as natural for women to pride themselves in fine clothes as ’tis for a peacock to spread his tail.

Prime as a fiddle.

Profound as an allegory.

Profound as an Arctic night.

Profound as a genuflection.

As profusely as a raspberry is furnished with seeds.

Progressive as time.

Prominent as a ten-cent lemon on a fruitstand.

Promises are like pie-crust, made to be broken.

Proud as a cock.

Proud as any prince.

Proud as a Government mule.

Proud as a king.

Proud as Lucifer.

Proud as a popinjay.

Proud as a Spanish Grandee.

Proud as a tiger-lily.

Proud as Juno.

Proud as Punch.

Proud as Sheba’s queen.

Proud as the man who got rich manufacturing soldiers’ shoes out of pasteboard instead of leather.

Puffing out like canvas in a gale.

Puffing like the bellows of a blacksmith.

Pulled and hauled like a rag baby being contended for by a litter of bull pups.

Pure as a Madonna.

Pure as a plaster cast mummy with cement toes.

Pure as a virgin’s kiss.

Pure as crystal.

Pure as Heaven’s snowy flake.

Like infant’s slumbers, pure and light.

Pure as love’s heart is.

Pure as Memphian skies that never knew a storm.

Pure as mountain dew.

Pure as purest crystallization.

Pure as the blush of maiden modesty.

Pure as the dream of a child just descended from the heavens.

Pure as the lily.

Pure as the saints above.

Pure as the pines.

Pure as the unsullied wing of a bird.

Purposeless as to give a goose hay.

Purple as a pansy.

Purple as the Nile.

Pursue like a shadow.

Puzzled as a hen when her ducklings suddenly take to the water.

Quake like an aspen leaf.

Quarrel like the two halves of a Seidlitz powder.

As queer as Dick’s hatband, made of pea-straw, that went nine times round, and would not meet at last.

Quick as a flash.

Quick as an arrow.

Quick as a wink.

Quick as gunpowder.

Quick as the flash of a quail’s wing.

Quick as the twinkling of a bed-post.

Quick as you can say Jack Robinson.

Quick as hell can scorch a feather.

Quickly as a cabbage bed produces snails.

Quickly as a scalded cat goes through a back window.

Quiet as a graveyard.

Quiet as a wasp in one’s nose.

Quiet as death.

Quiet as dreaming trees.

Quiet as murder.

Quiet as the hush of evening.

As quiet as the lighting of a fly on a feather-duster.

Quiet as two kittens.

Quiet fish are talkative in comparison.

Quiver like a fiddle string.

Quiver like a leaf in the wind.

Quiver like jelly.

Raged like Satan with a toothache.

Rally like bees.

Rang like a God-swept lyre.

Rapid as a charge of Arab horse.

Rare as a blue rose.

Rare as a snowbird in hell.

Rare as a sunflower in the desert.

Rare as venison in a poor man’s kitchen.

Rattled in his ear like coins dropped on a barroom floor.

Rattled like a parchment drum.

Rattle like peas in a bladder.

Raved like a bedlamite.

Rave like a madman.

Readily as the smith can labor at his forge.

Readily as water rushes into a hollow.

Ready like a porcupine for cold weather.

Ready like the golden censer for the aloes and cassia.

About as much chance of recognition as would the breathings of a lute under an elevated train.

Red as a beet.

Red as a blister.

Red as a brick.

Red as a cherry.

Red as a coal.

Red as a danger signal.

Red as a hunter’s face.

Red as a petticoat.

Red as a red wagon.

Red as Roger’s nose, who was christened with pump water.

Red as asoka flowers.

Red as a turkey-cock.

Red as fields of heather on fire.

Red as the fire of a pipe.

Red as the heather bell.

Refreshing like a quaff from a crystal spring to a dying man.

Regular as sunrise.

Relentless as fate.

Reliable as an old wheel-horse.

Remote as a dream.

Two removes are as bad as a fire.

Renewed, like Juno’s virtue.

Reposeful as a statue.

Resolute as a drunken Irishman.

Resourceful as D’Artagnan.

Resplendent as the noonday sun.

Resplendent as the autumn moon.

Respond as steel answers to the magnet.

Responds like the strings of an Æolian harp.

Restless as a gypsy.

Restless as ambition.

Restless as Hamlet.

Restless as leaves.

Restless as quicksilver.

Return, like the postman.

Revive, like a dash of cold water in the face of the fainting.

Revolving what I had heard, like a curious man over a riddle.

Rhythmic as the swish of a swinging scythe.

Rich as flakes of virgin gold.

Rich as Golconda.

Rich as lords.

Rich as mud.

Rich as the mint.

Riches are like muck which stinks in a heap, but spread abroad, make the earth fruitful.

Ridiculous as a wig on the head of Apollo.

A lord without riches is like a soldier without arms—very ridiculous.

Rife as flies at midsummer.

Right as a glove.

Right as a golden guinea.

Right as a nail.

Right as a pie.

Right as a right angle.

Right as ninepins.

Right as rain.

Right as the Church of England.

Right as the day.

Rigid as a rock.

Rigid as if chiselled from stone.

Ringing like mad.

Rings like a bugle in the night.

Rises and falls like a swan upon roaring water.

Rise as a vapor.

Rose like a phœnix, from the fires of time.

Rose like sunlight from the sea.

Rise like the white clouds on April skies.

Roar as doth the sea.

Roared like a burning devil.

Roared like a burning lumber yard.

Roars like a demon in torture.

Roars like a lion.

Roars like a mad bull.

Roared like an angry sea.

Rocked like a leaf.

Rocked like a ship at sea.

Rolls like a whale in the sea.

Rosy-cheeked as a winter apple.

Rosy as a peony.

Rotten as the gills of an old mushroom.

Rough like butter spread over stale bread.

Round as a circus ring.

Round as a dish.

Round as a dumpling.

Round as a juggler’s box.

Round as a length of stovepipe.

Round as an orb.

Round as a pearl.

Round as a rosebud.

Round as a turnip.

Round as a windmill.

Round as the full moon.

Round as the globe.

Round-shouldered as a grindstone.

Ruddy as a parson’s daughter.

As rude as rage.

Ruffles as a breeze ruffles the surface of a pond.

Rumors fructify about it like the burgeoning of toad stools on a fat muck heap.

Running like a high sea.

Running like a lapwing.

Ran like a madman.

Run like a millrace.

Runs like a spout.

Run like fire through stubble.

Run like the devil.

Running like the Devil’s mill.

Run like the east wind.

Running things into the ground, like a dog after the hare.

Run like wildfire.

Run like winking.

Rushes … like a tempest-troubled brook.

As the billows fling shells on the shore,
As the sun pours light o’er the sea,
As the lark scatters song evermore,
So rushes my love to thee.

Sacred as cats to a priest in Thebes.

Sacred as Hindoo gods.

Sad as a subpœna.

Sad as a wail over the dead.

Sad as doom.

As sad as Fate.

Sad as if steering to dim eternity.

Sad as the eyeball of sorrow behind a shroud.

A song as sad as the wild waves be.

Safe as a blockhouse.

Safe as a child on its mother’s breast.

Safe as a crow in a gutter.

Safe as a mouse in a cheese.

Safe as a mouse in a mill.

Safe as a rat in a trap.

Safe as a sardine.

Safe as Solomon’s birds.

Safe as a thief in a mill.

Safe as a wall of brass.

Safe as caged.

Sage as Cato.

About as sane as a lunatic’s dream.

Savage as a bear with a sore head.

Savage as an Apache.

Scarce as feathers on a fish.

Scarce as furs in hell.

Scarce as orange plumes on St. Patrick’s Day.

Scarce as pin-feathers on a bullfrog.

Scarce as Scotch orators.

Scarce as snakes in Ireland.

Scatters them like a shot in a preserve.

Scattered like the bones of dead bodies torn from one another by wolves after the battle.

Scattered like chaff before the wind.

Screaming like a pigge half stickt.

Seared like hot iron.

Seasonable as snow in summer.

Secreter than the isle of Delos.

Secure as the grave.

Seemly as a cow in a cage, a dog in a doublet, or a sow with a saddle.

Seething, like the waves of an angry sea.

Selfish as a fox.

Self-praise is like water poured on fire to make it burn the brighter.

Senseless as flint.

Sensitive as a flower.

Sensuous as ether.

Serene and ephemeral as a little smiling sun.

Serious as an owl.

Serious as a portmanteau.

Shake like an aspen leaf.

Shakes like jelly.

Shapeless as an old shoe.

As sharp as a razor.

Sharp as a steel trap.

Sharp as a tiger’s tooth.

As sharp as if he lived on Tewksbury mustard.

Sharp as the bristles of a hedgehog.

Sharp as the tooth of time.

Sharp as vinegar.

Sharp, like the shrill swallow’s cry.

So sharp that you could shave a sleeping mouse without waking her.

Sheds gladness like a morn of sweet sunshine.

Shifting as a weathercock.

Shift as the sands.

Shone like a glowworm’s head.

Shines like armor.

Shines like burnished metal.

Shines like fire in cat’s eye.

Shines like frost in the moonlight.

Shine like immortals.

Shone like the bristles of a blacking-brush.

Shines like the gleam of a sword.

Shone like the jetty down on the black hogs of Hassaqua.

Shone like polished ebony.

Shone like satin.

Shines like shot silk in the sunshine.

Shiver as the swimmer when he makes his first plunge.

Shivered like a tyrant king when he smelt gunpowder.

Shook like a strong oak in a blast.

Short as Mahomet’s dream.

Short, thick and round,—like a suet-pudding.

A shriek, as of a soul in Hades.

Shrink as from a haunted place.

Shrinking like an old man into his shoulders.

Shrinks inward like a walnut.

Shrinks like a Yonkers celebrity when he hits Broadway.

Shrivelled like belated daisies, before a north wind.

As shut as evening flowers.

Sick as a cat with eating rats.

Sighed like the dying gasp of a syphon bottle.

Silent as a catacomb.

Silent as a father confessor.

Silent as death.

Silent as Fate.

Silent as Messina during a sirocco.

Silent as the day gives way to night.

Silent as the lips of Memnon.

Silent as the Sphinx.

Silent men like silent waters are deep and dangerous.

Silly as calves.

She simpers as a mare when she eats thistles.

Simple as A. B. C.

Simple as a Greek temple.

Simple as a nun’s prayer.

Simple as a schoolboy’s logic.

Simple as a squash.

Simple as rolling off a log.

Simple as the choice of Hercules between virtue and vice.

Sincere as sunlight.

Sing like a bird called a swine.

Sing like a cobbler.

Sink like a lark falling suddenly to earth.

Sinks like a plummet.

Sinks, like a seaweed, into whence she rose.

Skip like a young kid.

He skips like hail on a pack-saddle.

Slanders are like flies, that pass all over a man’s good parts to light on his sores.

Slay like thunderbolts.

Sleep like a bud.

Sleep like a dead man.

Slept like a log.

Sleepless as owls.

Slender as a cat’s elbow.

Slender as a lath.

Slender as a reed.

Slick as a ribbon.

Slow as a plumber going for his tools.

Slow as cold molasses.

Slow as molasses in January.

Sluggish as “the dull weed that rots by Lethe’s wharf.”

Sly as a fox.

Sly as old boots.

Sly as submarine.

Small as tiny stars lighting some ruined world.

Smaller than the point of a fine needle.

Smart as a whip.

Smashed like a cocoa-nut by a sledgehammer.

Smashed, as glass when it encounters adamant.

Smells like a fertilizer factory on a sunny afternoon.

Smiles and tears, like sunshine and rain, are necessary for the development of life.

Smiling like a star on the darkest night.

Smiles like a sweet June rose.

Smooth as a bowling green.

Smooth as a bulrush.

Smooth as a carpet.

Smooth as a die.

Smooth as a door knob.

Smooth as an oil’d thunderbolt.

Smooth as a perfect peach.

Smooth as a poker table.

Smooth as a rose leaf.

Smooth as the mirrors in the Palace of Peace.

Smooth as the palm of one’s hand.

Smooth as wax.

Smooth as a snow cloud.

Snapped like a fiddle string.

Snap like a pipe stem.

Snap like the lash of a whip.

Snappy as a fresh string bean.

Snoring like a pig.

Soars like a bird on the wing.

Soars like a cloud.

Sobs like an Æolian.

As sober as an ice-cream soda on New Year’s Eve.

Society is like air; very high up, it is sublimated—too low down, a perfect choke-damp.

Soft and creamy as a charlotte russe.

Soft and supple as lady’s glove.

Soft as a Dartmoor bog.

Soft as a flute.

Soft as a government job.

Soft as a jelly fish.

Soft as a shadow.

Soft as foot can fall.

Soft as marshmallows.

Soft as mush.

Soft as pudding.

Soft as sad music.

Soft as showers that fall on April meads.

Soft as soap.

Soft as the evening wind murmuring among willows.

Soft as the hands of indolence.

Soft as the murmurs of a virgin’s sigh.

Delicately soft as the sand that has been trod on by dainty seraphs.

Soft as the snow on the sea.

Soft as zephyr of a summer sky.

Softly as a milk tooth leaving a baby’s gum.

Softly as on ice that will scarcely bear.

Softly … like the footfalls of departed spirits.

Solemn as a judge.

Solemn as a slate gravestone.

Solemn as a thunderbolt.

As solemn as any catafalque.

Solemn as organ music.

Solid as old times.

Solid as the eternal rocks.

Sombre as sorrow.

Sonorous as a fountain’s notes.

Soothing as the gospel.

Sophistry is like a window curtain—it pleases as an ornament, but its true use is to keep out the light.

Youth’s sorrows, like April showers, are transitory.

Sorrow for a husband is like pain in the elbow, sharp and short.

Soulless as the fragments of a broken statue.

Sound as an acorn.

Sound as a trout.

Sound as a watch.

Sparkles like a fresh glass of champagne.

Sparkle like a ruby.

Sparkle like a seething caldron.

Sparkled as a sword-blade in the sunshine.

Spellbound as in a vice.

Spicy as a cinnamon bear.

Spin like a dervish.

Spins like a top.

Spin round like a withered leaf blown from the tree.

Spineless as a chocolate eclair.

Spineless as a jelly-fish.

Spit like fire.

Spiteful as an old maid.

Spontaneous as a crystal fountain.

Spotted like a pack of cards.

Sprawl like a toad.

Spread out like a circus parade.

Spreads like an inflammation.

Spreads like ivy.

Spreads like gossip.

Spreads like honeysuckle in Virginia.

Spreads like a lie.

Spread like a rushing torrent.

Spreads like measles in a country school.

Spread like a drop of oil on a pool.

Spread like a cinder shower from Vesuvius.

As sprightly as a jumping-jack in the hands of a man with St. Vitus dance.

Springs like a hunted deer.

Sprang to his feet like one recalled to life.

Spring up like mushrooms.

Spring up as weeds in neglected soil.

Springing up like dandelions after a spring shower.

Spruce as an onion.

Spry as a cat.

Squeaks like a rusty hinge.

Squeaked like guinea-pigs.

Stainless as a star.

Stainless as driven snow.

Stale as the hot rolls dug out of Pompeii.

Stale as old beer.

Stalk like an imperial peacock.

Stands as firm as Gibraltar.

Stands forth like morning from the shades of night.

Stands like Mumphazard, who was hanged for saying nothing.

Stands where he did, like Scotland.

Stare like a glass eye.

Stare like a mad bull.

Staring like an idiot.

Staring like a sick face.

Stately as a Roman legion.

Stately as an oak.

Stately as a steeple.

Tall and stately as a pine.

Stately as a forest monarch.

Staunch as a bloodhound.

Staunch as steel.

Steady as a church.

Steady as a clock.

Steady as a rock.

Steady as Old Time.

Steal o’er my soul in sweetness
As the moonlight steals over the sea.

Stern as a stone bust of Augustus Cæsar.

Sticking as close together as two dried figs.

Sticks like a cockle burr to a sheep’s coat.

Stick like a leech.

Sticks like a porous plaster.

Sticks like fly paper.

Stick like wax.

Stiff as a board.

Stiff as a fakir in a box left too long buried.

Stiff as a frozen shadow.

Stiff as a plaster mask.

Stiff as a poker.

Stiff as a post.

Stiff as hedge-stakes.

Stiff as steel.

Still as a church mouse.

Still as a sheltered place when winds blow loud.

Still as a tomb.

Still as the stump of a tree.

About as stimulating as a mouthful of sawdust and water.

Sting like a hornet.

Stung like a nettle.

Stink like a polecat.

Stink like carrion.

Stolid as a Dutchman.

Stolid as an ox.

Storm like a caged lion.

Straight as an angel’s flight.

Straight as an Indian’s hair.

Straight as a lance.

Straight as a pine.

Straight as a ramrod.

Straight as a rush.

Straight as a string.

Straight as columns of fire.

Straight, as if he had swallowed a stick.

Straight as the backbone of a herring.

As strange as a wedding without a bridegroom.

Strike like a battering ram.

Strike like a trip-hammer.

Strong as an eagle.

Strong as a Flander’s mare.

Strong as hate.

Strong as Hercules.

Strong as mustard.

Strong as an ox.

Struggling like a flower towards Heaven.

Struts like a cock o’ the walk.

Strut like a peacock.

Struts like a Thespian.

Stubborn as a mule.

Stumbling, like a cat shod with walnuts.

Stupid as an excuse.

Stupid as a sloth.

Subdued … like some strong stream made placid in the fullness of the lake.

Sublime as Niagara.

Sublime as the cliffs and the clouds

Submissive as a neophyte.

Submissive as clay.

Submissive as putty.

Subside like a lanced boil.

Subtle as a serpent.

About as subtle as a sidewalk-worker for a second-hand clothing store.

Sudden as an April shower.

Sudden as a meteor’s flight.

Sudden and swift as a raging cyclone.

Sudden as a sunbeam’s ray.

Sudden as a tidal wave on a summer sea.

Sudden as the babbling brook or robin’s whistle.

Sudden as the call of spring to buried flowers.

A sudden brightness, as when meteor swift opens the darkness.

As suddenly as sudden death.

Rise up suddenly like the dry corpse which stood upright in the glory of life when touched by the bones of the prophet.

Sulking like Achilles in his tent.

Sunburnt as the leaves of autumn.

Superfluous as a fifth wheel.

Superstitious as sailors.

Supple as a young panther.

Supple as the neck of a swan.

Sure as a club.

Sure as a stone drops from the hand which lets it go.

Sure as birth and death.

Sure as day and night succeed each other.

Sure as eggs in April.

Sure as gravity.

As sure as Heaven.

Sure as God’s in heaven.

Sure as I’m standing here.

Sure as March in Lent.

Sure as needles point to the north.

Sure as Silas Wegg is to drop into poetry.

Sure as tares.

As sure as that bubbles are in the form of a hemisphere.

As sure as that wild goose never laid a tame egg.

As sure as that the world is turned upside down every twenty-four hours.

Sure as the coat’s on your back.

Sure as the foot of a mule.

Sure as the opportune arrival of the detective on the final curtain of a melodrama.

Sure as the sun shines.

Sure as the steeple bears the bell.

Sure as two and two make four.

Sure as water is water.

Sure as you’re alive.

Sure as shootin’.

As sure as eggs and bacon.

Surely as night is the shadow of the earth.

Surely as oxygen eats iron.

Surely as that if two men ride a horse, one must ride behind.

Surely as the earth is moving in the spheres.

Surely as the sea-gull loves the sea, and the sunflower loves the sun.

Surely as a fallen stone must fall to its mother earth.

Surely as we wish the joys of Heaven.

Surly as a butcher’s dog.

Surpasses, as a teal does a gander; as a coach does a wheelbarrow, or a game-cock a sparrow.

Swarmed like an ant-hill.

Swarmed like bees.

Swarming after, as a tail follows a comet.

Swayed like a column in an earthquake.

Swaying like a lily.

Swear like a freighter.

Swear like a costermonger.

Sweep like a simoon.

Sweet as a girl graduate.

Sweet as a nut.

Sweet as the infant spring.

Sweet as a rose.

Sweet and wholesome as a sprig of mignonette.

Sweet as a sugar plum.

Sweet as a vial of rose oil.

Kiss as sweet,
As cool fresh stream to bruised and weary feet.

Sweet as honey bee.

Sweet as honeysuckle.

Sweet as lilies in May.

As sweet as spring’s first song heard in the grove’s retreat.

Sweet as sugar.

Sweet as the cup of Circe.

Sweet as the harmonies of Spring.

Sweet as the liquid notes of a plover.

Sweet as the notes of a fountain.

Sweet as the perfume of roses.

Faintly sweet as the reapers hear a lark afar in the sky.

Sweet as the solemn sounds of cherubs, when they strike their golden harps.

Sweet as unblown hawthorn buds.

Swells like an angry hen ruffling her feathers.

Swelling like a tragic organ note.

Swells like mushrooms.

Swelled like the gourd.

Swift as a cannon ball.

Swift as fate.

Swift as kindling flames arise.

Swift as the glance of a falling star.

Swifter than fleeing Daphne’s twinkling feet.

Swift as the steed that feels the slackened rein.

Swift like a simoon of the desert.

As swiftly as a reach of still water is crisped by the wind.

A sympathetic heart is like a spring of pure water bursting forth from the mountain side.

Fish are talkative in comparison.

Talkative as a magpie.

Like a bagpipe, he never talks till his belly’s full.

Tall as a steeple.

Tame as a kitchen cat on a houseboat.

Tapering, like an icicle.

Mouth tasted as if a Chinese family had just moved out.

Taut as a fiddle string.

Teeth, as the gourd’s white seed.

Tempting as a barmaid.

Tempting as a paradox.

Tempting as a baked apple dumpling.

Tempting as Eve without a fig leaf.

Tender as a bud.

Tender as a capon.

Tender as a woman.

Terrible as a Cerberus.

Terrible as the curse of a dead man’s eye.

Terrible as Jove.

Thick as ants.

Thick as beans in a pod.

Thick as blackberries in July.

Thick as blanks in a lottery.

Thick as Charon’s ferry boat is with phantoms.

Thick as dust in vacant chambers.

Thick as gutter mud.

Thick as hair on a dog’s back.

Thick as lichens on marble slab.

Thick as molasses in December.

Thick as peas in summer weather.

Thick as pea soup.

Thick as pitch.

Thick as strings on a harp.

Thick as the bark on a tree.

Thick as the spawn of a fish.

Thick as thistles.

Thick as wax.

Thin as a groat.

Thin as a rail.

Thin as a snake.

Thin as a wafer.

Thin as famished rats.

Thin as gold leaf.

Thin as wall paper.

Thin as a reed.

Thin as a spindle.

Thin as a toothpick.

Thin as the shadow of a hair.

Thirst for them as Tantalus for inaccessible water, and the fruit that the wind blew away from him.

Thirsty as a fish.

Thirsty as a sponge.

Thoughts, like snowflakes on some far-off mountain side, go on accumulating till some great truth is loosened, and falls like an avalanche on the waiting world.

Threatening as a porcupine.

Thrilling as the meteor’s fall through the depths of lonely sky.

Thrilled like the juice of the purple vine.

Thrilled like the string of a lyre.

Thrilled as was Rome when Cæsar returned laden with the spoils of conquest.

Thrives like sin.

Through like a shot.

Goes through ’em like the grace of heaven through a camp meeting.

Tidy as a candy shop.

Tight as a drum head.

Locked tight as an oyster.

Tight as a wad.

Tight as Dick’s hatband.

Tight as the skin of a gooseberry.

Timid as a child deserted by its nurse.

Timid as a falling snowflake.

Timid as a mouse.

Timorous as a bird.

Tinged like the face of the rainbow.

Tiny as the temple of Nike.

Tired as old Nick.

Tired as the dickens.

Tired as twilight.

Stick together like birds.

Together like birds of prey watching a carcass.

Come in together like dinner and wax tapers.

Toiled like a dog in a wheel.

Aside I’m tossed,
As an old sword whose scabbard’s lost.

Tossing like an awakened conscience.

Tossed like a peanut at sea.

Tossed like a feather in a whirlwind.

Tossed like a plebe in a blanket.

Tottering like a man on a tight rope.

Tough as any bough.

Tough as leather.

Tough as nails.

Tough as shoe-leather.

As tough as whit-leather.

Towering above mortality, like Horace’s swan.

Towered above them as the eternal firmament above the ephemeral butterfly.

Towers like another Saul.

Trackless as the desert.

Trackless as the sea.

Trample like dust under his feet.

Tranquil as night.

Transform like magic.

Transient as the summer storm.

Transitory as April showers.

Transparent as a young sardine.

Transparent as crystal.

Transparent as gossamer.

Transparent as light.

Trapped like a rat.

Treacherous as the memory.

Trembled as a flame blown by the wind.

Trembled like a hymn.

Trembling like needle to the pole.

Trembled … like some high oak by a fierce tempest shaken.

Tremble like the body of a guitar.

Trembled like cold jelly.

Trembled like the devil.

Trembled like the strings of a violin.

Eternal trepidation—like the ticking of a death watch to patients lying awake in the plague.

Tricky as a concierge.

Tricky as a clown.

Tricky as an ape.

Tripping like winsome fairy through the woods at break of morn.

Trot like a doe.

Trudge like a poor pedler.

True as a die.

True as God is in heaven.

True as gold.

True as holy writ.

As true as that nothing is but what is not.

True as that a man who has shaved has lost his beard.

True as that is is.

About as true as that the cat crew, and the cock rocked the cradle.

True as that the king has an egg in his pouch.

True as that the world is turned upside down every twenty-four hours.

True of his promise as a poor man of his eye.

Lovers be as trewe,
As eny metal that is forged newe.

True as turtill dove.

As trewe as ever was any steel.

Truth like a torch, the more it’s shook, it shines.

Turned upon me, as the lion turned upon the hunter’s spear.

Twinkled like a candle flame where salt is sprinkled.

Twinkling as the morning’s tremulous gloss of balmy dew.

Twirling like a Dervish.

Twirling like a weather cock in March.

Twisted as an Egyptian cripple.

Twisted as Dick’s hatband.

Twisting like a mop.

Twist like pearl white fire.

Twittering like a flock of angry sparrows.

Ugly as a scarecrow.

Ugly as sin.

Unalterable as the spots on a leopard.

Unappetizing as the floor of a parrot’s cage.

Unattractive as a gargoyle.

Unceasing as marriage.

Unceremonious as a colony of flies.

Uncertain as a comet.

Uncertain as horse flesh.

Uncertain as weather.

Unchangeable as the past.

Uncomfortable as a rooster in a pond.

Uncomfortable as a girl sleeping with curl-papers.

Uncommon as common sense.

Unctuous as Sir Toby Belch.

Uneasy as a pig in a parlor.

Unerring as a logarithm.

Fortune came like Agag, unexpected.

Unexpected as chastity at the bar of a tavern.

Unexpected, like a thunderbolt.

Unfading as the garden of kindness.

Unfathomable as the Pythagorean number.

Ungraciousness in rendering a benefit, like a hoarse voice, mars the music of the song.

Unhappy as King Lear.

Unharmonious as a screech owl’s serenade.

Unkind as fate.

Unlike as a wasp is to an ant.

Unlike as intellect and body.

Unlike as the pearl is unlike the mother shell-fish.

Unlikely as that a mouse should fall in love with a cat.

Unlikely as that the wolf is to eat the moon.

Unlikely as sweet fruit plucked from a dry tree, or sweet leaves on a dead stem.

Unlikely … as to teach an alligator the polka.

Unlikely as that a moth intends to be burnt when it flies into a candle flame.

Unlikely as to see a hog fly.

Unpredestinate as the clouds over our heads.

Unprofitable as picking feathers out of molasses.

Unquiet as noise shaken.

Unreasonable as to expect a hook to hold soft cheese.

Unreconcilable as cats and rats, as hounds and hares.

Unseasonable as snow in summer.

Unsteady as a shadow.

Unsteady as the eye looking at the sun.

Unsubstantial as a ghost.

Untiring as the law of gravitation.

Unwelcome as snow in summer.

Unwelcome as water in a leaking ship.

Unwelcome as water in your shoe.

Unyielding as a rock.

Up and down like a bucket in a well.

Uplifted like the everlasting dome
Which rises in the miracle sublime over eternal Rome.

Upright as a ramrod.

Upright as a sentinel.

As upright as a stake.

An uproar like ten thousand Smithfield fairs.

About as useful as a button on a hat.

Useful as a shin of beef, which has a big bone for the big dog, a little bone for the little dog, and a sinew for the cat.

Useful as a cow.

Useful as daylight.

Useless as a chimney until you light your fire.

Useless as a gun without a trigger.

Useless as a disabled pitcher.

As useless as a monkey’s fat.

Useless as a sedan chair on a railway.

Useless as a shoulder of mutton to a sick horse.

Useless as whispering in the ear of a corpse.

Useless as a clock without wheels.

Useless as to stop up a rathole with an apple dumpling.

Vague as a shadow.

Vain as a peacock.

Vain as chasing a bug in the dark.

Vain as the leaf upon the stream.

Vain as the promises of a patent medicine advertisement.

Vain as to water the plant when the root is dead.

Valourless as a hare.

Valorous as Cæsar.

Valuable as chiselled gold or facetted gems.

Vanish like a bursted bubble.

Vanished like a guilty thing.

Vanished like a pantomime demon.

Vanished like a pie.

Vanished like a Titanic world of spectres.

Like a vain dream … vanish’d hence, we know not how.

Vanishing, like eerie bubbles, on the rough, tried sea of care.

Vanishing like noxious exhalations.

Vanish like the figments of a dream.

Vanish like the mist in the morning.

Variable as a shadow.

Varied as the day.

Varied as nature.

Various as the words we speak.

Vibrated, like a coffee mill in operation.

Victorious like the crest of Mars.

Vigilant as the stars.

Vindictive as Philip II.

Violent as a river, swollen with rain, rushes from the mountain.

Virtue, like the sun, retains its resplendence, though frequently obscured by clouds.

Vivid as a photograph.

Vivid as a dream.

Vocal like a harpsichord touched in its ancient neglect by a master hand; its voice comes back and is eloquent again.

A voice like a broken phonograph.

Her voice was like a bagpipe suffering from tonsillitis.

For thy voice like an echo from Fairyland seems.

Voiceless as silence.

Voiceless as the sphinx.

Voiceless as the tomb.

Vulgar as money.

Waddle like a duck.

Wags like a lamb’s tail.

A lonely wail, like a lost child’s cry.

Wailed like starving infants.

Like trees fast rooted in the ground.

Walked like a chicken with frozen toes.

Wan as a sea cliff.

Wan as the watery beams of the moon.

Wan and mute as vapor.

Wan was her lip as the lily’s petal.

Wanton as a calf with two dams.

Warbled like a bird in a sweet summer place.

Warm as a mouse in a churn.

Warm as sunbeams.

Warm as the glow of a topaz.

Warm as Venus.

Wary as a fox.

Watchful as a sentinel.

Watchful as the eye of a bird.

Waving like mermaids’ hair.

Waving like the bosom of an Amazon.

Wavering as Hamlet.

Wayward as a flame.

Weak as a cat.

Weak as a lamb that can’t stand the weight of its own wool.

Wealth, like rheum, falls upon the weakest parts.

Wearied as a finch in a cage.

Weary as a haystack-sleeper.

Weeps like a walrus o’er the waning moon.

About as welcome as a bullet.

Welcome as water in a leaking ship.

About as welcome as a coffin at a wooden wedding.

Welcome as the clang of the dinner bell.

Welcome as an engagement ring to an old maid.

Welcome as a good-natured friend who makes short calls.

Welcome as dew on parched flowers.

As welcome as sunshine
In every place
Is the beaming approach
Of a good-natured face.

Wet as a fish.

Wheeze like a calliope with sore tonsils.

Whine like wind at a keyhole.

Whipped like a cur.

Whirl like a scourge in the air.

Fetlock whiskers, like that worn by a Percheron stallion.

White as a bean.

White as lime.

White as a baby’s arm.

White as a diamond.

White as a doll.

White as a dove.

White as a fish.

White as a flock of sheep.

White as a ghost.

White as a live terrier.

White as a pillow.

White as arsenic.

White as a sheet.

White as a shroud.

White as a spirit.

White as a statue.

White as a sycamore.

White as a whale’s tooth.

White as chastity.

White as his neck-cloth.

White as salt.

White as silver.

White as sin forgiven.

White as sunbeams.

White as the breakers’ foam.

White as the breast of a gull.

White as the blossoms of the almond tree.

White as the foam that danced on the billow’s height.

White as the gown of a bride.

White as the hand of Moses.

White as the snowy white rose that in the moonlight sighs.

White as white satin.

White like the inside of a shoulder of mutton.

Wholesome as ass’s milk.

Wide as a barn door.

Wide as the poles asunder.

Wide stretching as the earth.

Wild as a buck.

Wild as a hawk.

Wild as a maniac’s dream.

Wild as a mountain lion.

Wild as Scott’s Macbriar.

Wild as Whiston’s prophecies.

Wilful as a pig that will neither lead nor drive.

Winds about like a hare.

Winds about like a snake in the grass.

Winds like a lover’s knot.

Winged as Hermes’ heels.

Wise as Minerva.

Wise as Solomon.

As wise as the men of Gotham, who went to build a wall about the wood to keep out the cuckoo.

Wit is like a ghost, much more often talked of than seen.

Withered like a Normandy pippin.

Withered like a rose without light.

Witty as a Frenchman.

Witty as a roll of ten dollar bills.

Witty as Diana.

Witty as two fools and a madman.

Witty men commit the most fatal errors, as the strongest horses make the most dangerous stumbles.

A painted woman is like a gilded pill; fools admire the former, and children the latter, for the disguise.

A woman, like a melon, is hard to choose.

Women are like melons: it is only after having tasted them that we know whether they are good or not.

Pretty women are like sovereigns: one flatters them only through interest.

Woman, like good wine, is a sweet poison.

Women, like the plants in woods, derive their softness and tenderness from the shade.

As wooden as the shoe on a Dutch peasant.

Work like a horse.

Worked like a fury.

Worked like a Trojan.

Worked like a miner in a landslide.

Work like beavers.

Worried as a toad under a harrow.

Worry as a wolf a lamb.

Wrapped, as in a mist.

Wrinkled as a raisin.

Writhes like Saint Laurent on the gridiron.

Writhed like twisted locks.

Yearned as the parched land for summer’s rain.

Yelling like savages.

Yellow as a cat’s eye.

Yellow as a corpse.

Yellow as a guinea.

Youth, like white paper, will take any impression.

Youth is like green corn, all sap and promise.

Youthful as the month of May.

Zealous, like a Quaker railing at lace.