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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Arabian Nights

Agitated with delight like a waving sea.

Bald, as ’twere a scalp, reft of its hairs.

His face beamed like a pearl with light.

Beautiful as the bough of the myrobalan.

Bind like an adamant-chain.

Bright as fullest moon in blackest air.

Bright as though a moon of the fourteenth night.

Cheek as the blood of the dragon bright.

The down on his cheeks dispread like myrtles springing from the heart of a bright red rose.

Cheeks like blood-red anemones.

Clean as virgin silver.

Clear as pearls and diaphanous gems.

The difference of savour ’twixt vinegar and wine.

Thy face, like dawn when it lights the dawn.

Faded like the morn.

Fly as a bird on the wings of Night.

Glad as a fly.

The glance of the eyes like the fawn’s soft gaze.

Javelins glanced like leven-light on white mail-shirt.

Gleaming like the chamomile.

Gold in the house is like sun in the world.

Joyful as a fly.

Keen, like the horn of the cuspèd moon.

Lips like coralline.

Dainty lips like double carnelian.

Moaned like a drinker in grievous plight.

A mouth as it were Solomon’s seal.

Women’s good name, O my lady, is like curded milk, the least dust fouleth it; and like glass, which, if it be cracked, may not be mended.

Her neck is like the neck of doe.

A neck like an ingot of silver.

Flabby nose like a brinjall, or eggplant.

Radiant … like a young moon.

Runs … as the surge of health returning to the sick.

Shimmered like silver.

Soft as silk in her touch.

Soft as threaded pearls.

Softer than zephyr’s wing.

Straight as a cane.

Like a branch she sways with supple ply.

Sweet as maidens deckt and dight.

Teeth like string pearls in carceneto of gold.

Teeth like the tusks of jinni who frightened poultry in henhouses.

Thin as a pair of shears.

A voice like the whistle of birds.

White as camphor.

Brow white as day.

White as morning.

White as the full moon when it mooneth on its fourteenth night.

White like egg of the pigeon hen.

Wild as wild Arabs.

Worn down … like a shape in a shroud.

Yellow as a hopeless lover.