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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


Cheeks as brown as oak leaves.

Cheek as the blood of the dragon bright.
—Arabian Nights

The down on his cheeks dispread like myrtles springing from the heart of a bright red rose.
—Arabian Nights

Cheeks like blood-red anemones.
—Arabian Nights

John Bull looked ruddy and plump, with a pair of cheeks like a trumpeter.
—John Arbuthnot

Upon her tender cheek the mingled dye is scattered, of the lily and the rose.

Checks, like men who live, and draw the vital air.
—Matthew Arnold

The blood within her crystal cheekes did such a colour drive,
As though the lillye and the rose for mastership did strive.
—English Ballad

Her cheeks like living roses glow.
—Scottish Ballad

Cheeks as soft as July peaches.
—William Cox Bennett

Her bright cheek, as soft and pure in its bloom as a wild rose.
—Emily Brontë

Cheeks full and swollen, like a ploughboy’s.
—Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Her cheek like the spray o’ th’ sea.
—Alice Cary

Cheeks as brown as sun could kiss them.
—Alice Cary

Her cheeks are like the blushing cloud that beautifies Aurora’s face.
—Henry Constable

There’s a mantling flush that dwells in his cheeks,
Like a roseleaf thrown on the snow.
—Eliza Cook

With a cheek like a burning rose.
—Barry Cornwall

Like a rose set in snow was the bloom on her cheek.
—John Crawford

Her glowing cheeks like youthful Hebe’s fair.
—John Cunningham

A blooming pair of vermeil cheeks, like Hebe’s in her ruddiest hours.
—George Darley

Your cheeks of late are like bad printed books,
So dimly charactered, I scarce can spell
One line of love in them.
—Thomas Dekker

Her cheeks were like the roses red.
—Michael Drayton

The frighted blood
Scarce yet recalled to her pale cheeks,
Like the first streaks of light broke loose from darkness,
And dawning into blushes.
—John Dryden

Cheeks pearly as those of Pallas of Virgil.
—Alexandre Dumas, père

A cheek like an apple-blossom.
—George Eliot

Lovely her cheeks were, like berries red.
—Ancient Erse

Her cheeks are as red as the rose’s sheen.
—Sir Samuel Ferguson

His cheek is like the rose of spring.

Cheek crimsoned like the bloom of the pomegranate.

Her cheeks, as snowy apples sopt in wines.
—Giles Fletcher

Cheeks are as round and as red as a cherry.
—David Garrick

That human, humorous mouth; those cheeks [Lincoln’s] that hold
Like some harsh landscape all the summer’s gold.
—Richard Watson Gilder

Cheeks like the rose on a bed of snow.
—Alfred Perceval Graves

A cheek wherein for interchange of hue
A wrangling strife ’twixt lily and the rose.
—Robert Greene

Her cheeks, like rose and lily yield forth gleams.
—Robert Greene

Her cheeks like ripened lilies steeped in wine,
Or fair pomegranate kernels washed in milk,
Or snow-white threads in nests of crimson silk,
Or gorgeous clouds upon the sun’s decline.
—Robert Greene

Cheeks that shamed the rose.
—John Harrington

Cheeks like creame enclairited.
—Robert Herrick

Cheeks like roses when they blow.
—Robert Herrick

Cheeks as ripe as apples.
—Leigh Hunt

Her cheeks like winter apples red of hue.
—Jean Ingelow

Cheeks as pink as a seashell.
—Mary Johnston

Cheeks for all the world like a roseberry ice upon a ground of custard.
—Hugh Kelly

Her cheek was as a rainbow, it so changed,
As each emotion o’er its surface ranged.
—Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Her cheeks are like the blushing cloud,
That beautifies Aurora’s face;
Or like the silver crimson shroud,
That Phœbus’ smiling looks doth grace.
—Thomas Lodge

Cheeks like the dawn of day.
—Henry W. Longfellow

Your cheeks are roses fair yet pink.
—Catulle Mendès

Cheek was wan as clay.
—William J. Mickle

Her cheek was as white and cold as clay.
—Winthrop Mackworth Praed

Cheeks like peaches.
—Francis S. Saltus

Cheeks like Punic apples are.
—George Sandys

The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars,
As daylight doth a lamp.
—William Shakespeare

Had wet their cheeks, like trees bedashed with rain.
—William Shakespeare

Her cheekes lyke apples which the sun hath rudded.
—Edmund Spenser

His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers.
—Old Testament

His cheeks, as roses red, as lilies fair.
—William Thomson

Her cheeks are as the fading stain
Where the peach reddens to the south.
—Oscar Wilde

Her cheek was like the moist heart of a rose.
—N. P. Willis

Cheeks were red as ruddy clover.
—William Wordsworth