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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


Close as clapboards on a house.

Close as one second is to another.

Close as heat to fire.

Close as lovers sitting upon the sofa.

Close as Noah in the ark.

Close-mouthed as a clam.

Close as a cockle.
—Beaumont and Fletcher

Close as wax.
—Beaumont and Fletcher

Close as brother leans to brother
When they press beneath the eyes
Of some father praying blessings
From the gifts of paradise.
—Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Fitting as close as fits the dented spine
Its flexible ivory outside-flesh.
—Robert Browning

Close as an oyster.
—Robert Burton

Close as the finger nail and the quick.
—Hugh Clifford

Close as a new cut yew-hedge.
—George Colman, the Elder

Close as your jacket.
—George Colman, the Younger

Close as a pill-box.
—George Colman, the Younger

Close as a nut.
—George Eliot

Close as hand and glove.
—Foundling Hospital for Wit, 1743

Close as night.
—Thomas Heywood

Close as thorn is to the rose.
—Robert Lloyd

I will sticke as close to thee, as the soale doth to the shoe.
—John Lyly

Hide closer than Rachel did her father’s images.
—James Puckle

Close as oak and ivy stand.
—Christina Georgina Rossetti

Close as the young wheat.
—Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Stick closer than a bump on your head.
—Austin Strong

Close as a jail.
—Thomas Tusser

Close as a lover in his hour of bliss.
—N. P. Willis

Close as a flea in a blanket.
—Yea and Nay Almanack, 1680