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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Edward Young

Beauteous as the sun.

Chaste as morning dew.

Chaste as the morning.

Fixed as a sentinel.

Learning, like the lunar beam, affords light.

An opera, like a pillory, may be said,
To nail our ears down and expose our head.

Plump as stall’d theology.

Pride, like anger, builds among the stars; but pleasure, lark like, nests upon the ground.

Punctual as lovers to the moment sworn.

Like Kouli-Kan, in plunder of the proud.

Body and Soul like peevish man and wife, united jar, and yet are loath to part.

Swift as darted flame.

Her tears, like drops of molten lead,
With torrents burn the passage to my heart.

Vain as a gaudy-minded man.

As in smooth oil the razor best is whet,
So wit is by politeness keenest set.