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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

English Ballad

Her brows like bended bows do stand,
Threatening with piercing frowns to kill
All that approach with eye or hand
These sacred cherries to come nigh.

Charm, like beauty’s goddess.

The blood within her crystal cheekes did such a colour drive,
As though the lillye and the rose for mastership did strive.

Shee droopeth in her minde,
As, nipt by an ungracious winde,
Dothe some faire lillye flowre.

Her sparkling eyes, like Orient pearles,
Did cast a heavenlye light.

I be bounde to followe it,
As the carpenter his ruler.

As fresh as any flower.

Her lippes, erst like the corall redde,
Did waxe both wan and pale.

Lippes like roses dropping dew.

Right as a conquerour.

Runne like a fountayne free.

Wasted like the mountain snowe, before warme Phœbus’ shine.

A maid as white as ivory bone.