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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


The tyrant from our shore, like a forbidden demon, fled.
—Mark Akenside

Fled, like the raven from the bird of Jove.
—Mark Akenside

Fled like leaves on the gale.

Fled, like rats from a sinking ship.

Sorrow fled on fleeting pinions, like the icy breath of winter that spring zephyrs waft away.

Fly around like a bat in the twilight.
—Björnstjerne Björnson

Fled from his thoughts like a sickly dream.
—Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Like a passing thought, she fled.
—Robert Burns

Fled like frighted doos.
—Robert Burns

Fled like crows when they smell powder.
—Samuel Butler

Fled like a dream.
—William Cowper

Each quiet day has fled like the same moth, returning with slow wing, and pausing in the sunshine.
—George Eliot

Like murder, chas’d by conscience, fled.
—Ebenezer Elliott

Fled like the flood’s foam.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fled as soon as fleet the violets.

Fled like a felon.
—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Fled like a Parthian.
—Victor Hugo

Fled like a dusky cloud.
—Rudyard Kipling

Fled like the mist of Cona.
—James Macpherson

Fled, as the dawn clouds flee before the sun.
—John Payne

Fled like shadows.

Fled, as fogs disperse before the god of day.
—Charles Reade

Fled like a mist before the radiant day.
—Earl of Roscommon

Fled at will, as in a wingèd chariot.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Like insect tribes before the northern gale.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Like the brief glory which dark Heaven inherits
From the false dawn, which fades ere it is spread
Upon the night’s devouring darkness.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Like vultures frightened from Imus
Before an earthquake’s tread.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Fledde like a beest.
—John Skelton

Like spectres from the sight of morning, fled.
—Robert Southey

Fled like a glittering rivulet to the tarn.
—Alfred Tennyson

As flies the shadow of a bird, she fled.
—Alfred Tennyson

My best years have fled away, like dreams, or like a minstrel’s lay.
—Walter von der Vogelweide

Fled away like a dream.
—John Wesley

Fled like a flash of light.
—Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Fled, as time will in a dream.
—N. P. Willis

Fled as fast as doth the haunted fawn.
—William Wordsworth

Like vapour, like a towering cloud, dissolved.
—William Wordsworth