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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Glitter (Verb)

Glittering like an Eastern Caliph.

Glittered like spun glass.

Robes glitter like young sedge grass.

Glittered in the gloom
Like a gilt epitaph within a tomb.
—Ambrose Bierce

Glittering, like a splendid wave that rises out of shapeless gloom.
—Laurence Binyon

Cold glitter as of ice.
—Thomas Carlyle

Glittered as if strewn with powdered pumice.
—Gabriel D’Annunzio

Glittering as snow in the sunshine.
—Alphonse Daudet

Glittered like dragon-flies.
—Dr. John Doran

Glittered like fish from the sweep-net.
—Alexandre Dumas, père

Glitters like a star.
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Glitter like heaven new-born.
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Glittered like dew.
—Ranger Gull

Glittering like a lost jewel, which some ill-fated wanderer might pick up, and thenceforth be haunted by strange phantoms of guilt, sinkings of the heart, and unaccountable misfortune.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Glittered and sparkled as if diamonds had been flung against it by the double handful.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Glitter like an angel’s ladder.
—Alfred Edward Housman

Glittering as a parterre.
—Victor Hugo

Glitters like a sea of light.
—Sigmund Krasinski

Glittered like a winter sun.
—Owen Meredith

Glittering as steel.

Eye glittered like rattlesnake’s.
—Charles Reade

Genius glittered like the gloriola of a saint.
—Charles Reade

Glittered like a sickle of tin.
—Edgar Saltus

Glittering like the spangled dewdrop.
—Sir Walter Scott

His armor glytteryde as dyd a glede.
—Richard Sheil

Glittering as the wine-bright jacinth-stone.
—Algernon Charles Swinburne

Glittering as wine.
—Algernon Charles Swinburne

Glittered like a bed of flowers.
—Alfred Tennyson

Glitter like a swarm of fire-flies tangled in a silver braid.
—Alfred Tennyson

Glittered … like sleet-bound trees in wintry skies.
—John Trumbull

Glitter… like the bayonets of a regiment on parade.
—John. C. Van Dyke

Glitter … like the glass pendants of a chandelier.
—John. C. Van Dyke

They glitter in my fancy like the distant multihedral
Steeples, domes and sunlit turrets of some beautiful cathedral.
—Eugene Fitch Ware

Glittering like an argent shield.
—Oscar Wilde