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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Glow (Verb)

Her eye balls … glowed like flaming carbuncles.
—William H. Ainsworth

Glow like a blacksmith’s forge.

Glowing like molten iron.

Glow like the gates of the New Jerusalem.

Glow like the golden fleece.

Glow like the vernal grass.

Glow and glimmer soft as ocean blush of Indian shells.
—Mathilde Blind

Cheeks glow red as tomatoes.
—Robert Browning

Glowing in the green, like flakes of fire.
—William Cullen Bryant

As if her veins ran lightning.
—Lord Byron

Aglow, like fruit when it colors.
—William Canton

Glow … like a pool of flaming blood.
—Joseph Conrad

Glowing like sunset-clouds upon the borders of the Tappan-Zee.
—Frederick S. Cozzens

Glows like a painter’s palette.
—T. W. H. Crosland

Glows as some rain-burnished rose.
—Lord De Tabley

Glowed like June.
—Sir Charles Gavan Duffy

Glow like adoration.
—Ebenezer Elliott

Blush and glow like angel’s wings.
—Ebenezer Elliott

Glow like webs of golden tissue in the sun.
—Frederick William Faber

Glow like twin roses in the verdant bush.
—Francis Fawkes

Glowin’ like a circus poster.
—Sewell Ford

Glowing like a bride robed to meet the bridal hour.
—S. Gertrude Ford

Glow … like Laura’s cheek when blushes rise.
—John Gay

I glow as with new wine.
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Glowed like a household fire.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Glows like a red flame in the dark.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Glowed like sunshine.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Glowed like a coal,
In the throat of the furnace.
—William Ernest Henley

Glows like a kiln.
—William Ernest Henley

Soft and glowing as a summer’s eve.
—Henrik Hertz

Glow like a queen’s missal.
—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Glowed like the morn beneath Aurora’s wings.
—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Glows like the old prophets.
—Josiah Gilbert Holland

Glow like fiery meteors.
—Homer (Pope)

Golden glow,
Like Iris just bedabbled in her bow.
—Thomas Hood

Glow like a self-enkindled star.
—Lemuel Hopkins

Glows, like a peak at dawn.
—Victor Hugo

Glow like flashing seas of green.
—Helen Hunt Jackson

Like the northern lights on snow.
—John Keats

Glows like the diamond in the presence of radium.
—Andrew Lang

Glowed like angels in the sun.
—Gerald Massey

Glowed like a watch fire in the Wilderness.
—Gerald Massey

Glowing imperial as the sun-toucht rose.
—Gerald Massey

Glowing like anthracite coal.
—Donald G. Mitchell

Glowed like a torch amid creation’s tomb.
—James Montgomery

In youthful beauty glows,
Like Phœbus, when he bends to cast
His beams upon a rose.
—Thomas Moore

Glowed like the arbutus or beech of the Umbrian hills.
—John Henry Newman

Glow like paint on death’s shrunk cheek.
—Miles O’Reilly

Jewels … glowing like sunbeams.

The Court, it glows, and shines like rotten wood.
—Sir Walter Raleigh

Glows like a golden group of buttercups.
—T. Buchanan Read

Glowed, like great archangels moving slow
On some celestial road.
—T. Buchanan Read

Her white forehead glowed like a rose.
—Charles Reade

Glow like a flower.
—Christina Georgina Rossetti

Glowed like the first splendors of the morn.
—José Selgas

Glowed like plated Mars.
—William Shakespeare

Glows like solid amethyst.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Glowing like the vital morn.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

As a heart burns with some divine thing done.
—Algernon Charles Swinburne

Glow … like the sunset’s flush on a field of snow.
—Bayard Taylor

Glows, like baker’s oven.
—William Tennant

Glowed as a cloud worn thin.
—Walter Thornbury

Glow like a great pearl.
—John. C. Van Dyke

With beauty glows like that of Venus, where she rose naked in blushing charms from Ocean’s hoary wave.
—Joseph Warton