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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

John Bunyan

Clear as if no dirt had been cast thereat.

Dark as mire.

Dark as pitch.

Devour me as an adversary.

Diverse as are the soul and the body.

Empty of religion, as the white of an egg is of savor.

Firmer than heaven and earth.

Gnaw me, like a burning worm.

Hot as the fire of the Lord out of heaven could make it.

Light as day.

Lighter than vanity.

As many lives as a cat.

Merry as the maids.

Poor as an owlet.

Righteousnesses are as filthy rags.

Shine like the sun in the firmament of heaven.

Sink lower than the grave.

Stick like burrs.

Straight as a rule.

Sure as you are there.

Can … swallow down sin like water.

Sweeter than all perfumes.

Temptations, when we meet them at first, are as the lion that roared upon Samson; but if we overcome them, the next time we see them we shall find a nest of honey within them.

Thick as hail.

Twinkling like the stars.

Wallow like a boar.

White as a clout.