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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

John Skelton

Angry as a waspe.

Biting like the east wind.

Death … was busy as on a battle field.

As ferce and as cruell as the feende of hel.

Fledde like a beest.

Flew like the wind.

Gentyll as faucounOr hauke of the towre.

Glistring lyke glasse.

Greedy as a cormorant.

Heavy as lead.

Hobbles as a goose.

Impossible as a centaur or a griffin.

Leap away lyke froges.

Limpid as the mountain stream.

Lucid as the dawn.

As pacient and as styll.
And as ful of good wil
As fayre Isiphill.

As right as a ram’s horn.

Sharp as tenterhooks.

Speak as if he would jump down your throat.

Still as clapper in a mill.

Is as true as black is blue.

Trewe as the gospell.

Valiant as Hector in every marciall nede.

Wise as Waltom’s calfe.

My words hang together like feathers in the wind.