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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


Lost as Eden.

Lost, like a river running into an unknown sea.

Lost like a predestined soul.

Lost, like autumnal leaves, when North winds rage.
—William Congreve

Lost himself in thought as though he had fallen out of the world.
—Joseph Conrad

Lost, like a star in day.
—Henry Ellison

Lost like the day of Job’s awful curse, in the third chapter, third and fourth verse.
—Bret Harte

Lost, like the lightning in
The sullen cloud.
—Oliver Wendell Holmes

As lost, as any needle in a stack of hay.
—Thomas Hood

Lost in the gulf of chance to fall, as oblivion swallows thought.
—Alfred de Musset

Lost like stars beyond dark trees.
—Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Lost, like the light, flickering of a cottage’s fire.
—Sir Walter Scott

Lost as in a trance.
—Esaias Tegner