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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Mark Twain

Darted away like a telegram.

Dodged and scrambled around like a woman who has lost her mind on account of the arrival of a bat.

Shadow … like a puddle of ink.

Shriveled … like the pictures of mummies you see in books.

He sighed like a zephyr.

Soft, like summer night.

Solid as a globe of mud.

Sparkling like all the stars of heaven had fallen down.

Spirituality … as refined and spotless as the Jungfrau’s silvery peak.

Steady as a mill.

Still, like Sunday.

Straight as bolt from crossbow sped.

Straightened himself up like a liberty-pole.

Tart and crisp … as the autumn butter that creams the sumac berry.

Tumbling … like rolling empty barrels down stairs.

White, like the Shah of Persia’s diamond plume.