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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Owen Meredith

Blithe as a blithe bird in air.

Rose-bright as a star dipped in sunset.

A calmness like the calmness of a grave.

Clammy as death.

Her fair face half hid, like a ripe peeping rose.

Her face is as white
As her pillow by night.

Is all faded, like fragrance,
From the languishing late flowers.

Faint as the Spring.

Fair as dreams.

Fierce as a female Leviathan.

Glittered like a winter sun.

Hangs on the heart like a nightmare.

As huge as Ossa piled on Pelion.

Moaning, like the voices of spirits departing in pain.

A wizard wind did faintly move,
Like a whisper through a dream.

Pale as a snowdrop in Cashmere.

As pure as April’s snowdrops are.

Radiant as snow.

Sad … as the ghostly past.

Sallow as Autumn.

Salt as a sea sponge.

Her smile—it was like the golden wine
Poured in the spirit, as in a cup.

Soars like a seraph.

Stately as a ship under full sail.

Thick as the gems on chalices
Kings keep for treasure.

Timorous … as the first chirrup of a callow bird.

Tost like the bearded and billowy wheat by the winds of the mountain driven.

Vague as futurity.