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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Rudyard Kipling

Absurd as giving bread-pills for a broken leg.

Black as the sliding water over a mill-dam.

Blowing like a grampus.

Fortune changeth as the moon
To caravel and picaroon.

As chill and as green as the sea.

Clanging like a smithy-shop.

Clear as summer-lightning flare.

Clever as sin.

Cling like the sloth.

Curved like a stallion’s crop.

Curved over like the edge of a waterfall.

Dart like a rifle-bullet.

At a safe distance, like mother ducks watching their brood.

Drooped like a lily tired
That lolls upon the stalk.

The slow mists of the evening dropped,
Dropped as a cloth upon a dead man’s face.

He dropped like a bullock.

Men dropped like partridges.

Drunk as Davy’s sow on a frosty night.

As easy as a man dyin’ wi’ due warnin’.

Faint as the visions in a dream.

Fair as bar of gold.

In a fit of fidgets, when she behaved like a puppy chewing a string, a clumsy woman in a side-saddle, a hen with her head cut off, or a cow stung by a hornet.

Fizzled like freshly opened soda water.

Flash like a heliograph.

Fled like a dusky cloud.

Flickering light like the jewels of a broken necklace.

Glares like an excited cat.

Glared like hot iron.

Heavy as remembered sin
That will not suffer sleep or thought to ease.

Howl like a wild beast.

Idle, and mean as a collier’s whelp.

Impartially as the grave.

Impassive as the copper head on a penny.

Jingled like a carriage horse.

Jumpy as a cat.

Keen as a sword.

Leaking like a lobster-pot.

Leaps like a bared sword.

Leap like trout in May.

Limber as a frog.

Limp as a chewed rag.

March like an endless rhyme.

Are mixed as the mist of some devilish dream.

Noiseless as a black shadow.

Prancing like a bean-fed horse.

Quietly as a cloud.

Quivered … as a breakwater-pile quivers to the rush of landward-racing seas.

Quivering like a man’s hand when he raises it to say good-bye.

My head rang like a guard-room gong.

Rang like a musket-butt on flagstones.

Loud-voiced and reckless as the wide tide-race
That whips our harbor-mouth!

Red as slaughter.

A single roar like the roar of a mortar-battery.

Roar … like the sound of a beast in pain.

The pile of fish … shone like a dump of fluid silver.

Shot like a rabbit in a ride.

Shrank as the beetle shrinks beneath the pin when village children stab him in their sport.

Silently as a cloud rolls out of the mouth of a valley.

Singing … like the shouting of a backstay in a gale.

The erect body sank like a sword driven home into the scabbard.

Slid like an evil dream.

Slow as a worm.

Snore like over-gorged humans.

Solemn as putty.

Soothing as the wash of the sea.

Lightning spattered the sky as a thrown egg spatters a barn door.

Still as beggars at the gate of greatness.

As straight as a beggar can spit.

Sure as Time.

Tensely as the drawn wire rope of a suspension bridge.

Thick as butter.

A little thought in life is like salt upon rice.

Gathered herself together like a watch spring.

Trailing like a wounded duck.

Unlovely as the corpse of a man.

Unvexed … like the candles round a shrine.

Whirling like a windmill.

Thin-flanked woman, as white and as stale as a bone.

Yellow and ill-fitting as the shuck on a dried cob.