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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


Sad as the sunless sea.
—Franklin P. Adams

Sad as a subpœna.

Sad as a wail over the dead.

Sad as doom.

As sad as Fate.

Sad as if steering to dim eternity.

Sad as the eyeball of sorrow behind a shroud.

A song as sad as the wild waves be.

Sad as silence when a song is spent.
—Alfred Austin

Sad as death.
—Aphra Behn

Sad as the groans of dying innocence.
—Aphra Behn

Sad as a thousand sighs, when the dark winds sob through the yews.
—Henry Brooke

Sad as wisdom cut off from fellowship.
—Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Sad as Melancholy.
—Robert Burton

Sad as angels for the good man’s sin.
—Thomas Campbell

Serenely sad as eternity.
—Thomas Carlyle

Sad as bull liver.
—William Carr (The Dialect of Craven)

Sad as twilight.
—George Eliot

Sad as the gust that sweeps the clouded sky.
—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sad as eve.
—Victor Hugo

Sad as an image of despair.
—Sigmund Krasinski

Sad as raindrops on a grave.
—George P. Lathrop

My heart is as sad as a black stone under the blue sea.
—Samuel Lover

Sad as the tears the sullen Winter weeps.
—George Mac-Henry

Sad, like the sun in the day of mist, when his face is watery and dim.
—James Macpherson

Sad as the wind that sighs
Through cypress trees under rainy skies.
—Philip B. Marston

Sad as the shriek of the midnight blast.
—Gerald Massey

Sad as wailing winds.
—Gerald Massey

Sad as the last line of a brave romance.
—George Meredith

Sad … as the ghostly past.
—Owen Meredith

Sad my thoughts as willows bending,
O’er the borders of the tomb.
—George P. Morris

Sad as tears to the eyes that are bright.
—A. J. Ryan

Like the echo mad
Of some plaintive spirit strain.
—Francis S. Saltus

Sad as night.
—William Shakespeare

Sad as a lump of lead.
—Edmund Spenser

Sad as twilight on the deep.
—George Sterling

Sad as a soul estranged.
—Algernon Charles Swinburne

Sad as a wintry withering moon.
—Algernon Charles Swinburne

Bare and sad as banishment.
—Algernon Charles Swinburne

Sad as doom.
—Algernon Charles Swinburne

Sadder than a banquet skeleton.
—Frederick Tennyson