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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


Sparkles like a fresh glass of champagne.

Sparkle like a ruby.

Sparkle like a seething caldron.

Sparkled as a sword-blade in the sunshine.

Sparkled as a bubbling spring.
—Welsh Ballad

Sparkling like the dancing of new stars.
—R. D. Blackmore

Sparkling like an ocean flower.
—Horatius Bonar

Sparkle like brooks in the morning sun.
—William Cullen Bryant

Sparkling like snow-wreaths in the early sun.
—William Cullen Bryant

Sparkled like a garnet in the light.
—Fernán Caballero

Sparkling like a star.
—Fernán Caballero

The sea sparkled as if it smiled.
—Bliss Carman

Sparkling … like creatures in whose sunny veins
The blood is running bright.
—Barry Cornwall

Sparkle … like iron that comes molten from the fire.

Sparkling all over, like a harlequin.
—Charles Dickens

Sparkle like half-seen fairy eyes.
—S. H. Dickson

Sparkling as Mercutio.
—Dr. John Doran

All sparkling, like a goddess.
—John Dryden

Sparkles … like the glimmer of a lance.
—Francis M. Finch

Sparkles like a lusty wine new broached.
—John Ford

Sparkles like the sea, whose wave at Algiers breaks upon the shore.
—Ferdinand Freiligrath

Sparkling, as if a Naiad’s silvery feet
In quiet and coy retreat,
Glanced through the star-gleams on calm summer nights.
—Paul Hamilton Hayne

Sparkles like Ariadne’s crown.
—Robert Herrick

Sparkle like the celestial mountains in the visions of the saints.
—Robert Hichens

Sparkling and roseate as the dewy fingers of Aurora.
—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sparkle like fairy boon.
—Thomas Hood

Sparkling like diamond rocks in the sun’s rays.
—Frances Anne Kemble

Eye sparkled, like the wine-cup’s brim.
—Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Sparkling as dewdrops.
—Charles G. Leland

Sparkled like white bait in the meshes of a net.
—Camille Lemonier

Sparkle like the sea round the boat at night.
—James Macpherson

Sparkling like lightning on a dusky sky.

Sparkling … like a man’s thought transfigured into fire.
—John Masefield

Sparkling … like a coquette in a vaudeville.

Sparkled like a jewel in the light.

Sparkling like a son of morning.
—Friedrich von Schiller

Sparkle like the beaten flint.
—William Shakespeare

Sparkled like falling tears.
—Bayard Taylor

Sparkles like a grain of salt.
—Alfred Tennyson

Sparkled like the colour of burnished brass.
—Old Testament

Sparkling like young wine which has ceased to ferment.
—Ivan Turgenev

Sparkling like all the stars of heaven had fallen down.
—Mark Twain

Sparkle as a gold mine.
—Henry Watterson