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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


Spread out like a circus parade.

Spreads like an inflammation.

Spreads like ivy.

Spreads like gossip.

Spreads like honeysuckle in Virginia.

Spreads like a lie.

Spread like a rushing torrent.

Spreads like measles in a country school.

Spread like a drop of oil on a pool.

Spread like a cinder shower from Vesuvius.

Spreads … like the great voice of the sea.
—Honoré de Balzac

Spread like fingers.
—R. D. Blackmore

Spreads like fire.
—Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Spreading his hands and all of his fingers, like the threads of a spider’s web.
—Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Spread like wild-geese.
—George Chapman

The conflagration spread like a flaming garland.
—René de François Chateaubriand

Spread like fire among stubble.
—Sanford Cox

Spreads like a memory.
—Giosuè Carducci

Spread like fog.
—John Dryden

An innumerable crowd spread like a black robe over the shore.
—Hamlin Garland

Roots … spreading like huge creeping snakes over the surface of the evil.
—Ernst H. Haeckel

Spread, like distant morning in the skies.
—John Hughes

Calumny spreads like an oil-spot: we endeavor to cleanse it, but the mark remains.
—Madame de Lespinasse

The fancy of this exclusion spread immediately, like a gangrene, over the whole body of the monarchy.
—Sir Roger L’Estrange

Spreads like a snow-ball.
—William J. Locke

Spread like an ocean.
—Edward Lovibond

Spreading like a mighty flock of sheep.
—Walter Malone

Spread out, wide as the width of mind.
—Lewis Morris

Spreads like a surface.
—John Pomfret

Spread like wildfire.
—Ray (Collectanea)

Spread like a contagion.
—Mrs. Mary Roberts Rinehart

As the delicate rose
To the sun’s sweet strength
Doth herself unclose,
Breadth and length;
So spreads my heart to thee.
—Christina Georgina Rossetti

Silence spread … like water that a pebble stirs.
—Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Spreads like scandal after a sewing bee.
—William Sage

Spread like evil ulcers.

Spread like a quenchless fire.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Like radiance from the cloud-surrounded morn.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Spreads, like the round ocean, girdled with the sky.
—Robert Southey

Her rich locks spread like sunbeams on the wind.
—Torquato Tasso

Spread … abroad as the four winds of heaven.
—Old Testament

As the valleys are they spread forth.
—Old Testament

Spreading himself like a green bay tree.
—Old Testament

Spread like a halo round a misty moon.
—William Wordsworth

Spread like a sea.
—William Wordsworth

Spread like plagues.
—William Wordsworth

Spread like day.
—William Wordsworth

The slaughter spread like flame.
—William Wordsworth