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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Thomas Chatterton

Beauteous as a summer’s morn.

Browne as the fylberte droppyng from the shelle.

Browne as the nappy ale at Hock tyde game.

Fair as Ambition’s dream, or Beauty’s face.

Fast as the streaming rain.

Fierce as the blast that tears the northern sky.

Fierce as the fallynge thunderbolte.

Flete as fleaynge cloudes that swymme before the syghte.

Free as the wind.

Gaie as all nature at the mornyng’s smile.

Red as the highest colour’d Gallic wine.

Charming smiles thy beauteous face adorn,
As May’s white blossoms gaily deck the thorn.

Smiles … sweet as the flow’rs in bloom of spring array’d.

Soft as the breath of morn in bloom of spring.

Soft as the cooing of the turtle dove.

Soft as the moss where hissing adders dwell.

Softe as the sommer flowrets.

Sweet as the voice of thraslarks [Thrushes] in the spring.

Swellynge like bubbles in a boillynge welle.

Swefte as descendeynge lemes [rays] of roddie lyghte plonged to the hulstred [secret] bedde of loveynge [washing] seas.

Swefte as a feether’d takel [Arrow].

Swefte as my wyshe.

Swift as the flying clouds distilling rain.

Swefte as the rayne-storme toe the erthe alyghtes.

Swefte, as the rayne uponne an Aprylle daie.

Swefte as the roareynge wyndes.

White as the chaulkie clyffes of Brittaines isle.

Whyte hys rade [neck] as the sommer snowe.