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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


True as that an apple is a fruit.
—Franklin P. Adams

As true as God’s own word is here.
—Gustavus Adolphus

True as the faithful watchdog of the fold.

True as the helm, the bark’s protecting guide.

True as a die.

True as God is in heaven.

True as gold.

True as holy writ.

As true as that nothing is but what is not.

True as that a man who has shaved has lost his beard.

True as that is is.

About as true as that the cat crew, and the cock rocked the cradle.

True as that the king has an egg in his pouch.

True as that the world is turned upside down every twenty-four hours.

True of his promise as a poor man of his eye.

True as the gospel.
—Beaumont and Fletcher

True as written gospel.
—Robert B. Brough

And pauseless as the pulses.
—Elizabeth Barrett Browning

True as that heaven and earth exist.
—Robert Browning

True as the dial to the sun.
—Samuel Butler

As true as a shepherd to his flock.
—Lord Byron

True as truth.
—Madison Cawein

Trewe as any bonde.
—Geoffrey Chaucer

Lovers be as trewe,
As eny metal that is forged newe.

True as turtill dove.

As trewe as ever was any steel.

True as a needle to the pole.
—William Cowper

A clock so true, as might the sun control.
—John Donne

True as an arrow to its aim.
—Sir Francis H. Doyle

As true as Tristram and Isolde were.
—John Dryden

True as the College clock’s unvarying hand.
—George Ellis

True as thy coat to thy back.
—George Gascoigne

True as the sun.
—Sir William Schwenk Gilbert

True as swallow to the roadless blue.
—Emily H. Hickey

As true as God.
—Josiah Gilbert Holland

True as the dial’s shadow to the beam.
—Oliver Wendell Holmes

True as the watchman to his beat.
—Thomas Hood

True as time.
—Jean Ingelow

True as a gun.
—Ben Jonson

True as innocence.
—John Keats

True as the magnet is to iron.
—Walter Savage Landor

True as the Apocalypse.
—Amy Leslie

True as death.
—Christopher Marlowe

True to one as a beggar to his dish.
—Brian Melbancke

True as a barber’s news on Saturday night.
—Thomas Middleton

True as stars.
—Thomas Moore

True as the lute, that no sighing wakens.
—Thomas Moore

True as the humming-bird flies with its message.
—John Boyle O’Reilly

True as the Pentateuch.
—Edgar Allan Poe

True as Heaven.
—Earl of Rochester

She kept in time without a beat
As true as church-bell ringers.
—Christina Georgina Rossetti

True as steel, as plantage to the moon,
As sun to day, as turtle to her mate,
As iron to adamant, as earth to the centre.
—William Shakespeare

As true as truth’s simplicity.
—William Shakespeare

As true as truest horse, that yet would never tire.
—William Shakespeare

Keep as true in soul
As doth that orbed continent the fire
That severs day from night.
—William Shakespeare

True as I live.
—William Shakespeare

Is as true as black is blue.
—John Skelton

Trewe as the gospell.
—John Skelton

True as truth’s own heart.
—Algernon Charles Swinburne

A friend as true as guardian-angels are.
—William Thomson

True it is, as cow chews cud.
—Thomas Tusser

True as the Stock-dove to her shallow nest
And to the grove that holds it.
—William Wordsworth