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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.


Vanished like a trifling sigh.
—Franklin P. Adams

Vanished altogether, like the last spark on a burnt piece of paper.
—Hans Christian Andersen

Vanish like a bursted bubble.

Vanished like a guilty thing.

Vanished like a pantomime demon.

Vanished like a pie.

Vanished like a Titanic world of spectres.

Like a vain dream … vanish’d hence, we know not how.

Vanishing, like eerie bubbles, on the rough, tried sea of care.

Vanishing like noxious exhalations.

Vanish like the figments of a dream.

Vanish like the mist in the morning.

Vanish like a ghost before the sun.
—Philip James Bailey

Vanished like the furrow cut by a ship’s keel in the sea.
—Honoré de Balzac

Vanished like dew before the morning sun.
—George Beattie

All vanished, like a vision vain.
—Emily Brontë

Vanished like a fairy.
—Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Vanished like a corpse-light from a grave.
—Lord Byron

Vanished like dawn to the daylight Giosuè Carducci

Vanishes, as is his wont, too like an Ignis Fatuus, leaving the dark still darker.
—Thomas Carlyle

Vanished, like a ghost at cock-crowing.
—Thomas Carlyle

Vanish like a shot.
—Giovanni Battista Casti

Vanishing as flies a dream.
—John Clare

Vanish’d like dew-drops from the spray.
—W. G. Clark

Passed away
As Fairies vanish at the break of day.
—Hartley Coleridge

Vanished away, like spectres.
—Charles Dickens

Vanish like a breath.
—Charles Dickens

Vanished like a discontented fairy.
—Charles Dickens

Vanish … as easily as an eel into sand.
—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Gradually vanished like the receding hill-tops.
—George Eliot

Vanish as mist before the sun.
—Gustave Flaubert

Colors, like the rainbow, ever vanished.
—Giles Fletcher

Vanished like an empty shade.
—Phineas Fletcher

Vanished like a beautiful evening cloud.
—Arne Garborg

Vanished like the shades of night upon the burst of a glorious morning in July.
—William Godwin

Vanish like an echo or a dream.
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Vanish, as by the waving of an enchanter’s wand.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Vanish, like a glimmering light, that comes we know not whence, and goes we know not whither.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Vanish like ephemeral things.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Vanish out of life as completely as if … he lay at the bottom of the sea.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne

Vanished like a baleful star.
—Paul Hamilton Hayne

Vanished like an empty dream.
—Heinrich Heine

Vanished … like the shadow of a cloud.
—Thomas Hood

Vanished like the enchanted castle on the approach of the conqueror.
—Frank Horridge

Vanished like the beautiful sparkling hoarfrost.
—Victor Hugo

Vanish together, as a dream of morning flies.
—Victor Hugo

Vanish like a fleeting dream,
The shadow of a chariot, or flash of sword.
—Victor Hugo

Vanished like the fleeting forms drawn in an evening cloud.
—Richard Jago

All vanish as you shall vanish, like a bubble thrown up from the deep.
—Louis Kossuth

She vanished like the lightning’s sudden gleam.
—Alphonse M. L. Lamartine

Vanished like a fleet of cloud, like a passing trumpet-blast, are those splendors of the past.
—Henry W. Longfellow

Vanish … like the mist of the lake.
—James Macpherson

Vanished … like the body in the tomb.
—Denis Florence McCarthy

Vanished … like the day branch in the fire.
—Denis Florence McCarthy

Like the dreams of the Blind,
Vanish the glories and pomps of the earth in the wind.
—James Clarence Mangan

Vanish like a dew-drop in a rose.
—Gerald Massey

Vanish like a view caught out of darkness by lightning.
—George Meredith

Vanished, like a blasted thing.
—Donald G. Mitchell

Vanish like gossamers of autumn eve.
—Dinah Maria Mulock

Vanished like the feathery snow in summer’s running brooks.

Vanished like a mist that melts on the sunny hill.

Vanished like a scene of enchantment.
—Jane Porter

Vanished, like the airy fabric of an Eastern tale.
—William H. Prescott

Vanished, like a shadow fled.
—Edna D. Proctor

He vanishes like a man who has caused his property to be snatched from a swindler.
—Osmanli Proverb

Vanished, like the writing from the sand.
—T. Buchanan Read

Like the swift shadows of Noon, like the dreams of the blind,
Vanish the glories and pomps of the earth in the wind.
—Friedrich Rückert

Vanished from our eyes, like sunbeam on the billow cast.
—Sir Walter Scott

Vanisheth as smoke from Ætna.
—William Shakespeare

Vanish like hailstones.
—William Shakespeare

Vanish, like smoke before the tempest’s stream.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Vanished, like a star into a cloud.
—Alexander Smith

Vanish like a vision of the night.
—Robert Southey

Beauty vanishes like a vapor.
—Harriet P. Spofford

Vanish like smoke of incense.
—Richard H. Stoddard

Vanish away like smoke.
—Old Testament

Vanish like a shooting star.
—John Tobin

Vanished like a mere soap-bubble.
—Josef K. Tyl

Vanished … like a feathered shaft frae a yeoman’s bow.
—David Vedder

Evanished like a blink
Of starlight ere the mind can think.
—Frank Waters

Vanished, like a rush
Of self-consuming flame.
—Robert K. Weeks

Light as a sunbeam glides along the hills
She vanished.
—William Wordsworth