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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

Welcome (Adjective)

Welcome as land to sailors long at sea.

About as welcome as a bullet.

Welcome as water in a leaking ship.

About as welcome as a coffin at a wooden wedding.

Welcome as the clang of the dinner bell.

Welcome as an engagement ring to an old maid.

Welcome as a good-natured friend who makes short calls.

Welcome as dew on parched flowers.

As welcome as sunshine
In every place
Is the beaming approach
Of a good-natured face.

Welcome as a rainstorm in Hell.
—George Vaux Bacon

Welcome as Eden.
—Lord Byron

Welcome, like one tiny islet of Reality amid the shoreless sea of Phantasms, to the reflective mind, seriously loving and seeking what is worthy and memorable, seriously hating and avoiding what is the reverse, and intent not to play the dilettante in this world.
—Thomas Carlyle

Welcome as water into one’s shoes.
—M. A. Denham (Folk-lore North of England)

As welcome as the haven to the tempest-driven ship.
—Bartholomew Dowling

Welcome as flowers that bloom in the spring.
—Sir William Schwenk Gilbert

Welcome as a pole-cat at a picnic.
—Charles Henderson

Welcome as peace after destructive war.
—Robert Herrick

Welcome as the bird to the elm-tree bough.
—James Russell Lowell

Welcome as a boon long sought.
—Evan MacColl

Welcome as stones in oats to horse.
—News from Chelsmford

Welcome as flowers in May.
—John Ray (Handbook of Proverbs, 1670)

Welcome … as the deluge of early spring rain.
—Francis S. Saltus

Welcome … as dewy cherries to the taste in June,
As shady lanes to travelers at noon.
—John Scott

Welcome hither
As is the spring to the earth.
—William Shakespeare

The night to the owl and morn to the lark less welcome.
—William Shakespeare

Welcome as dogs unto a church they are.
—John Taylor

Welcome! as beauty to the lovesick swain,
For which he long had sigh’d in vain.
—William Thomson

Welcome as the discovery of a five-dollar bill in an old coat to a salaried man the morning before pay day.
—Walter Trumbull

Welcome as the rear view of a grizzly bear to a hunter who has left his firearms at home.
—Walter Trumbull

Welcome to my tranced view,
As battle-yell to warrior’s ear.
—John Greenleaf Whittier

Welcome as a star.
—William Wordsworth