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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

William Ernest Henley

Black as the pit.

Bland as a Jesuit.

Death and Time, they chime and chime, like bells at sunset falling.

Her little face is like a walnut shell
With wrinkling lines.

Flashes like the shining soul of a jest.

Frank as the call of April birds.

Galloping, as with dispatches from the Pit,
Between his hell-bound hounds.

Gleams like an angel-market.

Glowed like a coal,
In the throat of the furnace.

Glows like a kiln.

Quiet as a statue.

Like fire on some high errand of the race.

The wistful stars
Shine like good memories.

Sober as a hymn.

Soft as the whisper shut within a shell.

Sprang like a wave
In the wind.

As if the Enchanted Castle at the heart
Of the wood’s dark wonderment
Swung wide his valves, and filled the dim sea-banks
With exquisite visitants.

Unending as the river and the stars.