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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

William Watson

Thou art brief as a glitter of sand ’twist tide and tide.

Certainly as day comes after day.

Cold, like a star.

Dead as dreams.

As flowers desire the kisses of the rain,
She his, and many a year desired in vain.

Gaily, as one who hath no care or pain.

Ghostly as remembered mirth.

Healthful as poignant brine.

As some adventurous flower, on savage craig-side grown,
Seems nourished hour by hour from its wild self alone,
So lives inveterate Hope, on her own hardihood.

Day like to day, face like to face, as waves in some calm sea.

Love, like a bird, hath perch’d upon a spray
For thee and me to hearken what he sings.

Mean as dust, and dead as dreams.

Turbid as passion.

Wide as woe.

Writhe as a dragon by some great spell curbed and foiled.