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Frank J. Wilstach, comp. A Dictionary of Similes. 1916.

William Winter

No more action than a stalled hearse in a snow storm.

Brief and tremulous as a passing shadow.

Careless as the child at play.

Changeful as the April sky.

Foolish as a search would be for new sunlight to illuminate the marbles of Michael Angelo.

Forsaken, like the shadows that fly from the dawn.

Free as the soul of the fragrant wine.

Holy as one from an angel clime.

Mild as Mr. Tupper’s precepts.

A newspaper, like a theatre, must mainly owe its continuance in life to the fact that it pleases many persons; and in order to please many persons it will, unconsciously perhaps, respond to their several tastes, reflect their various qualities, and reproduce their views.

Peaceful as falls the dew.

Pure as the mountains of perpetual snow.

A smile … as sleeps a sunbeam on a stone.

An innocent smile, like a sunbeam kissing a velvet rose.

Sweet as the faint, far-off, celestial tone of angel whispers, fluttering from on high.

Sweet as the lips that once you pressed.

Tender as love’s tear when youth and beauty die.

Common sense is as inestimably valuable as the solar light.

Wild as the tempests of the upper sky.