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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

Francis William Bourdillon b. 1852


HE came to call me back from death

To the bright world above.

I hear him yet with trembling breath

Low calling, “O sweet love!

Come back! The earth is just as fair;

The flowers, the open skies are there;

Come back to life and love!”

Oh! all my heart went out to him,

And the sweet air above.

With happy tears my eyes were dim;

I called him, “O sweet love!

I come, for thou art all to me.

Go forth, and I will follow thee,

Right back to life and love!”

I followed through the cavern black;

I saw the blue above.

Some terror turned me to look back:

I heard him wail, “O love!

What hast thou done! What hast thou done!”

And then I saw no more the sun,

And lost were life and love.