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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

“The Inn of Care” to “Youth and Art”

Index to Titles

The Inn of Care
The Irishman and the Lady
The Irish Rapparees
The Irish Wife
The Irish Wolf-Hound
The Island of Shadows
The Isle of Lost Dreams
The Isles
The Ivory Gate
The Jackdaw of Rheims
The Jacobite on Tower Hill
The Jumblies
The Jungfrau’s Cry
The Keepers of the Pass
The King of Denmark’s Ride
The King’s Visit
The Lachrymatory
The Ladies of St. James’s
The Laird of Schelynlaw
The Land of Counterpane
The Land of Nod
The Lark Ascending
The Last Aboriginal
The Last Buccaneer
The Last Chantey
The Last of His Tribe
The Last of the Eurydice
The Lattice at Sunrise
The Law for the Wolves
The Lay of the Laborer
The Legend of the Dead Lambs
The Lion’s Skeleton
The Little Fair Soul
The Little Rebel
The Long White Seam
The Loons
The Lost Leader
The Lost Sheep
The Lotos-Eaters
The Lyrical Poem
The Mahogany Tree
The Maid’s Lament
The Man to the Angel
The Master-Chord
The Master’s Touch
The Memory of the Dead
The Mendicants
The Men of Gotham
The Merry-Go-Round
The Mitherless Bairn
The Modern Poet
The Music-Hall
The Musmee
The Mystery
Then and Now
The Net-Braiders
The Newly-Wedded
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
The Nightingale
The Night Sky
The Norns Watering Yggdrasill
The Nor’-West Courier
The Odyssey
The Old Baron
The Old Cavalier
The Old Churchyard of Bonchurch
The Old Grenadier’s Story
The Old Maid
The Old Squire
The Old Stoic
The One White Hair
The Page of Lancelot
The Pantheist’s Song of Immortality
The Parting Hour
The Passing of Arthur
The Passing of the Elder Bards
The Passionate Reader to His Poet
The Pen and the Album
The People’s Petition
The Pillar of the Cloud
The Pine Woods
The Pipe-Player
The Play of “King Lear
The Plough
The Poem of the Universe
The Poet in the City
The Poet’s Song to His Wife
The Portrait
The Private of the Buffs
The Protestation
The Queen’s Vespers
The Quiet Eye
The Reed-Player
There Falls with Every Wedding Chime
There Is a Green Hill
The Requital
The Revel
The Right Must Win
The Roman Legions
The Rookery
The Rose and the Wind
The Rose of the World
The Rose Thou Gav’st
The Rosy Musk-Mallow
The Roundel
The Sack of Baltimore
The Sad Mother
The Sailor
The Sands of Dee
The Sanyassi
The Sea
The Sea-Child
The Sea Fowler
The Sea-Limits
The Seamaids’ Music
The Secret
The Secret of the Nightingale
The Secret Place
The Self-Exiled
The Seven Whistlers
The Shandon Bells
The Shell
The Sibyl
The Sick Stock-Rider
The Sign of the Cross
The Silenced Singer
The Silent Tower of Bottreau
The Silent Voices
The Singer’s Prelude
The Sirens Sing
The Six Carpenters’ Case
The Skeleton in the Cupboard
The Skylark
The Slave
The Sleep
The Snow Storm
The Soldier-Boy
The Song My Paddle Sings
The Song of the Old Mother
The Song of the Shirt
The Song of the Western Men
The Song of the Wild Storm-Waves
The Sonnet
The Sonnet’s Voice
The Soul Stithy
The Sower’s Song
The Spaewife
The Spectrum
The Spirit of Shakespeare
The Splendid Spur
The Stormy Petrel
The Summer Pool
The Swallow
The Test
The Thread of Life
The Three Fishers
The Three Scars
The Three Troopers
The Toy Cross
The Tropics
The Tryst of the Night
The Two Masks
The Two Old Kings
The Utmost
The Vacant Cage
The Vagabonds
The Vicar
The Voice from Galilee
The Voice in the Wild Oak
The Voice of D. G. R.
The Voice of the Poor
The Waif
The Wake of Tim O’Hara
The Waking of Spring
The Waking of the Lark
The Walker of the Snow
The War-Song of Dinas Vawr
The Water Lady
The Welcome
The Were-Wolves
The Whaups
The White Birds
The White Blossom’s off the Bog
The White Moth
The White Peacock
The White Rose over the Water
The Widow’s Mite
The Wife of Loki
The Wild Huntsmen
The Will of God
The Wind of Death
The Wonder-Child
The Woodruffe
The Woodspurge
The Working Man’s Song
The World and the Quietist
The World’s Death-Night
The Wreck
Thirty-first of May
Thou Didst Delight My Eyes
Three Portraits of Prince Charles
Th’ Sweetheart Gate
Thy Joy in Sorrow
Thy Voice Is Heard
Thy Way, Not Mine
Time and Death
Time to Be Wise
T is Sair to Dream
To ——
To a Child
To a Cyclamen
To a Daisy
To a Desolate Friend
To Age
To a Greek Girl
To a Humming Bird in a Garden
To Alfred Tennyson
To America
To a Moth That Drinketh of the Ripe October
To a Mountain
To a Poet Breaking Silence
To a Portrait
To a Seabird
To a Swallow Building under Our Eaves
To Christina Rossetti
To February
To God and Ireland True
To Ianthe
To Imperia
To La Sansœur
To Manon
Tommy ’s Dead
To My Brothers
To My Cat
To My Grandmother
To My Mistress
To My Tortoise Chronos
To My Totem
To N. V. De G. S.
Too Late
Too Late
Topsy-Turvy World
To Sea, to Sea!
To Shakespeare
To Sleep
To the Dead
To the Forgotten Dead
To the Gossamer-Light
To the Herald Honeysuckle
To the Lakes
To the Nautilus
To Theocritus, in Winter
To the Same
To the Spirit of Poetry
To Vernon Lee
To Youth
Tripping Down the Field-Path
Trust thou thy Love
T was Just before the Hay Was Mown
Tween Earth and Sky
Twickenham Ferry
Twist Me a Crown
Two Infinities
Two Sons
Upon the Shore
Van Elsen
Verses Why Burnt
Warning and Reply
We Are Children
Weep Not! Sigh Not!
We Have Been Friends Together
Welcome, Bonny Brid!
We ’ll a’ Go Pu’ the Heather
Were I but His Own Wife
What Matters It
What Might Be Done
What of the Night?
What the Sonnet Is
What the Trumpeter Said
When I Am Dead
When Stars Are in the Quiet Skies
When We Are All Asleep
When We Are Parted
Where Lies the Land
White Roses
Who Runs May Read
Widow Machree
Wife to Husband
William Wordsworth
Willie Winkie
Wind of Summer
With a Copy of Herrick
Without Her
With Pipe and Flute
Woone Smile Mwore
World and Soul
Written in Edinburgh
Written in Emerson’s Essays
Young Windebank
Youth and Age
Youth and Art