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Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895. 1895.

George Darley 1795–1846

Songs from “Sylvia; Or, the May Queen.” III. Nephon’s Song


LADY and gentlemen fays, come buy!

No pedlar has such a rich packet as I.

Who wants a gown

Of purple fold,

Embroider’d down

The seams with gold?

See here!—a Tulip richly laced

To please a royal fairy’s taste!

Who wants a cap

Of crimson grand?

By great good hap

I ’ve one on hand:

Look, sir!—a Cock’s-comb, flowering red,

’T is just the thing, sir, for your head!

Who wants a frock

Of vestal hue?

Or snowy smock?—

Fair maid, do you?

O me!—a Ladysmock so white!

Your bosom’s self is not more bright.

Who wants to sport

A slender limb?

I ’ve every sort

Of hose for him:

Both scarlet, striped, and yellow ones:

This Woodbine makes such pantaloons!

Who wants—(hush! hush!)

A box of paint?

’T will give a blush

Yet leave no taint:

This rose with natural rouge is fill’d,

From its own dewy leaves distill’d.

Then lady and gentlemen fays, come buy!

You never will meet such a merchant as I!