Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869–1935). Collected Poems. 1921.

V. The Town Down the River

9. Momus

“WHERE’S the need of singing now?”—

Smooth your brow,

Momus, and be reconciled,

For King Kronos is a child—

Child and father,

Or god rather,

And all gods are wild.

“Who reads Byron any more?”—

Shut the door,

Momus, for I feel a draught;

Shut it quick, for some one laughed.—

“What’s become of

Browning? Some of

Wordsworth lumbers like a raft?

“What are poets to find here?”—

Have no fear:

When the stars are shining blue

There will yet be left a few

Themes availing—

And these failing,

Momus, there’ll be you.