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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.


Apt alliteration’s artful aid.

Authors alone, with more than savage rage, / Unnatural war with brother authors wage.

Be England what she will, / With all her faults she is my country still.

But spite of all the criticising elves, / Those that would make us feel, must feel themselves.

Childhood, who like an April morn appears, / Sunshine and rain, hopes clouded o’er with fears.

Children of night, of indigestion bred.Of dreams.

Constant attention wears the active mind, / Blots out her powers, and leaves a blank behind.

Fashion, a word which fools use, / Their knavery and folly to excuse.

Fortune makes folly her peculiar care.

If honour calls, where’er she points the way, / The sons of honour follow and obey.

Knaves starve not in the land of fools.

Learned without sense and venerably dull.

Let ev’ry man enjoy his whim; / What’s he to me or I to him?

Nature listening stood whilst Shakespeare play’d, / And wonder’d at the work herself had made.

No crime is so great as daring to excel.

No statesman e’er will find it worth his pains / To tax our labours and excise our brains.

No two on earth in all things can agree; / All have some darling singularity.

Those who would make us feel must feel themselves.

With curious art the brain, too finely wrought, / Preys on herself, and is destroyed by thought.