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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.


Charm’d with the foolish whistling of a name.

Come, my best friends, my books, and lead me on.

God the first garden made, and the first city Cain.

Heaven bestows / At home all riches that wise Nature needs.

His time is for ever, everywhere his place.

Hope, of all ills that men endure, / The only cheap and universal cure.

If heraldry were guided by reason, a plough in a field arable would be the most noble and ancient arms.

If we engage into a large acquaintance and various familiarities, we set open our gates to the invaders of most of our time.

Love’s of a strangely open simple kind, / And thinks none sees it ’cause itself is blind.

Man is too near all kinds of beasts—a fawning dog, a roaring lion, a thieving fox, a robbing wolf, a dissembling crocodile, a treacherous decoy, a rapacious vulture.

Nothing is there to come, and nothing past, / But an eternal now does always last.

Our yesterday’s to-morrow now is gone, / And still a new to-morrow does come on. / We by to-morrow draw out all our store, / Till the exhausted well can yield no more.

Poverty wants some, luxury many, and avarice all things.

Solitude can be well applied and sit right upon but very few persons. They must have knowledge of the world to see the follies of it, and virtue enough to despise all the vanity.

The total loss of reason is less deplorable than the total depravation of it.

To be a philosopher is but a retreat from the world, as it is man’s, into the world, as it is God’s.

To-day is ours, we have it here,… / To the gods belong to-morrow.

To-morrow will I live, the fool does say: / To-day itself’s too late; the wise lived yesterday.

To-morrow you will live, you always cry; / In what far country does this morrow lie?

When two brethren strings are set alike, / To move them both but one of them we strike.