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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.

Frederick the Great

Der Fürst ist nichts, als der erste Diener des Staates—The prince is nothing but the first servant of the state.

Ein unterrichtetes Volk lässt sich leicht regieren—An educated people can be easily governed.

I go through my appointed daily stage, and I care not for the curs who bark at me along the road.

Ich bin es müde, über Sklaven zu herrschen—I am tired of ruling over slaves.

If there were only one religion in the world, it would be haughtily and licentiously despotic.

Il faut en affrontant l’orage / Penser, vivre et mourir en roi—I must in face of the storm think, live, and die as a king.

In meinem Staate kann jeder nach seiner Façon selig werden—In my dominions every one may be happy in his own fashion.

La montagne est passée, nous irons mieux—We are over the hill; we shall go better now.His last words.

Les âmes privilégiées rangent à l’égal des souverains—Privileged souls rank on a level with princes.

Les talents sont distribués par la nature, sans égard aux généalogies—Talents go by nature, not by birth.

Penser, vivre, et mourir en roi—To think, live, and die as a king.

Sacrificio dell’ intelletto—Sacrifice of intellect.To D’Alembert.

Wenn Moses nicht bei Aaron ist, so macht Aaron—Kälber—If Moses is not with Aaron, then Aaron makes him—calves.

Why such heat (crushing superstition)? Other nonsense, quite equal to it, will be almost sure to follow.To Voltaire.

Wollt ihr immer leben?—Would you live for ever?To his guards, on their complaining of what they thought exposure to unnecessary danger.