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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.


[Greek]—A day will come when the sacred Ilium shall be no more.

[Greek]—As is the generation of leaves, such is that of men.

[Greek]—Even Patroclus is dead, who was much better than thou.

[Greek]—Gift both dainty and dear.

[Greek]—Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is he who conceals one thing in his mind and utters another.

[Greek]—It will not do for a counsellor to sleep all night.

[Greek]—That there should be a multitude of rulers is not good; let one be lord, one be king.

[Greek]—They who eat the fruit of the field.

[Greek]—What has happened even the fool knows.

[Greek]—Zeus, however, does not give effect to all the schemes of man.

Falsehood is folly.

Patroclus is dead, who was better by far than thou.

The gods hearken to him who hearkens to them.

Too much rest itself becomes a pain.