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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.

Latin Proverb

As much love, so much mind, or heart.

Bis dat qui cito dat—He gives twice who gives quickly.

Bonus dux bonum reddit militem—The good general makes good soldiers.

Cutis vulpina consuenda est cum cute leonis—The fox’s skin must be sewed to that of the lion.

De calceo sollicitus, at pedem nihil curans—Anxious about the shoe, but careless about the foot.

Desunt inopiæ multa, avaritiæ omnia—Poverty is in want of many things, avarice of everything.

Dies adimit ægritudinem—Time cures our griefs.

Difficilia quæ pulchra—The really good is of difficult attainment.

Where God gives, envy harms not; and where he gives not, no labour avails.