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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.

M. W. Wood

Let byganes be byganes, / Wha’s huffed at anither, / Dinna cloot the auld days / And the new anes thegither; / Wi’ the fauts and the failings / O’ past years be dune, / Wi a grip o’ fresh freen’ship, / A New-Year begin.

Poor the raiment you may wear, / Scanty fare at best be thine; / Let the soul within be clothed / With a majesty divine.

Think not, dream not that thou livest, / If thy hand doth idly lie, / If thy soul for ever longing, / Yearn but for the by and bye.

Though great the force of little words, / Sped in an evil hour, / As great the might, and great the good, / Of one in Wisdom’s power.