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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.


A cruce salus—Salvation from the cross.

A cuspide corona—From the spear a crown, i.e., honour for military exploits.

A Deo et rege—From God and the king.

Ab uno ad omnes—From one to all.

Ad astra per ardua—To the stars by steep paths.

Addere legi justitiam decus—It is to one’s honour to combine justice with law.

Adversa virtute repello—I repel adversity by valour.

Ægis fortissima virtus—Virtue is the strongest shield.

Æquabiliter et diligenter—By equity and diligence.

Æquam servare mentem—To preserve an even temper.

Æquanimiter—With equanimity.

Æquo animo—With an even or equable mind.

Ah! quam dulce est meminisse—Ah! how sweet it is to remember!

Alis volat propriis—He flies with his own wings.

Alte fert aquila—The eagle bears me on high.

Amor et obœdientia—Love and obedience.

Amour avec loyaulte—Love with loyalty.

Animus non deficit æquus—Equanimity does not fail us.

Aquila non capit muscas—An eagle does not catch flies.

Armé de foi hardi—Bold from being armed with faith.

Arma pacis fulcra—Arms are the props of peace.

Astra castra, numen lumen—The stars my camp, the deity my light.

At spes non fracta—Yet hope is not broken.

Au plaisir fort de Dieu—By the all-powerful will of God.

Aucto splendore resurgo—I rise again with access of splendour.

Auctor pretiosa facit—The giver makes the gift valuable.

Audacter et sincere—Boldly and heartily.

Audio sed taceo—I hear, but say nothing.

Auspicium melioris ævi—The pledge of happier times.

Auxilium ab alto—Help from above.

Auxilium meum a Domino—My help cometh from the Lord.

Avito viret honore—He flourishes with inherited honours.

Aymez loyauté—Love loyalty.

Basis virtutum constantia—Constancy is the basis of all the virtues.

Bellicæ virtutis præmium—The reward of valour in war.

Bene merentibus—To the well-deserving.

Benigno numine—By the favour of Providence.

Bon accord—Good harmony.

Bonis omnia bona—All things are good to the good.

Cœlitus mihi vires—My strength is from heaven.

Cadenti porrigo dextram—I extend my right hand to a falling man.

Candide et caute—With candour and caution.

Candide et constanter—With candour and constancy.

Candide secure—Honesty is the best policy.

Candor dat viribus alas—Candour gives wings to strength.

Cassis tutissima virtus—Virtue is the safest helmet.

Cave paratus—Be on guard while prepared.

Cavendo tutus—Safe by caution.

Cede nullis—Yield to none.

Celer et audax—Swift and daring.

Celer et fidelis—Swift and faithful.

Cernit omnia Dens vindex—God as avenger sees all things.

Certum pete finem—Aim at a definite end.

Che sarà, sarà—What will be, will be.

Ciò che Dio vuole, io voglio—What God wills, I will.

Clarior e tenebris—The brighter from the obscurity.

Comme je fus—As I was.

Comme je trouve—As I find it.

Confido, conquiesco—I trust, and am at rest.

Consequitur quodcunque petit—He attains to whatever he aims at.

Consilio et animis—By counsel and courage.

Constans et fidelitate—Constant and with faithfulness.

Constantia et virtute—By constancy and virtue.

Coronat virtus cultores suos—Virtue crowns her votaries.

Craignez honte—Fear shame.

Cruci dum spiro fido—Whilst I breathe I trust in the cross.

Data fata secutus—Following what is decreed by fate.

De bon vouloir servir le roy—To serve the king with good-will.

De monte alto—From a lofty mountain.

Decori decus addit avito—He adds honour to the honour of his ancestors.

Decrevi—I have decreed.

Decus et tutamen—An honour and defence.

Deo date—Give unto God.

Deo duce, ferro comitante—God my guide, my sword my companion.

Deo duce, fortuna comitante—God for guide, fortune for companion.

Deo ducente—God guiding.

Deo fidelis et regi—Faithful to God and the king.

Deo honor et gloria—To God the honour and glory.

Deo, non fortuna—From God, not fortune.

Deo, optimo maximo—To God, the best and greatest.

Deo, patriæ, amicis—For God, country, and friends.

Deo, regi, patriæ—To God, king, and country.

Deo, regi, vicino—For God, king, and our neighbour.

Deo, reipublicæ, amicis—To God, the state, and friends.

Depressus extollor—Having been depressed, I am exalted.

Detur digniori—Let it be given to the most worthy.

Deum cole, regem serva—Worship God, preserve the king.

Deus major columna—God is the greater support.

Deus mihi providebit—God will provide for me.

Deus omnibus quod sat est suppeditat—God supplies enough to all.

Dieu avec nous—God with us.

Dieu ayde—God help me.

Dieu défend le droit—God defends the right.

Dieu et mon droit—God and my right.

Dieu pour la tranchée, qui contre?—If God is our defence, who is against us?

Dii rexque secundent—May God and the king favour us.

Dirigo—I direct.

Disponendo me, non mutando me—By displacing, not by changing me.

Dominus illuminatio mea—The Lord is my light.

Dominus providebit—The Lord will provide.

Duce et auspice—Under his guidance and auspices.

Ducit amor patriæ—The love of country leads me.

Dulce periculum—Sweet danger.

Dum spiro, spero—While I breathe, I hope.

Dum vivimus, vivamus—While we live, let us live.

Effloresco—I flourish.

En Dieu est ma fiance—In God is my trust.

En Dieu est tout—All depends on God.

En la rose je fleuris—In the rose I flourish.

Ense et aratro—With sword and plough.

Espérance en Dieu—Hope in God.


Et decus et pretium recti—Both the ornament and the reward of virtue.

Et vitam impendere vero—Stake even life for truth.

Ex fide fortis—Strong from faith.

Ex fumo dare lucem—To give light from smoke.

Excitari, non hebescere—To be spirited, not sluggish.

Factum est—It is done.

Fari quæ sentiat—To speak what he thinks.

Fax mentis honestæ gloria—Glory is the torch of an honourable mind.

Fax mentis incendium gloriæ—The flame of glory is the torch of the mind.

Fay ce que voudras—Do as your please.

Feliciter is sapit, qui periculo alieno sapit—He is happily wise who is wise at the expense of another.

Ferro, non gladio—By iron, not by my sword.

Fidélité est de Dieu—Fidelity is of God.

Fide et amore—By faith and love.

Fide et fiducia—By faith and confidence.

Fide et fortitudine—By faith and fortitude.

Fide et literis—By faith and learning.

Fide, non armis—By good faith, not by arms.

Fidei coticula crux—The cross is the touchstone of faith.

Fideli certa merces—The faithful are certain of their reward.

Fidelis ad urnam—Faithful to death (lit. the ashes-urn).

Fidelis et audax—Faithful and intrepid.

Fideliter et constanter—Faithfully and firmly.

Fides probata coronat—Approved faith confers a crown.

Fidus et audax—Faithful and intrepid.

Firmior quo paratior—The stronger the better prepared.

Flecti, non frangi—To bend, not to break.

Forte et fidele—Strong and loyal.

Forte scutum salus ducum—The safety of leaders is a strong shield.

Forti et fideli nihil difficile—To the brave and true nothing is difficult.

Fortis cadere, cedere non potest—A brave man may fall, but cannot yield.

Fortis sub forte fatiscet—A brave man will yield to a brave.

Fortiter et recte—Courageously and honourably.

Fortiter geret crucem—He will bravely support the cross.

Fortiter, fideliter, feliciter—Boldly, faithfully, successfully.

Fortitudini—For bravery.

Fortuna sequatur—Let fortune follow.

Foy est tout—Faith is everything.

Frappe fort—Strike hard.

Fuimus—We have been.

Galea spes salutis—Hope is the helmet of salvation.

Gardez la fol—Guard the faith.

Grandescunt aucta labore—They grow with increase of toil.

Hæc generi incrementa fides—This fidelity will bring new glory to our race.

Hæc omnia transeunt—All these things pass away.

Hæc studia oblectant—These studies are our delight.

Haut et bon—Great and good.

Hoc signo vinces—By this sign (the cross) you will conquer.

Hoc virtutis opus—This is virtue’s work.

Honesta quam splendida—Honourable rather than showy.

Honneur et patrie—Honour and country.

Honor Deo—Honour be to God.

Honor fidelitatis præmium—Honour is the reward of fidelity.

Honor sequitur fugientem—Honour follows him who flies from her.

Hora e sempre—Now and always.

Hostis honori invidia—Envy is honour’s foe.

Humani nihil alienum—Nothing that concerns man is indifferent to me.

I bide my time.

Illæso lumine solem—[To gaze] on the sun with undazzled eye.

Impera parendo—Command by obeying.

In Deo spero—In God I hope.

In ferrum pro libertate ruebant—They rushed upon the sword in defence of their liberty.

In hoc signo spes mea—In this sign is my hope.

In hoc signo vinces—By this sign (the cross) thou shalt conquer.

In omnia paratus—Prepared for all emergencies.

In portu quies—Rest in port.

In sanguine fœdus—A covenant ratified in blood.

In solo Deo salus—Salvation in God alone.

In trinitate robur—My strength lies in trinity (or triunity).

In utraque fortuna paratus—Prepared in any change of fortune.

In utroque fidelis—Faithful in both.

In veritate religionis confido—I confide in the truth of religion.

In veritate victoria—Victory lies with the truth.

Indignante invidia florebit justus—The just man will prosper in spite of envy.

Industria floremus—By industry we flourish.

Inservi Deo et lætare—Serve God and rejoice.

Intaminatis fulget honoribus—He shines with unspotted honours.

Invitum sequitur honos—Honour follows him unsolicited.

J’ai bonne cause—I have good cause or reason.

Jamais abattu—Never cast down.

Jamais arrière—Never behind.

Je le tiens—I hold it.

Je maintiendrai le droit—I will maintain the right.

Je me fie en Dieu—I put my trust in God.

Je n’oublierai jamais—I will never forget.

Je ne change qu’en mourant—I change only when I die.

Je ne cherche qu’un—I seek but one.

Je pense plus—I think more.

Je pense—I think.

Je suis prêt—I am ready.

Je veux de bonne guerre—I am for fairplay in war.

Je veux le droit—I mean to have my right.

Je vis en espoir—I live in hope.

Jesus hominum salvator—Jesus the Saviour of men.

Jour de ma vie—The day of my life.

Jure, non dono—By right, not by gift.

Justi ut sidera fulgent—The just shine as the stars.

Justitiæ soror fides—Faith the sister of justice.

Justitiæ tenax—Tenacious of justice.

Justitia et pax—Justice and peace.

Justitia virtutum regina—Justice is the queen of virtues.

Justus ut palma florebit—The just shall flourish as a palm tree.

Juvante Deo—By the help of God.

L’union fait la force—Union is strength.

Là ou ailleurs—There or elsewhere.

La fortune passe partout—The vicissitudes of fortune are felt everywhere.

La guerre ou l’amour—War or love.

La vertu est la seule noblesse—Virtue is the only true nobility.

Labor ipse voluptas—Labour itself is a pleasure.

Labore et honore—By labour and honour.

Labore vinces—By labour you will conquer.

Labore—By labour.

Lateat scintillula forsan—A small spark may perhaps lurk unseen.

Laus Deo—Praise be to God.

Le bon temps viendra—The good time will come.

Le jour viendra—The day will come.

Le roy et l’état—The king and the state.

Leser, wie gefall’ ich dir? / Leser, wie gefällst du mir?—Reader, how please I thee? Reader, how pleasest thou me?

Leve incommodum tolerandum est—A slight inconvenience must be endured.

Liberté toute entière—Liberty perfectly entire.

Libertas in legibus—Liberty under the laws.

Libertas sub rege pio—Liberty under a pious king.


Loyal à la mort—Loyal to death.

Loyal en tout—Loyal in all.

Loyal je serai durant ma vie—I will be loyal during my life.

Loyauté m’oblige—Loyalty binds me.

Loyauté n’a honte—Loyalty feels no shame.

Magistratus indicat virum—Office shows the man.

Magnanimiter crucem sustine—Bear up bravely under the cross.

Maintien le droit—Maintain the right.

Malo mori quam fœdari—I had rather die than be disgraced.

Manibus victoria dextris—Victory by my right hand.

Manners make the man.

Manu forti—With a strong hand.

Manus hæc inimica tyrannis—This hand is hostile to tyrants.

Mare ditat, rosa decorat—The sea enriches, the rose adorns.

Mediocria firma—The middle station is the most secure.

Memor et fidelis—Mindful and faithful.

Memoria in æterna—In eternal remembrance.

Mens æqua rebus in arduis—Equanimity in arduous enterprises.

Mens cujusque est quisque—The mind of the man is the man.

Mieux serra—Better times are coming.

Mon Dieu est ma roche—My God is my rock.

Mone sale—Advise with salt, i.e., with discretion.

Mors potius macula—Death rather than disgrace.

Munit hæc, et altera vincit—This defends and the other conquers.

Murus æneus conscientia sana—A sound conscience is a wall of brass.

Mutare vel timere sperno—I disdain either to change or to fear.

N’oubliez—Do not forget.

Ne nimium—Not too much.

Ne obliviscaris—Do not forget.

Ne quid nimis—Let there be no excess.

Ne tentes, aut perfice—Either attempt not, or go through with it.

Ne vile fano—Bring nothing base to the temple.

Ne vile velis—Incline to nothing vile.

Nec aspera terrent—Not even hardships deter us.

Nec cupias, nec metuas—Neither desire nor fear.

Nec habeo, nec careo, nec curo—I neither have, nor want, nor care.

Nec male notus eques—A knight of good repute.

Nec placida contentus quiete est—Nor is he contented with quiet repose.

Nec pluribus impar—Not an unequal match for numbers.

Nec prece nec pretio—Neither by entreaty nor by a bribe.

Nec quærere nec spernere honorem—Neither to seek nor to despise honours.

Nec regi nec populo, sed utrique—Neither for king nor for people, but for both.

Nec soli cedit—He yields not even to the sun.

Nec temere nec timide—Neither rashly nor timidly.

Nec timeo, nec sperno—I neither fear nor despise.

Nil nisi cruce—No hope but in the cross.

Nisi Dominus, frustra—Unless the Lord be with us, all is vain.

Nobilitatis virtus non stemma character—Virtue, not pedigree, should characterise nobility.

Noblesse oblige—Rank imposes obligation.

Noli irritare leones—Don’t irritate lions.

Non credo tempori—I trust not to time.

Non fumum ex fulgore, sed ex fumo dare lucem—Not to educe smoke from splendour, but light from smoke.

Non generant aquilæ columbas—Eagles do not beget doves.

Non hæc sine numine—These things are not without sanction of the Deity.

Non immemor beneficii—Not unmindful of kindness.

Non revertar inultus—I will not return unavenged.

Non sibi sed patriæ—Not for himself, but for his country.

Non sine numine—Not without the Divine approval.

Nos nostraque Deo—Both we and ours are God’s.

Nous maintiendrons—We will maintain.

Nulla pallescere culpa—Not to grow pale at imputation of guilt.

Nullius in verba—At no man’s dictation.

Nunc aut nunquam—Now or never.

Nunquam non paratus—Never unprepared.

Nunquam retrorsum—Never go back.

Omnia desuper—All things come from above.

Opera illius mea sunt—His works are mine.

Opes regura, corda subditorum—The wealth of kings is in the affections of their subjects.

Opiferque per orbem dicor—I am known over the world as the helper.

Ora et labora—Pray and work.

Orando laborando—By prayer and labour.

Oublier ne puis—I can never forget.

Palma non sine pulvere—The palm, but not without a struggle.

Palma virtuti—The palm to virtue.

Palmam qui meruit ferat—Let him bear the palm that deserves it.

Par ternis suppar—The two are equal to the three.

Parta tueri—Defend what you have won.

Parvum non parvè amicitiæ pignus—A slight pledge of no small friendship.

Passe avant—Pass ahead.

Patience passe science—Patience surpasses knowledge.

Patitur qui vincit—He suffers who conquers.

Patriæ infelici fidelis—Faithful to my unhappy country.

Patria cara, carior libertas—Dear is my country, but liberty is dearer.

Paullatim—By degrees.

Pauperum solatio—For the solace of the poor.

Pax in bello—Peace in war.

Pensez à bien—Think of good.

Per acuta belli—Through the perils of war.

Per angusta ad augusta—Through hardship to triumph.

Per ardua liberi—Free through difficulty.

Per aspera ad astra—Over rough paths to the stars.

Per Deum et ferrum obtinui—I have obtained it by God and my sword.

Per il suo contrario—By its opposite.

Per mare per terram—By sea and land.

Per vias rectas—By direct ways.

Perseverando—By persevering.

Perseverantia—By perseverance.

Pie repone te—Repose in pious confidence.

Porro unum est necessarium—But one thing is needful.

Post nubila Phœbus—After clouds the sun.

Post prælia præmia—After battle rewards.

Post tenebras lux—After darkness light.

Post tot naufragia portum—After so many shipwrecks we reach port.

Pour bien désirer—To desire good.

Pour parvenir à bonne foy—To succeed honourably.

Pour y parvenir—To carry your point.

Præcedentibus insta—Follow close on those who precede.

Præmia virtutis honores—Honours are the rewards of virtue.

Præsis ut prosis—Be first, that you may be of service.

Præsto et persto—I press on and persevere.

Prêt d’accomplir—Ready to accomplish.

Prêt pour mon pays—Ready for my country.

Prends moi tel que je suis—Take me as I am.

Pristinæ virtutis memores—Mindful of ancient valour.

Pro Christo et patria—For Christ and country.

Pro Deo et rege—For God and king.

Pro libertate patriæ—For the liberty of my country.

Pro patria et rege—For king and country.

Pro rege et patria—For king and country.

Pro rege, lege, et grege—For king, law, and people.

Pro virtute bellica—For valour in war.

Probitas verus honos—Integrity is true honour.

Probitate et labore—By honesty and labour.

Probum non pœnitet—The upright man has no regrets.

Prodesse quam conspici—To be of service rather than to be conspicuous.

Propositi tenax—Tenacious of my purpose.

Prudens qui patiens—He is prudent who has patience.

Prudens simplicitas—A prudent simplicity.

Prudentia et constantia—By prudence and constancy.

Publicum meritorum præmium—The public reward for public services.

Quæ amissa salva—Things which have been lost are safe.

Quæ sursum volo videre—I desire to see the things which are above.

Quærens quem devoret—Seeking some one to devour.

Qualis vita, finis ita—As a man’s life is, so is the end.

Quem te Deus esse jussit—What God bade you be.

Qui conducit—He who leads.

Qui invidet minor est—He who envies another is his inferior.

Qui parcit virgæ odit filium—He that spareth his rod hates the child.

Qui patitur vincit—He who endures conquers.

Qui pense—He who thinks.

Quid clarius astris?—What is brighter than the stars?

Quis separabit?—Who shall separate?

Quo fata vocant—Whither the Fates call.

Quod eorum minimis mihi—As to the least of these, so to me.

Quod potui perfeci—What I could I have done.

Quod sursum volo videre—I wish to see that which is above.

Quod verum tutum—What is true is safe.

Quondam his vicimus armis—We formerly conquered with these arms.

Recte et suaviter—Uprightly and mildly.

Renascentur—They will rise again.

Renovate animos—Renew your courage.

Resurgam—I shall rise again.

Retinens vestigia famæ—Retracing the footsteps of fame.

Rinasce più gloriosa—It rises more glorious than ever.

S’échauffer au dépens du bon Dieu—To warm one’s self in the sun (lit. at the expense of the good god).

Sal sapit omnia—Salt seasons everything.

Salus per Christum redemptorem—Salvation through Christ the Redeemer.

Sane baro—A baron indeed.

Sans tache—Without stain.

Sapere aude—Dare to be wise.

Sapiens qui prospicit—He is wise who looks ahead.

Scherze nicht mit Ernst—Jest not in earnest.

Scio cui credidi—I know in whom I have believed.

Scoglio immoto contro le onde sta—He stands like a rock unmoved against the waves.

Scribere scientes—Knowing, or skilled, in writing.

Secret et hardi—Secret and bold.

Secundis dubiisque rectus—Uptight, whether in prosperous or in critical circumstances.

Semper ad eventum festinat—He always hastens to the goal, or issue.

Semper eadem—Always the same.

Semper fidelis—Always faithful.

Semper idem—Always the same.

Semper paratus—Always ready.

Sequor nec inferior—I follow, but am not inferior.

Sero sed serio—Late, but seriously.

Serva jugum—Preserve the yoke.

Servabo fidem—I will keep faith.

Servata fides cineri—Faithful to the memory of my ancestors.

Si je puis—If I can.

Sic donec—Thus until.

Sicut columba—As a dove.

Sicut lilium—As a lily.

Sit sine labe decus—Let my honour be without stain.

Socius fidelis anchora tuta est—A faithful companion is a sure anchor.

Sola Deo salus—Safety is from God alone.

Sola juvat virtus—Virtue alone assists.

Sola nobilitas virtus—Virtue is the only nobility.

Sola virtus invicta—Virtue alone is invincible.

Soli Deo gloria—To God alone be glory.

Soli Deo honor et gloria—To God alone lie honour and glory.

Solo Deo salus—Salvation from God alone.

Soyez ferme—Be firm.

Spectemur agendo—Let us be tried by our actions.

Speravi—I have hoped.

Spero meliora—I hope for better things.

Spes mea Christus—Christ is my hope.

Spes mea in Deo—My hope is in God.

Spes tutissima cœlis—The safest hope is in heaven.

Stant cætera tigno—The rest stand on a beam.

Statio bene fida carinis—A safe harbourage for ships.

Stet fortuna domus—May the fortune of the house stand.

Sto pro veritate—I stand in the defence of truth.

Studiis et rebus honestis—By honourable studies and occupations.

Suaviter et fortiter—Mildly and firmly.

Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re—Gentle in manner, resolute in deed.

Sub cruce candida—Under the pure white cross.

Sub cruce salus—Salvation under the cross.

Sub hoc signo vinces—Under this sign (the cross) thou shalt conquer.

Suis stat viribus—He stands by his own strength.

Suivez raison—Follow reason.

Sur esperance—In hope.

Surgit post nubila Phœbus—The sun rises after the clouds.

Sustine et abstine—Bear and forbear.

Suum cuique—To every man his due.

Tâche sans tache—A task, or work, without a blemish.

Tandem fit surculus arbor—A twig in time becomes a tree.

Tarde sed tute—Slow but sure.

Te digna sequere—Follow what is worthy of thee.

Tempus rerum imperator—Time is sovereign over all things.

Tenax et fidelis—Steadfast and faithful.

Tenax propositi—Tenacious of his purpose.

Tenebo—I will hold.

Tiens à la vérité—Stick to the truth.

Tiens à ta foy—Hold to thy faith.

Timet pudorem—He fears shame.

Timor Domini fons vitæ—The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life.

Tot rami quot arbores—So many branches, so many trees.

Toujours propice—Always propitious.

Toujours tout droit, Dieu t’aidera!—Always straightforward, and God will help you!


Tout bien ou rien—All or nothing.

Tout d’en haut—All from above.

Tout vient de Dieu—Everything comes from God.

Tria juncta in uno—Three joined in one.

Trinitas in Trinitate—Trinity in Trinity.

Tu vincula frange—Break thy chains.

Tu, Domine, gloria mea—Thou, O Lord, art my glory.

Tuebor—I will protect.

Turris fortissima est nomen Jehovah—A most strong tower is the name of Jehovah.

Tuum est—It is thine.

Ubi lapsus? Quid feci?—Where have I made slip? What have I done?

Ubique patriam reminisci—I remember my country everywhere.


Un Dieu, un roy—One God, one king.

Ung je servirai—One will I serve.

Ung roy, ung foy, ung loy—One king, one faith, one law.

Unitate fortior—Stronger by being united.

Uno avulso non deficit alter—If one is torn away, another takes its place.

Unus et idem—One and the same.

Ut prosim—That I may benefit others.

Vérité sans peur—Truth without fear.

Vaillant et veillant—Valiant and on the watch.

Valet anchora virtus—Virtue is a sure anchor.

Ver non semper viret—The spring does not always flourish.

Verbum Dei manet in æternum—The command of God endures through eternity.

Veritas et virtus vincunt—Truth and virtue conquer.

Veritas victrix—Truth the conqueror.

Veritas vincit—Truth conquers.

Via crucis, via lucis—The way of the cross is the way of light.

Via media—A middle way or course; any middle course.

Victoriæ gloria merces—Glory is the reward of victory.

Victoria concordia crescit—Victory is increased by concord.

Vigilantibus—To those that watch.

Vincit omnia veritas—Truth conquers all things.

Vincit qui se vincit—He is a conqueror who conquers himself.

Virescit vulnere virtus—Virtue flourishes from a wound.

Viret in æternum—It flourishes for ever.

Virtus ariete fortior—Virtue is stronger than a battering-ram.

Virtus in actione consistit—Virtue consists in action.

Virtus mille scuta—Virtue is as good as a thousand shields.

Virtus probata florebit—Approved virtue will flourish.

Virtus requiei nescia sordidæ—Virtue which knows no mean repose.

Virtus semper viridis—Virtue is always flourishing (lit. green).

Virtus sola nobilitat—Virtue alone confers nobility.

Virtus vincit invidiam—Virtue subdues envy.

Virtute et opera—By virtue and industry.

Virtute quies—In virtue there is tranquillity.

Virtute, non astutia—By virtue, not by cunning.

Virtute, non verbis—By virtue, not by words.

Virtuti nihil obstat et armis—Nothing can withstand valour and arms.

Virtuti non armis fido—I trust to virtue, not to arms.

Virtutis avorum præmium—The reward of the valour of my forefathers.

Virtutis fortuna comes—Fortune is the companion of valour.

Vis unita fortior—Power is strengthened by union.

Vitæ via virtus—Virtue is the way of life.

Vita hominis sine literis mors est—Life without letters is death.

Vive ut vivas—Live that you may live.

Vive, valeque—Long life to you and farewell.

Vivere sat vincere—To conquer is to live enough.

Vivit post funera virtus—Virtue survives the grave.

Vix ea nostra voco—I scarcely call these things our own.

Volo non valeo—I am willing but unable.

Vota vita mea—My life is devoted.