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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.

Prof. Drummond

God’s way of making worlds is to make them make themselves.

If a barrel-organ in a slum can but drown a curse, let no Christian silence it.

Loveliness does more than destroy ugliness; it destroys matter. A mere touch of it in a room, in a street, even on a door-knocker, is a spiritual force.

The thing to be anxious about is not to be right with man, but with mankind.

Time was when a Christian used to apologise for being happy. But the day has always been when he ought to apologise for being miserable.

Tinsel reflects the sun, but warms nothing.

To see some small soul pirouetting throughout life on a single text, and judging all the world because it cannot find a partner, is not a Christian sight.

What God does all day is not to sit waiting in churches for people to come and worship him.

Why should the Garment of Praise destroy the Spirit of Heaviness? Because an old woman cannot sing and cry at the same moment … one emotion destroys another.