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James Wood, comp. Dictionary of Quotations. 1899.

He that ceases to He who does a good deed

He that ceases to be a friend never was a good one.Proverb.

He that claims, either in himself or for another, the honours of perfection will surely injure the reputation which he designs to assist.Johnson.

He that climbs the tall tree has won a right to the fruit: / He that leaps the wide gulf should prevail in his suit.Scott.

He that comes unca’d (uninvited) sits unsair’d (unserved).Scotch Proverb.

He that cometh to seek after knowledge with a mind to scorn and censure, shall be sure to find matter for his humour, but none for his instruction.Bacon.

He that complies against his will, / Is of the same opinion still.Butler.

He that conquers himself conquers an enemy.Gaelic Proverb.

He that cuts himself wilfully deserves no salve.Proverb.

He that defers his charity until he is dead is, if a man weighs it rightly, rather liberal of another man’s goods than his own.Bacon.

He that descends not to word it with a shrew does worse than beat her.L’Estrange.

He that deserves nothing should be content with anything.Proverb.

He that dies, pays all debts.Tempest, iii. 2.

He that does a base thing in zeal for his friend burns the golden thread that ties their hearts together.Jeremy Taylor.

He that does not knot his thread will lose his first stitch.Gaelic.

He that does not know those things which are of use and necessity for him to know, is but an ignorant man, whatever he may know besides.Tillotson.

He that does what he can, does what he ought.Proverb.

He that does you a very ill turn will never forgive you.Proverb.

He that doeth evil hateth the light.Jesus.

He that doeth truth cometh to the light.St. John.

He that doth not plough at home won’t plough abroad.Gaelic Proverb.

He that doth the ravens feed, / Yea, providently caters for the sparrow, / Be comfort to my age.As You Like It, ii. 3.

He that eats longest lives longest.Proverb.

He that endureth is not overcome.Proverb.

He that, ever following her (Duty’s) commands, / On with toil of heart and knees and hands, / Thro’ the long gorge to the far light has won / His path upward, and prevail’d, / Shall find the toppling crags of Duty scaled, / Are close upon the shining tablelands / To which our God Himself is moon and sun.Tennyson.

He that falls into sin, is a man; that grieves at it, is a saint; that boasteth of it, is a devil; yet some glory in that shame, counting the stains of sin the best complexion of their souls.Fuller.

He that feareth is not made perfect in love.St. John.

He that fights and runs away / May live to fight another day.Goldsmith.

He that fliches from me my good name / Robs me of that which not enriches him, / And makes me poor indeed.Othello, iii. 3.

He that finds something before it is lost will die before he falls ill.Dutch Proverb.

He that flees not will be fled from.Gaelic Proverb.

He that gallops his horse on Blackstone edge / May chance to catch a fall.Old song.

He that gets gear (wealth) before he gets wit, is but a short time master o’ it.Scotch Proverb.

He that gets patience, and the blessing which / Preachers conclude with, hath not lost his pains.George Herbert.

He that gives to the poor lends to the Lord.Proverb.

He that goes a-borrowing goes a-sorrowing.Proverb.

He that goes softly goes safely.Proverb.

He that grasps at too much holds nothing fast.Proverb.

He that has a head of wax should not walk in the sun.Proverb.

He that has a head will not want a hat.Italian Proverb.

He that has a wife has a master.Scotch Proverb.

He that has ae sheep in a flock will like a’ the lave (rest) better for ’t.Scotch Proverb.

He that has an ill wife likes to eat butter (but her, i.e., without her).Scotch Proverb.

He that has been taught only by himself has had a fool for a master.Ben Jonson.

He that has just enough can soundly sleep; / The o’ercome only fashes fowk to keep.Allan Ramsay.

He that has light within his own clear breast may sit in the centre and enjoy bright day.Milton.

He that has lost his faith, what staff has he left?Bacon.

He that has muckle would aye hae mair.Scotch Proverb.

He that has no head needs no hat.Spanish Proverb.

He that has no sense at thirty will never have any.Proverb.

He that has no shame has no conscience.Proverb.

He that has siller in his purse canna want (do without) a head on his shoulders.Scotch Proverb.

He that has to choose has trouble.Dutch Proverb.

He that hateth gifts shall live.Bible.

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.Much Ado, ii. 1.

He that hath a satirical vein, as he maketh others afraid of his wit, so he hath need to be afraid of others memory.Bacon.

He that hath a trade hath an estate, and he that hath a calling hath an office of profit and honour.Ben. Franklin.

He that hath a wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; for they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief.Bacon.

He that hath but gained the title of a jester, let him assure himself the fool is not far off.Quarles.

He that hath care of keeping days of payment is lord of another man’s purse.Lord Burleigh.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.Jesus.

He that hath gained an entire conquest over himself will find no mighty difficulties to subdue all other opposition.Thomas à Kempis.

He that hath knowledge spareth his words.Bible.

He that hath mercy on the poor, happy is he.Bible.

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls.Bible.

He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth to the Lord.Bible.

He that hath sense hath strength.Hitopadesa.

He that hears much and speaks not at all, / Shall be welcome both in bower and hall.Proverb.

He that high growth on cedars did bestow, / Gave also lowly mushrooms leave to grow.R. Southwell.

He that hinders not a mischief is guilty of it.Proverb.

He that humbles himself shall be exalted.Proverb.

He that imposes an oath makes it, / Not he that for convenience takes it.Butler.

He that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.Bible.

He that invented the Maiden, first hanselled it, i.e., first put it to the proof. (The Maiden was a kind of guillotine).Scotch Proverb.

He that is a friend to himself is a friend to all men.Seneca.

He that is born of a hen must scrape for a living.Proverb.

He that is courteous at all, will be courteous to all.Gaelic Proverb.

He that is discontented and troubled is tossed with divers suspicions; he is neither quiet himself, nor suffereth others to be quiet.Thomas à Kempis.

He that is doing nothing is seldom without helpers.Proverb.

He that is down needs fear no fall; / He that is low no pride.Bunyan.

He that is down, the world cries “Down with him!”Proverb.

He that is embarked with the devil must sail with him.Dutch Proverb.

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much; and he that is unjust in the least, is unjust also in the much.Jesus.

He that is full of himself is very empty.Proverb.

He that is ill to himself will be good to nobody.Proverb.

He that is not against us is on our part.Jesus.

He that is not handsome at twenty, strong at thirty, rich at forty, nor wise at fifty, will never be handsome, strong, wise, or rich.Proverb.

He that is not open to conviction is not qualified for discussion.Whately.

He that is not with me is against me.Jesus.

He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.Bible.

He that is proud eats up himself; pride is his own glass, his own trumpet, his own chronicle; and whatever praises itself but in the deed devours the deed in the praise.Troil. and Cress., ii. 3.

He that is robb’d, not wanting what is stolen, / Let him not know ’t, and he’s not robb’d at all.Othello, iii. 3.

He that is ready to slip is as a lamp despised in the thought of him that is at ease.Bible.

He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit, than he that taketh a city.Bible.

He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding.Bible.

He that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.St. Paul.

He that is surety for another, is never sure himself.Proverb.

He that is the inferior of nothing can be the superior of nothing, the equal of nothing.Carlyle.

He that is tied with one slender string, such as one resolute struggle would break, is prisoner only to his own sloth; and who would pity his thraldom?Decay of Piety.

He that is to-day a king, to-morrow shall die.Ecclesiasticus.

He that is violent in the pursuit of pleasure won’t mind to turn villain for the purchase.M. Aurelius.

He that is well-ordered and disposed within himself careth not for the strange and perverse behaviour of men.Thomas à Kempis.

He that keeks (pries) through a keyhole may see what will vex him.Scotch Proverb.

He that keepeth his way preserveth his soul.Bible.

He that kills a man when he is drunk must be hanged for it when he is sober.Proverb.

He that knoweth not that which he ought to know, is a brute beast among men; he that knoweth no more than he hath need of, is a man among brute beasts; and he that knoweth all that may be known, is a god amongst men.Pythagoras.

He that knows a little of the world will admire it enough to fall down and worship it; he that knows it most will most despise it.Colton.

He that knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep. Arouse him.Arabian Proverb.

He that knows, and knows that he knows, is wise. Follow him.Arabian Proverb.

He that knows is strong.Gaelic Proverb.

He that knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is stupid. Shun him.Arabian Proverb.

He that knows not, and knows that he knows not, is good. Teach him.Arabian Proverb.

He that lacks time to mourn lacks time to mend.Sir H. Taylor.

He that lies down with dogs will rise up with fleas.Proverb.

He that lives in perpetual suspicion lives the life of a sentinel, of a sentinel never relieved.Young.

He that lives longest sees most.Gaelic Proverb.

He that lives must grow old; and he that would rather grow old than die, has God to thank for the infirmities of old age.Johnson.

He that lives upon hopes will die fasting.Ben. Franklin.

He that lives with cripples learns to limp.Proverb.

He that lives with wolves will learn to howl.Proverb.

He that loses his conscience has nothing left that is worth keeping.Izaak Walton.

He that loves Christianity better than truth will soon love his own sect or party better than Christianity.Coleridge.

He that loves God aright must not desire that God should love him in return—i.e., love to God, as to man, should be entirely unselfish.Spinoza.

He that loveth a book will never want a faithful friend, a wholesome counsellor, a cheerful companion, an effectual comforter.Isaac Barrow.

He that loveth danger shall perish therein.Ecclesiasticus.

He that loveth father and mother more than me is not worthy of me.Jesus.

He that loveth not his brother, whom he hath seen, how can he love God, whom he hath not seen?St. John.

He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man.Bible.

He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance with increase.Bible.

He that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.Bible.

He that marries before he is wise will die before he thrive.Scotch Proverb.

He that marries for money sells his liberty.Proverb.

He that meddleth with strife belonging not to him is like one that taketh a dog by the ears.Bible.

He that needs five thousand pound to live, / Is full as poor as he that needs but five.George Herbert.

He that never thinks can never be wise.Johnson.

He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.Bible.

He that on pilgrimages goeth ever, / Becometh holy late or never.Proverb.

He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.Bible.

He that pities another minds himsel’.Scotch Proverb.

He that prieth in at her windows shall also hearken at her doors.Ecclesiasticus.

He that promises too much means nothing.Proverb.

He that purposes to be happy by the affection or acquaintance of the best, the greatest man alive, will always find his mind unsettled and perplexed.Thomas à Kempis.

He that questioneth much will learn much.Bacon.

He that revels in a well-chosen library has innumerable dishes, and all of admirable flavour.W. Godwin.

He that ruleth among men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.Bible.

He that runs in the dark may well stumble.Proverb.

He that runs may read.Proverb.

He that seeks others to beguile, / Is oft o’ertaken in his own wile.Proverb.

He that seeks to have many friends never has any.Italian Proverb.

He that serves the altar should live by the altar.Proverb.

He that shuts his eyes against a small light would not be brought to see that which he had no mind to see, let it be placed in never so clear a light and never so near him.Atterbury.

He that sows in the highway loses his corn.Proverb.

He that sows iniquity shall reap sorrow.Proverb.

He that spares the bad injures the good.Proverb.

He that spares the rod spoils the child.Proverb.

He that speaks the thing he should not / Must often hear the thing he would not.Proverb.

He that speaks the truth will find himself in sufficiently dramatic situations.Prof. Wilson.

He that spends his gear (property) before he gets it will hae little gude o’t.Scotch Proverb.

He that stands upon a slippery place / Makes nice of no vain hold to stay him up.King John, iii. 4.

He that steals a preen (pin) will steal a better thing.Scotch Proverb.

He that steals for others will be hanged for himself.Proverb.

He that strikes with the sword shall perish by the sword.Proverb.

He that studieth revenge keepeth his own wounds green.Bacon.

He that takes away reason to make way for revelation puts out the light of both.Locke.

He that talks deceitfully for truth must hurt it more by his example than he promotes it by his arguments.Atterbury.

He that talks much errs much.Proverb.

He that talks much lies much.Proverb.

He that tholes (bears up) o’ercomes.Scotch Proverb.

He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread.Bible.

He that turns not from every sin, turns not aright from any one sin.Brooks.

He that undervalues himself will undervalue others, and he that undervalues others will oppress them.Johnson.

He that voluntarily continues ignorant is guilty of all the crimes which ignorance produces.Johnson.

He that waits long at the ferry will get over some time.Gaelic Proverb.

He that walketh uprightly walks surely.Bible.

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.Bible.

He that wants good sense is unhappy in having learning, for he has thereby only more ways of exposing himself; and he that has sense knows that learning is not knowledge, but rather the art of using it.Steele.

He that wants money, means, and content is without three good friends.As You Like It, iii. 2.

He that will be angry for anything will be angry for nothing.Sallust.

He that will believe only what he can fully comprehend must have a very long head or a very short creed.Colton.

He that will carry nothing about him but gold will be every day at a loss for readier change.Pope.

He that will have his son have a respect for him must have a great reverence for his son.Locke.

He that will lose his friend for a jest, deserves to die a beggar by the bargain.Fuller.

He that will love life and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile.St. Peter.

He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot, is a fool; and he that dare not, is a slave.Sir W. Drummond.

He that will not when he may, / When he will he shall have nay.Proverb.

He that will not work shall not eat.Proverb.

He that will to Cupar, maun to Cupar—i.e., he that will to jail, must to jail.Scotch Proverb.

He that will watch Providence will never want a Providence to watch.Flavel.

He that winketh with the eye causeth sorrow.Bible.

He that winna be counselled canna be helped.Scotch Proverb.

He that winna save a penny will ne’er hae ony.Scotch Proverb.

He that won’t plough at home won’t plough abroad.Gaelic Proverb.

He that would be rich in a year will be hanged in half a year.Proverb.

He that would be singular in his apparel had need of something superlative to balance that affectation.Feltham.

He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of the hens.Proverb.

He that would have his virtue published is not the servant of virtue, but of glory.Johnson.

He that would live in peace and rest / Must hear, and see, and say the best.Proverb.

He that would reap well must sow well.Proverb.

He that would reckon up all the accidents preferments depend upon, may as well undertake to count the sands or sum up infinity.South.

He that would relish success to purpose should keep his passion cool and his expectation low.Collier.

He that would reproach an author for obscurity should look into his own mind to see whether it is quite clear there. In the dusk the plainest writing is illegible.Goethe.

He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill.Burke.

He that wrongs his friend / Wrongs himself more, and ever bears about / A silent court of justice in his breast, / Himself the judge and jury, and himself / The prisoner at the bar, ever condemned.Tennyson.

He the cross who longest bears / Finds his sorrow’s bounds are set.Winkworth.

He thinks no evil who means no evil.Gaelic Proverb.

He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.Julius Cæsar, i. 2.

He thought as a sage though he felt as a man.J. Beattie.

He thought he thought, and yet he did not think, / But only echoed still the common talk, / As might an empty room.Walter C. Smith.

He thought the World to him was known, / Whereas he only knew the Town; / In men this blunder still you find, / All think their little set—Mankind.Hannah More.

He travels safe and not unpleasantly who is guarded by poverty and guided by love.Sir P. Sidney.

He trudged along, unknowing what he sought, / And whistled as he went, for want of thought.Dryden.

He wants wit that wants resolved will.Two Gent. of Verona, ii. 6.

He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.Swift.

He was a man, take him for all in all, / I shall not look upon his like again.Hamlet, i. 2.

He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one; / Exceeding wise, fair spoken, and persuading; / Lofty and sour to them that loved him not; / But to those men that sought him, sweet as summer.Henry VIII., iv. 2.

He was exhaled; his great Creator drew / His spirit, as the sun the morning dew.Dryden.

He was my friend, faithful and just to me.Julius Cæsar, iii. 2.

He was not of an age, but for all Time, / Sweet Swan of Avon.Ben Jonson.

He was perfumed like a milliner, / And ’twixt his finger and his thumb he held / A pouncet-box, which ever and anon / He gave his nose, and took ’t away again.1 Henry IV., i. 3.

He was scant o’ news that told that his father was hanged.Scotch Proverb.

He was the Word that spake it; / He took the bread and brake it; / And what that Word did make it, / I do believe and take it.Dr. Donne.

He wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat.Much Ado, i. 1.

He wha eats but (only) ae dish seldom needs the doctor.Scotch Proverb.

He who asks a favour for another has the confidence which a sense of justice inspires; while he who solicits for himself experiences all the embarrassment and shame of one appealing for mercy.La Bruyère.

He who avoids the temptation avoids the sin.Proverb.

He who begins with trusting every one will end with estimating every one a knave.Hebbel.

He who breaks confidence has for ever forfeited it.Schopenhauer.

He who can at all times sacrifice pleasure to duty approaches sublimity.Lavater.

He who can conceal his joys is greater than he who can conceal his griefs.Lavater.

He who can enjoy the intimacy of the great, and on no occasion disgust them by familiarity or disgrace them by servility, proves that he is as perfect a gentleman by nature as his companions are by rank.Colton.

He who cannot bear foes deserves no friend.Schafer.

He who cannot profit you as a friend may at any time injure you as an enemy.Gellert.

He who carries his heart on his tongue runs the risk of expectorating it.Saar.

He who ceases to grow greater grows smaller.Amiel.

He who ceases to pray ceases to prosper.Proverb.

He who coldly lives to himself and his own will may gratify many a wish, but he who strives to guide others well must be able to dispense with much.Goethe.

He who combines every defect will be more likely to find favour in the world than the man who is possessed of every virtue.French Proverb.

He who comes up to his own ideal of greatness must always have had a very low standard of it in his mind.Hazlitt.

He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it.Plato.

He who conforms to the rule which the genius of the human understanding whispers secretly in the ear of every new-born being, viz., to test action by thought and thought by action, cannot err; and if he errs, he will soon find himself again in the right way.Goethe.

He who considers too much will accomplish little.Schiller.

He who deals with honey will sometimes be licking his fingers.Proverb.

He who despises mankind will never get the best out of either others or himself.Tocqueville.

He who did well in war just earns the right / To begin doing well in peace.Browning.

He who does a good deed is instantly ennobled; he who does a mean deed, is by the action itself contracted.Emerson.