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James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

May 29

A Short Hymn upon the Birth of Prince Charles

By Henry Wotton (1568–1639)

  • Charles II. of England born on May 29, 1630.

  • YOU that on stars do look,

    Arrest not there your sight,

    Though Nature’s fairest book,

    And signed with propitious light;

    Our blessing now is more divine

    Than planets that at noon did shine.

    To Thee alone be praise,

    From whom our joy descends,

    Thou cheerer of our days,

    Of causes first, and last of ends:

    To Thee this May we sing, by whom

    Our roses from the lilies bloom.

    Upon this royal flower,

    Sprung from the chastest bed,

    Thy glorious sweetness shower;

    And first let myrtles crown his head,

    Then palms and laurels wreathed between:

    But let the cypress late be seen.

    And so succeeding men,

    When they the fulness see

    Of this our joy, shall then

    In consort join, as well as we,

    To celebrate His praise above

    That spreads our land with fruits of love.