James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

November 29

At Chappaqua

By Joel Benton (1832–1911)

  • Horace Greeley died Nov. 29, 1872.

  • HIS cherished woods are mute. The stream glides down

    The hill as when I knew it years ago;

    The dark, pine arbor with its priestly gown

    Stands hushed, as if our grief it still would show;

    The silver springs are cupless, and the flow

    Of friendly feet no more bereaves the grass,

    For he is absent who was wont to pass

    Along this wooded path. His axe’s blow

    No more disturbs the impertinent bole or bough;

    Nor moves his pen our heedless nation now,

    Which, sworn to justice, stirred the people so.

    In some far world his much-loved face must glow

    With rapture still. This breeze once fanned his brow.

    This is the peaceful Mecca all men know!