James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

January 14

Cardinal Manning

By From London Punch

  • The middle of the nineteenth century saw a great movement in England towards the Church of Rome. Among the many well-known converts was Henry E. Manning, who had been a clergyman in the Church of England for over fifteen years. He entered the Roman priesthood and was ultimately made Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. He died Jan. 14, 1892.

  • ONE more great Voice gone silent! Friends or foes,

    None well could watch that long life’s gentle close

    Without a softening thrill.

    A valiant champion of the faith he held,

    No conflict ever his strong courage quelled,

    Or shook his steadfast will.

    Yet, were that all, some well might turn away

    With custom’s passing courtliness, to-day.

    And bid a cold farewell

    To the great priest, shrewd marshaller of men,

    Subtle of verbal fence with tongue or pen,

    Ascetic of the cell—

    But there was more: and many a hundred hearts,

    Who not in cleric conflict played their parts,

    Will mourn him well and long.

    Friend of the poor, apart from creed or clique,

    And ardent champion of the struggling weak

    Against the selfish strong.

    Toiler for Temperance, hastener on of Light,

    In many a fray where right’s at odds with might,

    Might’s foes will miss their friend.

    Farewell! it moves the common heart to heart

    The crowning of so glorious a career

    By such a gracious end!