James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

January 31

Charles H. Spurgeon

By London Punch

  • A well-known Baptist minister, who preached for many years in London. He died Jan. 31, 1892.

  • STURDY saint militant, stout genial soul,

    Through good and ill report you’ve reached the goal

    Of all brave effort, and attained that light

    Which makes our clearest noontide seem as night.

    Puritan, yet of no ascetic strain

    Or arid straightness, freshening as the rain

    And healthy as the clod, a native force

    Incult yet quickening, cleaving its straight course

    Unchecked, unchastened, conquering to the end,

    Crudeness may chill and confidence offend,

    But manhood, mother-wit and selfless zeal,

    Speech clear as light and courage true as steel

    Must win the many. Honest soul and brave

    The greatest drop their garlands on your grave.