James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

November 20

Chatterton at Bristol

By Charles Edward Russell (1860–1941)

  • Thomas Chatterton, the ill-fated poet, was born at Bristol, England, Nov. 20, 1752.

  • ALONG this lane, green-walled and starred with flowers,

    He walked with heart not too benumbed with pain

    To note the depths of green in tree-arched bowers

    Along this lane.

    And like a tethered lark his heart in vain,

    Captive to care that cankers or devours,

    Soared and fell back upon its fated chain.

    White daisies glistening from the fresh June showers,

    White hawthorne free as his own soul from stain—

    Could make all bright his fleeting day as ours

    Along this lane?