James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

December 24

Christmas Eve

By London “Public Opinion”

A Scandinavian Legend

CHRIST was born upon this night.

Mistress, spin no more.

Master, seven good candles light;

The dead are at the door.

He, that with his ship was lost,

Happed in the salt sod,

She, that at white Pentecost

Left as for her God.

One that went long time ago,

One for bridal clad;

One with golden locks a-flow,

Just a little lad.

Master, the long grave is sweet

By the old sea-wall;

Mistress, they that part shall meet—

Christ was born for all.

Spread the cloth as white as snow;

Sprigs of rosemary set,

That the blessed dead may know

We remember yet.

Pour the wine and break the bread;

Put green boughs about;

We too be rememberèd

When our day is out!