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James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

April 6

General Albert Sidney Johnston

By Mary Jervey

IN thickest fight triumphantly he fell,

While into victory’s arms he led us on;

A death so glorious our grief should quell:

We mourn him, yet his battle-crown is won.

No slanderous tongue can vex his spirit now,

No bitter taunts can stain his blood-bought fame;

Immortal honor rests upon his brow,

And noble memories cluster round his name.

For hearts shall thrill and eyes grow dim with tears,

To read the story of his touching fate;

How in his death the gallant soldier wears

The crown that came for earthly life too late.

Ye people! guard his memory—sacred keep

The garlands green above his hero-grave;

Yet weep, for praise can never wake his sleep,

To tell him he is shrined among the brave!