James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

June 3

Hobson and His Men

By Robert Loveman (1864–1923)

  • While the American fleet was blockading that of Spain in the harbor of Santiago, Lieutenant Hobson proposed to prevent the Spanish fleet from coming out by sinking a ship across the entrance of the harbor. He called for eight volunteers, and hundreds of men from the fleet besought the privilege of going on this dangerous expedition. The feat was accomplished on June 3, 1898.

  • HOBSON went towards death and hell,

    Hobson and his men,

    Unregarding shot and shell,

    And the rain of fire that fell;

    Calm, undaunted, fearless, bold,

    Every heart a heart of gold,

    Steadfast, daring, uncontrolled,—

    Hobson and his men.

    Hobson came from death and hell,

    Hobson and his men,

    Shout the tidings, ring the bell,

    Let the pealing anthems swell;

    Back from wreck and raft and wave,

    From the shadow of the grave,

    Every honor to the brave,—

    Hobson and his men.