James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

June 7

J. B.

By Henry Cuyler Bunner (1855–1896)

  • John Brougham, who died on June 7th, 1880, was an American actor of Irish extraction.

  • THE ACTOR’S dead, and memory alone

    Recalls the genial magic of his tone;

    Marble nor canvas nor the printed page

    Shall tell his genius to another age:

    A memory, doomed to dwindle less and less,

    His world-wide fame shrinks to this littleness.

    Yet if, a half a century from today,

    A tender smile about our old lips play,

    And if our grandchild query whence it came,

    We’ll say: “A thought of Brougham.”—

    And that is Fame!