James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

August 18

Kilmarnock’s Lament

By Old Ballad

  • A Scotch nobleman, who was executed on August 18, 1746, for his part in the Jacobite rebellion of that year.

  • FAREWELL to my Eppie,

    My wish be wi’ Eppie,

    Too soon will my Eppie receive my adieu:

    My sentence is past,

    To-morrow’s my last,

    And I’ll never win hame to my Eppie I trow.

    Oh Eppie my dearest,

    Oh Eppie my fairest,

    Sae mony sweet days I hae spent wi’ you;

    Now cauld are my hands

    In these iron bands,

    And I’ll never mair stretch them, dear Eppie, to you.

    But though I maun die,

    I boldly defy

    My foes to declare that my crime I do rue;

    Nor need my proud kin

    Be ashamed of my sin,

    But sad is the heart of my Eppie, I trow.

    Good angels be keeping

    Her while she is sleeping,

    Lest dreams should present my sad fate to her view;

    And when I am dead,

    Support her widowed head,

    For sad will the heart o’ my Eppie be now.